Detention House #4 – Psycho Pt 1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

24 Aug

M/2f; year: 2009; time: 37 minutes
Another one of the demonic and inventive ‘Detention House’ series; at this place, parents bring their daughters for “educational therapy.” A girl in schoolgirl kit and boater is brought in by her mother and given a scolding by the schoolmarm-type woman checking her in. The woman makes a call, probably notifying ‘Johan’ inside that another girl is ready.

We see Johan in an examination room, with a spanking trestle and gynecology chair as two prominent fixtures. The first girl is brought into this room and she shrinks in fright at the sight of the equipment. She is ordered to strip naked, which she gets done after the appropriate hesitation and reluctance. The brunette will be caned first. She climbs up and lies lengthwise on the trestle and is fastened down.

She is given an old-fashioned RIGIDEAST caning and is quivering from the first. Outside in the receiving room, another girl has arrived with her mother. They all hear the squeals coming from the examination room. The caned girl is released and sent out naked to show everyone her caned bottom. Everyone seems quite fascinated with her bottom.

It seems she was caught masturbating, so for part of her punishment, she is ordered to show everyone how she does it. After she fingers herself in humiliation, she is taken back into the exam room. Onto the gyno table, Johan whips her pussy with a leather tawse. Then he puts on rubber gloves and smears an irritant on her vagina. She is soon surging and howling.

The girl is made to put on rubber shorts, which will just increases the heat and the agony and she is taken out to the ante room for another display. The woman in charge adds more irritant.

Now it is time for the second girl, a blonde wearing a maroon parochial school uniform. She is taken into the exam room, stripped, and whipped on the trestle. We had a wrenching scene where her mother signs the waiver permitting these procedures. We weren’t wrenched, her mother was.

The blonde gets the same pussy whipping, but now Johan has gone too far. He grabs her boobs and drops his pants and begins to fuck her in the gyno chair. The woman administrator must hear the unusual noise, because she interrupts. The film ends with Johan contemplating what is going to happen to him. Why not give him a break? This is hard work.

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