Female Male OTK Series – NUWEST

7 Sep

F/m; time: 28 minutes
This is not the correct title for this film. Nine Female/male spanking sessions, some probably from other films.

1. A girl in just bra and panties spanks Ed Lee OTK with a hairbrush, and surprisingly hard. He struggles and she is quite amused by her power and control.

2. Joanne Jameson is spanking a naked guy in the studio, while Vanna and Karen come and go, amused by the scene.

3. ‘David’ and another guy are being spanked simultaneously by two girls. Hairbrush, handspanking, and paddle. The naked guys switch laps. David surely has his erection, but it is not the subject of this episode.

4. Julia Jameson spanks a naked guy, using letters of the alphabet to catalogue his mistakes.

5. David is spanked by a familiar female. When he stands he has his huge boner. “What is this?”

6. More of Julia working through the alphabet with man,

7.8.9. David is spanked by two staff females and Joanne.

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