18 Aug

M/f; year: 2009 time: 54 minutes
An odd film, longish for DSH. Dallas plays a ‘spanko hunter,’ on the prowl for girls to spank. In his car, using the back-seat video CAM technique, he intercepts actress ‘Audrey Knight’ as she leaves her house. “What are you doing here?” Dallas claims to have come to LA to track her down. Just what their relationship is we did not discern; the storyline is goofy. She must owe him.

We think of the various CP and Adult actresses Dallas has had contact with, a non-inclusive list including Audrey Knight, Kailee Robinson, Stevie Rose, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Sierra Salem, Sinn, Amber Pixie Wells, to name just a few we have come across elsewhere.

But the action is not goofy. Whatever hold Dallas has on Audrey, she submits. He drives her to his place, and on the patio, tucks up her skirt and pulls down her panties to make her complete the walk bare-bottom. Pretty white cheeks against a tan.

In the house, they step over over a child’s doorway gate. What is that? Bare bottom in the corner, his usual pre-spanking routine.

He starts the first spanking, OTK, but first applies “my prefect concoction,” some aloe formula made for him. Good for the bottom, good for the hand, and Audrey points out-stepping on his dialogue, good for the sting. There will be a series of spanking scenes to make up this long film, using handspanking, hairbrush, several paddles, a nasty long-handled bath brush, a double strap, and a whippy rod.

Dallas spanks hard; we have seen Ms. Knight in a number of films, and this by far is the most severe spanking we have seen her take. The film is filled with facials, because she is so attractive as to pull them off. She maintains a modicum of poise and humor throughout. Dallas is just corny enough to assuage some of the pain.

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