Amelia Jane Rutherford Volume #1 – STRICTLYENGLISH

4 Aug

YEAR: 2006
One of ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’s’ first videos at STRICTLYENGLISH, although by 2006 Ms. Rutherford is quite comfortable dropping her pants before the camera.

She is giddily preparing for her “first” audition, picking through her clothes and conversing with the female camera operator. She looks very young here, in pigtails, not far from her GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL days.

‘Screen Test 1’: Downstairs, ‘Sir Richard’ spanks her OTK on her white panties, tight and curvy. They discuss spanking safe-words, red, green, and amber. And spanking talk, Amelia learns to say “on the bare bottom, sir.”

Hands-on-couch, Richard prompts her on how to stick out her bottom. She could teach the class. Kneel on the couch, knees wide.

Another scene–drop skirt; Amelia is very cute here, all disheveled. OTK, panties down slowly, some teasing frontals.

She wiggles her bottom up the stairs, very happy with her first audition.

‘Amelia Jane and the Tutor’ begins here. We have reviewed the serialized film elsewhere here.

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