23 Aug

F/f; time: 25 minutes
We thought as we watched ‘Pandora Blake’ and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ in this romp that, if any thing, this is ‘elementary’ school at best.

Pandora greets Amelia, who has come by for some simple training in BDSM. Amelia is collegiate as usual–print dress, sweater, long blond hair. Pandora does not look like an instructress for this particular curriculum–she wears a black-and-white dress, glasses and seems the librarian.

First will be the spanking–OTK, skirt up, white lace panties. They discuss the procedure. Panties down–Pandora says it for all of us in the CP World: “You bottom is very, very attractive.” Fondling, fingernails. They discuss what parts of the bottom are best to smack.

Professor Pandora has a collection of spanking implements. Conventional paddling. Amelia kneels on a spanking bench, more fondling. Spatula-paddle cover a lot more skin. Facials, Amelia arranged her hair when we weren’t watching.

Soft paddle/strap with a handle, double strap, and lastly the cane. Mostly teasing here, no harm done.

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