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Two Fatties Paddled – NUWEST NWV-407

25 Aug

M/2f; time: 17 minutes
‘Vanessa’ was given charge of ‘Vanna’s’ house and allowed her friends to wreck it at a party.
Vanna will spank her and starts her off with a scolding and corner time. Vanessa is an older woman–she is then spanked in front of the fireplace. NUWEST has never entered this form of the genre–the spanking of overweight older women, which might be a fetish for some and done on request.

Jodie Cline spanks ‘Barbara’ -paddles her over a pool table. Not our style.

Women Spanking Women – NUWEST

24 Aug

F/f; time: 21 minutes
Four old episodes. A brunette is spanked OTK by another woman, white satin panties down.

A ponytailed brunette is caught smoking and spanked OTK.

An odd nun-like woman spanks a girl in a green dress. Kicking, struggling, panties down. An erotic amateur feel.

Another OTK spanking, heavy foreign accents.

Pandora Blake’s Birthday Spanking – DREAMSOFSPANKING

24 Aug

M/f; year: 2012; time: 15 minutes
‘Tom Cameron’ and Pandora have a date for her birthday spanking. They kiss and caress a little more passionately than you usually see in CP films.

A willing and eager Pandora goes OTK and squeals at the first smack. Panties down of course. Cameron takes up a ‘prison strap.’ A website advertisement appears on the screen for where the strap can be purchased. It is essentially a razor strop with a large paint brush handle.

Pandora climbs on the bed, pillows under her bare bottom, and counts the strokes. Then, in a nice touch which reflects Pandora’s CP film knowledge, she rotates on the bed so that we can watch her face as the strap falls on her soaring bottom.

What A Lawyer Needs – FIRMHAND

24 Aug

M/f; time: 18 minutesg
A nifty brunette in a tight skirt is followed by the camera sashaying through corridors and up a palatial staircase. She enters a fully equipped classroom–desks, blackboard, bookcases, even the wall clock. The actor ‘Richard Anderson’ joins and is rather stunned by the setup, in her house. “Where did you get all this stuff?”

Apparently we are in her mansion, and in this room she plays out her schoolgirl fantasies. She wants Anderson to make her a “managing partner” of her father’s firm and she wants him to fulfill “my spanking fantasies.” Sounds like a good deal to us. He takes her OTK and begins spanking. The actress has one of those CP-film soaring bottoms FIRMHAND seemed to have a supply of. He smacks. “Not a game now, is it?”

Skirt up, yellow lace panties she was certainly prepared to show. Before he pulls them down, Anderson politely asks for permission. Facial of the girl gasping in surprised shock, but with creeping smiles.

When she gets up, she pulls her panties back up and rubs and parades for him. Back down the stairs with a satisfied smile. They will probably meet again. And there should be periodic partnership reviews.

Detention House #4 – Psycho Pt 1 – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

24 Aug

M/2f; year: 2009; time: 37 minutes
Another one of the demonic and inventive ‘Detention House’ series; at this place, parents bring their daughters for “educational therapy.” A girl in schoolgirl kit and boater is brought in by her mother and given a scolding by the schoolmarm-type woman checking her in. The woman makes a call, probably notifying ‘Johan’ inside that another girl is ready.

We see Johan in an examination room, with a spanking trestle and gynecology chair as two prominent fixtures. The first girl is brought into this room and she shrinks in fright at the sight of the equipment. She is ordered to strip naked, which she gets done after the appropriate hesitation and reluctance. The brunette will be caned first. She climbs up and lies lengthwise on the trestle and is fastened down.

She is given an old-fashioned RIGIDEAST caning and is quivering from the first. Outside in the receiving room, another girl has arrived with her mother. They all hear the squeals coming from the examination room. The caned girl is released and sent out naked to show everyone her caned bottom. Everyone seems quite fascinated with her bottom.

It seems she was caught masturbating, so for part of her punishment, she is ordered to show everyone how she does it. After she fingers herself in humiliation, she is taken back into the exam room. Onto the gyno table, Johan whips her pussy with a leather tawse. Then he puts on rubber gloves and smears an irritant on her vagina. She is soon surging and howling.

The girl is made to put on rubber shorts, which will just increases the heat and the agony and she is taken out to the ante room for another display. The woman in charge adds more irritant.

Now it is time for the second girl, a blonde wearing a maroon parochial school uniform. She is taken into the exam room, stripped, and whipped on the trestle. We had a wrenching scene where her mother signs the waiver permitting these procedures. We weren’t wrenched, her mother was.

The blonde gets the same pussy whipping, but now Johan has gone too far. He grabs her boobs and drops his pants and begins to fuck her in the gyno chair. The woman administrator must hear the unusual noise, because she interrupts. The film ends with Johan contemplating what is going to happen to him. Why not give him a break? This is hard work.

Nikki’s Whippings – NUWEST MM-034

24 Aug

M/f; time: 10 minutes
An exterior night scene; Ed Lee strings up brunette Nikki on his deck, the lanai. She is wearing a blouse, skirt, and heels. He rucks up her blouse so that her back is bare, blouse around her shoulders.

He uses a smaller martinet. After some strokes, he pulls down her skirt and panties.

FADE. They have moved to another area on the deck. Nikki is strung between two poles, quite naked, a muscular and trim little body twisting about. We can’t see much of her face, but there is a ball gag in her mouth. Lee uses the dog whip this time. Her struggles are the best.

Naughty Schoolgirl Amelia – SARAHGREGORYSPANKING

23 Aug

M/f; time: 17 minutes
Spiffy ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ in red sweater, white blouse, black skirt, and knee socks. Ms. Rutherford is with one of her main squeezes here, actor ‘John Osborne.’ [birds chirping on the soundtrack]. Student Amelia has been caught annotating a prayer book with presumably naughty limericks.

Osborne will give her a caning here and now, and her parents will be billed for the book. Amelia starts with the tears immediately. He will start her off with a warmup spanking, but she demurs, so he suggests she might be sorry if he starts with a “cold caning.” She accepts the spanking to start–is her bottom a touch pink already?

Now the cane, an very thick one. Amelia kneels on an antique bench for a dozen mild strokes, some vague stripes.


23 Aug

F/f; time: 25 minutes
We thought as we watched ‘Pandora Blake’ and ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ in this romp that, if any thing, this is ‘elementary’ school at best.

Pandora greets Amelia, who has come by for some simple training in BDSM. Amelia is collegiate as usual–print dress, sweater, long blond hair. Pandora does not look like an instructress for this particular curriculum–she wears a black-and-white dress, glasses and seems the librarian.

First will be the spanking–OTK, skirt up, white lace panties. They discuss the procedure. Panties down–Pandora says it for all of us in the CP World: “You bottom is very, very attractive.” Fondling, fingernails. They discuss what parts of the bottom are best to smack.

Professor Pandora has a collection of spanking implements. Conventional paddling. Amelia kneels on a spanking bench, more fondling. Spatula-paddle cover a lot more skin. Facials, Amelia arranged her hair when we weren’t watching.

Soft paddle/strap with a handle, double strap, and lastly the cane. Mostly teasing here, no harm done.

Whipping Hour – NUWEST FCV-102

23 Aug

Time: 55 minutes
Seven segments; ‘Big Karen’ comes onto the lanai at the NUWEST house; at first she can’t open the door, but they keep rolling. She is topless, wearing just pantyhose. A big lady. A naked girl (Jodi Cline or Jacque) is kneeling on the deck, waiting for her. The girl puts her head between Karen’s thunder thighs and is whipped with a martinet.

Segment #2: An exterior, ‘Katie’ and ‘Jodi Cline’ with Ed Lee. Both girls are strung up to spreader bars hanging from a tree. They are gagged with strips of duct tape, a nod to classic BDSM we loved. The girls are naked but for white sneakers. Lee whips both girls–lovely dancing bottoms in this night-lit scene, sneaker scuffling the grvel. They whimper as they dress afterward.

#3: Brief; Lee whips two bottoms–Katie bent-over and strung up strappado style and another girl kneeling on all fours beside her. Two bottoms to strike.

#4: ‘Joanne Jameson’ is attached naked to the portable whipping post, which wobbles ominously as she is whipped by a tall blonde in business clothes. The more ‘substantial’ these girls got during their careers, the more this piece of rudimentary equipment was challenged. Lots of frontal flashes as the dynamic Joanne twists and dodges.

#5: In Lee’s well-stocked workroom/garage. ‘Karen’ has volunteered for a whipping. She will hang onto a subway-type loop handle from the ceiling. No letting go, no screaming, or she won’t be paid.

Lee cuts her clothes off with his knife–first the simple housedress, then the bra, and then the panties, which could have just been pulled down, but this was more fun. He urges her legs open and attaches a spreader bar to her ankles. He needs to adjust the camera himself. “Sometimes you just don’t have a cameraman around.” Where are his girls today–at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale? He whips her, back and front, full frontal included.

#6 Jacque and Katie cuddle (somewhat reluctantly) with Ed Lee on the couch in the tile room studio. Katie has a sullen face, because: “I’m going to tie you face to facer and whip you.” This is his solution to a cat fight they had. If you read some histories of NUWEST production, it will not surprise you that the girls struggled for money, fame, and special attention.

The girls strip on-screen, down to almost-matching pantyhose, then march to the empty studio. The girls are attached to spreader bars; two cute blondes the same height. Lee first whips Jodi, then Katie. Marks on their bare backs–can’t see through the sheer pantyhose. “Rub your titties together…now your hips.” The girls must kiss and keep rubbing. Very good lighting and camera here–many of NW’s production foibles have been worked out.

#7 An unidentified dark blonde is manacled in the diaper position, wrist and ankles. Lee whips her, mostly her thighs, on a chair in the tile room. Hardly a sound from her.

She kneels on a chair for more. We can see now that she has been wearing a garter belt and nude stockings.

Whipped Women 2 – NUWEST FCV-014

23 Aug

Time: 25 minutes
Three whipping segments collected.
The first: a very old segment, before the appearance of the NUWEST regular actors, and set in the faux office setup NW used. A salty female student reports to a supervisor. “What are you going to do, spank me?” No, she will be whipped, 25 with the martinet. But first, to the corner, while her parents authorize the corporal punishment by phone. Over the desk, panties down, conventional whipping, somewhat faked.

Next: In the studio, Ed Lee manacles a blonde’s arms behind her and hauls her up strappado style. Lee is in his bathrobe–he tucks the girl’s dress up, pulls down her panties, and whips with his martinet. When he lets her down he has to adjust things under his bathrobe. Kneel on the couch for more.

And: An amateur submission to NUWEST. A hooded monk-like character is torturing a naked girl, who is hung up upside down, her wrists and ankles fastened wide, putting her in an ‘X’ position. He whips her pussy and much more. These amateur characters were easily as evil as Lee ever was, weird.