Forgery and Truancy – DROPSEAT

7 Sep

2F/2f; year: 2005; time: 57 minutes
Please don’t send ‘Miss Brown’ after us, this is just a production company we have not crossed paths with much. This film features 4 well-known girls from the CP industry. You’ll find some humor in the poor spelling in their credits.

‘Clare Fonda’ and ‘Chelsea Pfeiffer’ find themselves cast in maternal roles, keeping their CP careers alive.

I-‘Togetherness’: Daughters ‘Samantha Woodley’ and ‘Sierra Salem’ have been forging excuse slips and been truant at school. This has been a spanking offense in other CP films, and no different here. Both girls are confronted, they wear full kit of blouses, kilts, and knee socks–it seems Clare and Chelsea are ‘single mothers,’ but they are not afraid to take stern measures. Both girls strip to bra and panties–very nice scene for these two actresses with significant assets and credits.

Chelsea takes her daughter Samantha OTK first–handspanking and hairbrush, panties down. We’ve said before–Ms. Woodley really has one of the finest bottoms in the business. This segment concludes when Samantha counts 50 on the bare with the hairbrush, surrenders her panties, and stands in the background. Both girls will try cover their fronts throughout, with a few breaches.

‘Anthia’ is next–Sierra Salem. Clare spanks her, with unusual attention to her thighs. Anthia is forced to say “Please Mommy, will you take my panties down?” Red thighs first, white bottom turning. Part of the humiliation–Anthia must ask for the hairbrush. She also counts a final 50–two bottoms to the wall.

‘Spanked at Home’: Bedtime now, Samantha wears panties and a shorty nightie, delicious. Chelsea spanks her bare on the bed and uses a plastic ruler. Frontal glimpse. Some slipper spanking.

‘Andrea Before Dinner’: The graphics person didn’t understand the name ‘Anthia’ any more than we did. Clare spanks Anthia in the same way, pointing out that “spanking has to be taken beyond the limit and on the bare bottom.” She should have added ‘and on the thighs.’ Ms. Fonda has a thing; she probably knows these CP actresses are toughened up. Small paddle. “Here comes some wicked ones.” Not quite. “50 good ones” OTK to conclude, and Ms. Salem flashes her only frontal.

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