Whipping Hour – NUWEST FCV-102

23 Aug

Time: 55 minutes
Seven segments; ‘Big Karen’ comes onto the lanai at the NUWEST house; at first she can’t open the door, but they keep rolling. She is topless, wearing just pantyhose. A big lady. A naked girl (Jodi Cline or Jacque) is kneeling on the deck, waiting for her. The girl puts her head between Karen’s thunder thighs and is whipped with a martinet.

Segment #2: An exterior, ‘Katie’ and ‘Jodi Cline’ with Ed Lee. Both girls are strung up to spreader bars hanging from a tree. They are gagged with strips of duct tape, a nod to classic BDSM we loved. The girls are naked but for white sneakers. Lee whips both girls–lovely dancing bottoms in this night-lit scene, sneaker scuffling the grvel. They whimper as they dress afterward.

#3: Brief; Lee whips two bottoms–Katie bent-over and strung up strappado style and another girl kneeling on all fours beside her. Two bottoms to strike.

#4: ‘Joanne Jameson’ is attached naked to the portable whipping post, which wobbles ominously as she is whipped by a tall blonde in business clothes. The more ‘substantial’ these girls got during their careers, the more this piece of rudimentary equipment was challenged. Lots of frontal flashes as the dynamic Joanne twists and dodges.

#5: In Lee’s well-stocked workroom/garage. ‘Karen’ has volunteered for a whipping. She will hang onto a subway-type loop handle from the ceiling. No letting go, no screaming, or she won’t be paid.

Lee cuts her clothes off with his knife–first the simple housedress, then the bra, and then the panties, which could have just been pulled down, but this was more fun. He urges her legs open and attaches a spreader bar to her ankles. He needs to adjust the camera himself. “Sometimes you just don’t have a cameraman around.” Where are his girls today–at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale? He whips her, back and front, full frontal included.

#6 Jacque and Katie cuddle (somewhat reluctantly) with Ed Lee on the couch in the tile room studio. Katie has a sullen face, because: “I’m going to tie you face to facer and whip you.” This is his solution to a cat fight they had. If you read some histories of NUWEST production, it will not surprise you that the girls struggled for money, fame, and special attention.

The girls strip on-screen, down to almost-matching pantyhose, then march to the empty studio. The girls are attached to spreader bars; two cute blondes the same height. Lee first whips Jodi, then Katie. Marks on their bare backs–can’t see through the sheer pantyhose. “Rub your titties together…now your hips.” The girls must kiss and keep rubbing. Very good lighting and camera here–many of NW’s production foibles have been worked out.

#7 An unidentified dark blonde is manacled in the diaper position, wrist and ankles. Lee whips her, mostly her thighs, on a chair in the tile room. Hardly a sound from her.

She kneels on a chair for more. We can see now that she has been wearing a garter belt and nude stockings.

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