25 Aug

M/2F; time: 19 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and her American friend ‘Sarah Gregory’ giggle side by side on a bed, in their pajamas.

Apparently Sarah has been grounded for something, and her friend Amelia is not allowed to be here under those circumstances. We never need too know much about circumstance or pretext. We need to see the pants come down and get on with it, after just the minimum of justification. the producers of course encourage dialogue and foreplay to protect the assets.

John Osborne catches them and interrupts the frivolity. Sarah will be spanked first, and when she struggles being taken OTK, Osborne reminds her he “will get some wood” if she persists. That does the trick. Pajama bottoms down, cheeks wide, Sarah puts on a display for us.

Amelia is spanked next, in the same way.

Osborne arranges the two bare bottoms side by side on the bed for comparison. We have to say, notwithstanding Ms. Rutherford’s now cosmic reputation in the CP film genre, Ms. Gregory compare very well.

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