Discipline Consultant – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

18 Aug

2M/f; time: 31 minutes
More from Ms. Gregory’s website. ‘Paul Rogers’ has hired British discipline consultant ‘Paul Kennedy’ to come to his school, now that corporal punishment has been legalized in the Unites States. Kennedy has brought his paddles and straps.

School Principal Rogers has the “really appropriate person” on which to experiment with these CP procedures and learn the process. He calls for Amelia Jane Rutherford, who, it seems, has been doing some “burlesque dancing” in the cafeteria. Ms. Rutherford never seems to repeat her costume in any film–she wears a red sweater, grey skirt, blouse, cravat, and knee socks. Whenever this film was made, AJR can still pull off schoolgirl. Amelia does her shocked routine when she meets Kennedy and sees the spanking implements laid out on the desk. She is quickly assured that spanking is now legal.

With just a mild objection, Amelia is bent over the desk. Kennedy explicates the handspanking. Rogers tries it. Skirt up, white panties. Bottom reddening. Kennedy can’t hide a little smile at Amelia’s acting. Amelia grabs, but her panties come down. You have to wonder just how far they can push this schoolgirl?

On bare skin, next comes a strap labeled ‘attitude adjustment,’ then the Spencer paddle, with a few words about how effective it is. Amelia does ‘incredulous’ very well.

When Kennedy wooshes his cane, Amelia jumps away from the desk. She flashes some frontal, then seems to discover she has done this and pulls her skirt down. Back in place, she doesn’t like the wandering hands she feels. 5 strokes from Kennedy, then a dozen from Rogers–he is learning, they are harder. The men discuss the delay between strokes–the naked humiliation can be worse than the spanking. Kennedy suggests Amelia be displayed bare bottom in his office for the afternoon for all to see. Amelia jumps at one stroke, “too low!” Faux tears and facials.

Both men examine and fondle her buttocks. More frontal. Amelia is defeated. Sent to the corner, she tries to look shocked.

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