Miss Marchmont

10 Aug

F/2f; time: 29 minutes
We have no title nor a certain producer for this film, we will correct when we know more.

‘Samantha Johnson’ and ‘Leia Ann Woods,’ two of the most charming and experienced bottoms in the CP trade, play uniformed military characters. They have reported for punishment with a female officer in a basement-like room, appropriate for the following extra-cirriculars.

Leia is taken OTK first. The Officer takes it upon herself to unbutton Leia’s tunic and drops her skirt. Spanking on black panties. While this spanking is underway, the Officer directs Sam to drop her skirt in preparation.

Sam is taken OTK; at the wall, Leia covers her front. This is all mild stuff.

A strap will be used next, with a cut-out pattern like a spatula. Could be nasty if used hard, but not here. A conventional strap next, then a Spencer strap. Conventional stuff for two celebrated tushes.

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