Nurse Spanking – XEROTICS

9 Aug

M/f; time: 15 minutes
A very young ‘Peters’ here, with ‘Smythe,’ a uniformed nurse. For those of us who like to see nurses lose their pants for a change.

Peters orders Smythe to drop her panties. She doesn’t hesitate. He must have the authority. She bends over a table for handspanking. Next comes the cane, 5 strokes, the camera holds on her bottom as the strokes ripen. Peters grabs her by her hair. “You’re getting wet.”

Smythe kneels on the small table, head down, bottom high. Another cane stroke and more handspanking. Peters lays out some spanking implements in front of her and gives her 5 seconds to choose one.

On the table for a paddle, she cries out. Her pinned up hair has come loose, a nice touch. Because she is making some noise, Peters stuffs her panties in her mouth. This is not exactly official hospital discipline. Paddling and some caning. “Come on, slut.”

She touches toes, Peters spreads her cheeks and legs. Half-dozen more with the cane. You have to wonder what was her offense to permit this indignity?

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