Whipped Women 2 – NUWEST FCV-014

23 Aug

Time: 25 minutes
Three whipping segments collected.
The first: a very old segment, before the appearance of the NUWEST regular actors, and set in the faux office setup NW used. A salty female student reports to a supervisor. “What are you going to do, spank me?” No, she will be whipped, 25 with the martinet. But first, to the corner, while her parents authorize the corporal punishment by phone. Over the desk, panties down, conventional whipping, somewhat faked.

Next: In the studio, Ed Lee manacles a blonde’s arms behind her and hauls her up strappado style. Lee is in his bathrobe–he tucks the girl’s dress up, pulls down her panties, and whips with his martinet. When he lets her down he has to adjust things under his bathrobe. Kneel on the couch for more.

And: An amateur submission to NUWEST. A hooded monk-like character is torturing a naked girl, who is hung up upside down, her wrists and ankles fastened wide, putting her in an ‘X’ position. He whips her pussy and much more. These amateur characters were easily as evil as Lee ever was, weird.

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