Amelia The Bad Stripper – SpankingSarahGregory

18 Aug

M/f; time: 11 minutes
We paid for and are reviewing about 15 films Amelia Jane Rutherford made with Sarah Gregory at her website. For the most part, they are mild spanking romps, featuring some of the charming itinerant CP stars wandering about the British Isles. The films mostly showcase Ms. Rutherford’s glamorous body.

‘Robert Shore’ is an American running a strip club in New York; customers have complained that Londoner dancer Amelia won’t take off quite all of her clothes. She is stubborn and recalcitrant when Shore confronts her about this, a role she relishes. Shore will spank some sense into her or she will be fired. She is wearing a plaid halter, plaid micro skirt, and pink panties.

He takes her OTK; she squawks. “This is New York, not London…stand up, I’m the customer. Strip for me.” Amelia tosses away her top, and when she pauses, Shore yanks the panties down himself. The little skirt protects her modesty. Why? Isn’t she a stripper?

The mild spanking continues. Ms. Rutherford is very good at keeping the hair off her face. Despite her protestations, Shore sends her out to the runway in the club mostly naked, with a red bottom, knowing his customers will enjoy the realization that she has been spanked and is now more cooperative. Would she like a customer to give her a spanking, he asks.

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