Abi Back Again – XEROTICS

11 Aug

M/f; time: 6 minutes
A fierce and surprising little caning film, this is NOT Abi Whittaker.
A pretty blonde will get a quick caning, irrelevant thong down, she has been recently spanked.

Here, the caner will move from side to side as he does the deed, so as to eliminate what some demonic caners refer to as the ‘far buttock’ problem.

From the left side, 12 strokes; from the right, 10. Her skirt falls down. There are repeats, closeup and side view. More from the right side, then the left again (“Bastard!”). This results in a string of 18 strokes from the left. Another session on the right, then Abi can rub.

We start up again, 15 from the left, then 8 more rapid-fire. 10 fast on the right, and Abi must hold position at the conclusion. An acceptable caning primer for the collector.

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