10 Aug

MF/f; time: 51 minutes
Suzi Martell has returned to her old headmaster for what we have referred to for other films with this plot as a ‘disciplinary tune-up.’ She has come back to her old school for some spanking. There are flashbacks of her being spanked at school–Ms. Martell does not play the schoolgirl so well. And this will not be your most imaginative STRICTLYENGLISH film.

The lucky headmaster tells Suzi that now, this discipline must be much more severe than it was in her schoolgirl days. Suzi has permission from her husband, she changes into schoolgirl kit–white panties, white pleated skirt, and team T-shirt. The Head lays out his collection of implements.

OTK first, panties down; then bend over a table for a tawse and plastic ruler. Suzi’s bottom has become fully red and mottled with colors. The cane comes next–two testing strokes, then six bent over the table with one cane and six touching toes with the other.

When left alone, Suzi jiggles her bottom, rubbing against the desk. The Head catches her and tells her this discipline so far has not worked. “I haven’t been severe enough.” Another cane; Suzi urinates bent-over–the film is getting weird. She is sent to the bathroom to wash out her knickers and put them on again.

A brief enema scene with a blue plastic bulb bottle; she next stands spread-eagled over a chair and tinkles into a plastic bowl.

Flat on a table for more cane with a heavy senior cane. Tears. She walks around the Head’s office with no pants on, using the corner of a desk to pleasure herself.

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