Crisis – MOOD

7 Sep

MF/4f; year: 2008 time: 61 minutes
MOOD films contain arguably the most severe corporal punishment on the scene. And many of the storylines are sufficiently imaginative you are tempted to draft the screenplay for a sequel. Here is another, very entertaining if you work in an office with a lot of girls around.

A financial brokerage house is having fiscal troubles and must cut staff. The boss will use an unorthodox method to determine who to terminate. His secretary Cathy (‘Jessica Lee’) calls a staff meeting. The men and women are warned of a 50% cut.

One of the girls on the staff, ‘Rose,’ comes to the boss and pleads for her job. He arranges, with Cathy’s connivance, to meet her in a hotel room after work. Here we are in Vodka country, but he pours Rose 4 fingers of Jack Daniels neat. After more begging, he is ready. “Get undressed.”

She strips naked and has come prepared, having brought a huge dildo and body oil. The boss whips her with a belt over the bed. She tries to look excited by this, but she is struggling. After a final 15 strokes, counted aloud, Rose dresses and leaves.

The next day the boss describes the event to Cathy and relates that Rose is ready to be spanked again. Cathy would like to join in. Back in the hotel room, Cathy enters the scene in full maid’s gear. “What are you doing here?” the surprised Rose asks.

Rose strips again. Cathy has a spanking trestle disguised under her maid’s cart. Rose climbs on. (CUT) Rose is tied down and oiled. Cathy does the caning, in the unrelenting MOOD tradition, and certainly Jessica-style. Wicked marks, maybe appearing too quickly. Rose won’t be doing much work for a while, and Cathy is beside herself with excitement.

In the office, Cathy suggests another girl who might come to the hotel room. This girl arrives and strips. She is much more full in the body in the MOOD tradition. “You’ll be my bitch today…get undressed.” This girl never takes her eyes off the boss as she gets naked. Cathy rolls in the disguised trestle and the tying/oiling is again condensed. She wants to know why their office friend Cathy is participating in this. Caning, tears, blood almost immediately. “Beautiful,” exclaims the boss. “Go to hell…I hate you both.” 50 more strokes, special damage to the far buttock.

We’re not finished yet. Cathy wants the boss to entice yet a third girl, ‘Gaby.’ In the hotel room, Gaby and ‘Mercedes’ have been brought in. The Jack Daniel level is going down. The two girls strip and oil each other. Cathy loves it. Both girls are tied into the diaper position, their ankles fastened to the bed headboard. Each girl gets 50 cane strokes, laddered from the lower buttock to the knee. Wicked. blood. Quivering.

Back to the office; these Slavic bond traders will be weeded out. The boss lays off three girls, two of whom he whipped the daylights out of.

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