30 Aug

F/F; time: 23 minutes
For this film, Sarah Gregory used the sounds of crying and gasping during a spanking as background for opening credits, in the style of early RIGIDEAST, always impressive to us.

Sarah, ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ and ‘Paul Kennedy’ will play the games here. Sarah and Amelia are in bed, girl talk. Amelia tells Sarah that Paul has taken the occasion to spank her friends whenever he could conjure an excuse. The girls giggle; American Sarah practices her British accent, and Amelia her American. Both credible.

Kennedy enters, carrying a note from school. Sarah has been truant. He will spank them both. A shot at that visiting bottom Amelia has. He spanks Amelia first, to her squawks. He has her pull her own panties down. Sarah gets the same, Amelia in the background trying to look horrified.

Both girls get the slipper on the bed. Kennedy gets both bottoms side by side. Throughout the movements, the girls protected their modesty.

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