Sarah’s Discipline – CALSTAR

19 Aug

F/f; time: 55 minutes
This is probably not a CALSTAR film; we will correct this post when we learn more. This film is notable for the appearance of one of the most naughty actresses we have ourselves have ever seen in CP films–Sarah Jane Hamilton. Her biography shows a long list of adult films of all the genres, CP being the least of them. We guessed at this title. We’ve said before–this insouciantactress can convince you that no amount of domestic spanking would ever get her under control.

We commend you to see METRO CHEEEK TO CHEEK’s ‘Sports College II, Trestle’ and CALSTAR’s  ‘Stripped, Bound and Beaten’ and ‘Rear Ended.’ There must be more.

Here, she is in a kitchen, wearing a tight latex dress no good girl would wear. A long spanking is under way, a struggle. Her mother or guardian wants an apology from her, and while she is at it, return her long red to its natural color. “This IS my natural color,” which can be confirmed in some of her other films.

She is getting elocution and posture lessons also. The woman begins to get her clothes off. “What are you doing?” Various spanking postures as the tussle ensues. Her dress is stripped off, no bra–she has got huge boobs, ‘bazooms’ for some of us. These are augmentations from her earlier CP films.

A second part of the film finds another young lady getting lessons from an older woman. A blond teacher will teach a brunette some “charm.” Posture lessons book-on-the-head, phone etiquette. Some OTK spankings, not worth reporting. We’re exhausted after Ms. Hamilton above.

FADE. “Several Weeks and Whacks Later”: Sarah sits at the table, sipping tea, quite elegant for this saucy little minx.

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