Strict Education -feature film

15 Aug

MF/3f; time: 1 hr 20 minutes

A feature length CP film, although the action is all on one set. An older male teacher and three young female students–perfect British setup. The first student he calls for is ‘Annette,’ a tall, buxom brunette in a typical short kilt and white top. She has done poorly in exams and will repeat them this weekend. She is sent to the blackboard. She is 12″ taller than her tormentor!

She writes lines on the blackboard, he smacks her bottom as she evades, and he calls for her attendance record. A brief OTK spanking, then back to the blackboard. Over the desk, flowered panties. The attendance record is delivered. The teacher is appalled with it.

Bend over the desk, panties down, a little protest. He has her kneel up on the cleared desk, knees wide, head low, full puss, and certainly a posture not in the school discipline procedure. He pries her buttocks apart–there is a pussy ring. After this she must stand at the wall for one hour. “Next time you get something different.” What could it be? He smacks her with a book and threatens the “stick.”

Dissolve; another girl at his desk, she has been smoking. She gets a routine spanking and a ruler from ‘Miss Redford’ who has joined the party. When she kneels up on the desk, he has her do pushups, then knickers down. Weird guy.

Dissolve; Annette and the second girl stand before the teacher, in just blouses, no pants. More spankings. The girls argue with each other.

The girls strip naked and do PT around the room – crawl on the floor and jog. Both are caned on the desk.

Miss Redford returns, with a third student, blond ‘Tory,’ Nordic pigtails, new to the school yesterday, and here on her second day, her pants will come down. OTK, unauthorized pink bikini panties. Redford spanks Tory with a book,. Kneel on a chair for handspanking, full puss. Knee bends, legs spread, rear view. Smarmy school staff this is. Off she goes.

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