Curiosity Gets You Spanked – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

18 Aug

M/f; time: 16 minutes
‘John Osborne’ joins Amelia Jane Rutherford here. Glamorous Ms. Rutherford seems to serve as a housekeeper for Osborne, and she wanders into a little out-building which has been outfitted as someone’s BDSM chamber. Padded St.Andrew’s Cross, a spanking trestle, and an ample supply of whips, paddles, and straps. Amelia is wearing a white blouse and tight latex skirt–not so functional for mopping, etc.

Oasborne catches her. “But I thought the room might need some vacuuming.” It seems Osborne’s wife is given an audience here now and again. “I’m going to show you what goes on here.”

Then, in an unusual segue uncommon in Sarah’s films, Amelia is stark naked, fastened to the X-cross. “Oh, my goodness, this is not appropriate for an employee…is this what you do to your wife?” Osborne begins some preliminary spanking–a lovely sight. When he picks up a riding crop, “Whoa, I’m not a horse, mister.”

Some cropping, a doubled strap, a reform school strop, all mild but sexy. A carpet beater, appropriate for her. the most unlikely of housemaids.

When he wooshes her cane, “What the fuck is that?” Mild stuff, but you have Ms. Rutherford to look at .

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