Historical Whipping Tape #1 – NUWEST

25 Aug

M/2f; time: 26 minutes
We have found six of these films, surely clunky and prehistoric for many. The performances are another illustration of Ed Lee’s imagination (on his low budget) and another outlet in his interest in the whip. For those of us spankos who were always frustrated by the censored and tepid ‘B’ movies, where pirates, prison guards, or overseers whipped girls in public scenes and where we always wanted more, Lee filled that gap, although not to the extent which came later in more brutal and more competently filmed CP porn.

Lee is wearing monk’s habit here, with a beard and mustache, more humorous disguise from him, and maybe his best. Long robes, hood, rope belt, even Birkenstock sandals. ‘Joanne Jameson’ is brought in, wearing one of the historical gowns we will see in the series. He drops her gown to her waist and fastens her wrists high to two vertical posts.

A second girl is brought in and similarly stripped and fastened to the other side of the posts, so that the girls are almost nose to nose. No bras worn in this era. Lee circles and whips both bare backs, not hard in this early film. The girls are so close together that facials are difficult to capture, but they are accomplished. The second girl has touches of hair under her arms.

We have said in the other reviews that we wish the dresses could be dropped from the waists.

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