25 Aug

M/f; time: 17 minutes
A harmless romp from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and ‘John Osborne.’ An exterior garden scene. Amelia is prowling around and decides to take some clippings from a spectacular flowered bush. Sarah Gregory took some trouble to find a setting where this natural garden beauty could complement Amelia’s beauty.

John Osborne catches her picking the blossoms. “Are you jealous of my blooms?” A clunky pun for a CP film. He smacks her a few times and works her OTK on a garden bench. “Don’t you dare do this again.” Seems this is a sequel.

Amelia is nicely dressed as usual–flower print dress and red top. As John works her dress up to expose black lace panties, “How silly do you feel…back to school.” He spanks a little and spends some time rubbing her bottom. “so I can prolong your punishment.” This happens in many of her films, because she is so spectacular to look at.

Panties down. “You didn’t do that the last time!” The spanking continues. Amelia kneels on the bench, giving Osborne the chance to compare the blooms he has in his garden. More spanking here. Nothing much else to report. SG conquered the exterior obstacles which overwhelm many CP producers.

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