A Mother and Teacher Caned – CALSTAR

9 Aug

F/2f; time: 51 minutes
A CALSTAR film we think, we will fix the title when we can. The usual exterior scene opens the story.

A mother has stormed into the school and confronts a pretty teacher sitting at her desk. Her daughter has come home with a well-spanked bottom. The mother accuses the teacher of spanking her daughter because they are German. In the classroom, an umbrella stand of canes can be seen.

Without much trouble, the mother is able to grab the teacher OTK. She wants “retribution.” Soon she gets her dress up. “Ah, your bottom turns red already.” Black net panties down.

Actress ‘Leia Ann Woods’ enters the scene. She is the headmistress and wants to know what in the world is going on here? The mother tells Leia the teacher has been “torturing my daughter.” Leia is loyal to her staff–she will take over and turn on the mother, giving the teacher the chance to pull up her panties.

The mother is mildly amused by all this, being held down by the teacher, and getting first the soft paddle then the floppy paddle/strap always on the set for CALSTAR. “You’re nice and quiet now.” Leia wants to compare the teacher’s bottom to the mother. The teacher has a cursive name for a tramp stamp, “….Leigh.” We can’t read it all–maybe her name.

The teacher goes over the desk again, more for her. Paddle and strap. Bottoms compared. Some puss. Leia examines the cane collection. “Not that one!” says the mother. (She must know canes.) “Yes, this one.”
Pretty teacher bends over first. About 20 strokes with repeats. The mother: “Beat her harder.”

Now the mother’s turn. 25 strokes with repeats. The cane snaps off at the handle to laughter from the girls. Leia, always the confident and resourceful actress—“I broke A cane, not THE cane.” 15 more strokes.

Session ends, the mother still bickering as she leaves. If they had more tape, she could have been dragged back for more.

2 Responses to “A Mother and Teacher Caned – CALSTAR”

  1. George October 14, 2016 at 11:32 pm #

    I’ve been trying to track down this video with success, were you ever able to find the title?

  2. George April 16, 2018 at 7:11 pm #

    I finally found it. It is a 1st Choice Spanking (distributed by CalStar in the US) film called ‘Apology Not Accepted’ … and it really wasn’t worth the search.

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