What A Lawyer Needs – FIRMHAND

24 Aug

M/f; time: 18 minutesg
A nifty brunette in a tight skirt is followed by the camera sashaying through corridors and up a palatial staircase. She enters a fully equipped classroom–desks, blackboard, bookcases, even the wall clock. The actor ‘Richard Anderson’ joins and is rather stunned by the setup, in her house. “Where did you get all this stuff?”

Apparently we are in her mansion, and in this room she plays out her schoolgirl fantasies. She wants Anderson to make her a “managing partner” of her father’s firm and she wants him to fulfill “my spanking fantasies.” Sounds like a good deal to us. He takes her OTK and begins spanking. The actress has one of those CP-film soaring bottoms FIRMHAND seemed to have a supply of. He smacks. “Not a game now, is it?”

Skirt up, yellow lace panties she was certainly prepared to show. Before he pulls them down, Anderson politely asks for permission. Facial of the girl gasping in surprised shock, but with creeping smiles.

When she gets up, she pulls her panties back up and rubs and parades for him. Back down the stairs with a satisfied smile. They will probably meet again. And there should be periodic partnership reviews.

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