Pandora Blake

7 Sep

The resilient CP actress, another lady with a thick rolodex of CP actress friends, European and American.

‘Bedtime Spanking’ (DreamsofSpanking; M/f; time: 9 minutes) ‘Thomas Cameron’ spanks Pandora on her bed, pajama bottoms down. She isn’t wearing panties. A lot of caressing.

Pants back up, she is tucked in and kissed, with her teddy bear.

‘Naked Pandora Cropped by Lady Sonia’ (;F/f; time 12 minutes)Lady Sonia greets Pandora, who is wearing a black fishnet top with nothing underneath. Lady Sonia loves it. With her crop she teases up the dress as both address the camera.

Sonia is amused to point out that Pandora’s erect nipples have poked through the mesh. Pandora slowly pulls off the dress and stands in just black heels, a simple testimony to why she has had such a career in CP. “Your bottom is so round.” That it is. Miss Sonia has the English accent, Pandora the American.

Naked, Pandora leans in the frisk position against a full wall mirror. she is cropped and handspanked in this posture. Sonia is an older frosted blonde, wearing jodphurs and a low-cut blouse, very Dommme like. Sonia poses Pandora this way and that.

When it is time to dress, they have a little trouble determining the front or back of the simple garment.

‘New Resident Paulina’ (GirlsBoardingSchool;M/f; time:16 minutes) We have reviewed this film elsewhere, but here is a fresh look now that we know more about Pandora Blake. Headmaster Tom is flipping through the cell phone bills of his girls. Paulina has run up a $1500 bill. Tom screams for her to come down.

Gorgeous exotic Pandora–with her own look, and acting skills too, arrives. Shoulder length brunette hair, designer jeans, a black top, bare midriff. She gets the ‘Tom’ scolding and hands over her phone.

She runs off to her room and returns with $190, all she could come up with. Tom points to the table and knows how he will collect, and he asks her just how much spanking will pay off $1500.

Paulina knows what to expect, she rearranges some furniture, drops her jeans, pulls off the top, then after a pause takes off the black bra and pulls down the white panties. Top notch preparation–GBS has many glamorous models, Ms. Blake just adds a little undefinable something.

Paulina bends over a chair and arranges her hair CP film-style. Tom begins caning her; laddered marks immediately. Pussy shots, and a clear bottom, full, round, perfect. Tom alternates two canes.

To complete the caning, Paulina kneels up on the easy chair and bends over the back, even more revealing, and classic. GBS knew–they zoom.

‘Bad Manners’ (GirlsBoardingSchool; M/f; time: 11 minutes) Paulina is being spanked OTK, kicking up a storm. She is sent to the wall, bare bottom, the cane ladder marks still evident. She is wearing a dark blue jumper and a white blouse.

Headmaster Tom releases her; there is an exterior scene where Paulina sneaks out for a smoke. You always get caught at GBS. Tom marches her back inside. After the Tom scolding, Paulina strips naked–jumper unbuttons in front, blouse off, black bra off, white panties gone. The little socks off add to the eroticism.

He runs her upstairs naked; hair off her face, a fascinating short OTK spanking scene. Her cane marks are there. At the conclusion she kneels erect on a chair, hands on head, in the classic pose.

‘Pandora’s Initiation’ (SarahGregorySpanking; M/f; time: 12 minutes) Pandora’s sorority requires her to go door-to-door seeking spankings if she wants to join. She knocks at a gentleman’s door (‘Paul Rogers’) and after he is assured this is not a joke, he does not equivocate and obliges Pandora and takes her OTK.

Pandora sets the paddle aside for the moment. “I must be spanked on my skirt, on my knickers, and then on my bare bottom…and you have to do it really hard.” Standard spanking good closeups shot from up her legs.

Conventional paddling. Pandora bends for this. We assume she has to display her bottom to the girls at her sorority, and we wonder, how many stops must she make?

‘Private Rooms'(GirlsBoardingSchool; M/f; time:4 minutes) Pandora made a few appearances at GBS, as did a number of CP celebrities, several began here. Headmaster Tom takes advantage of the few minutes he has here. He knew a celebrity bottom when he saw one.

Pandora is prowling in Tom’s bathroom, wearing a robe. She takes it off and climbs naked into his tub. Tom catches her in his private space and will do what you always do with a wet bottom.

She climbs out and is strapped bending over. Her bottom is already red, from the canings and spankings described above. She wraps herself in a towel and leaves.

‘Pandora’ (BadGirlsPunished; M/f’; time:4 minutes) A simple exercise; Pandora kneels on all-fours on a Navajo blanket while a guy flogs her bottom. He bunches her panties and keeps on with the mild stuff. Closeups are the only interest.

Panties down, some puss. A big, pink, perfect bottom. Canes are in waiting, if this an excerpt.

‘Pandora spanked’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Pandora is challenged by her ‘stepmother,’ who is not hesitant to spank. Pandora wears tight jeans and sweater. She has been staying out late.

The stepmother takes her OTK and a standard spanking begins. The jeans must come down, and the only way is for Pandora to stand and do it herself. After more OTK, Pandora kneels over a chair for paddle and strap.



‘Lesbian spanking’ (F/f; time:18 minutes) We need the producer on this. Pandora in an Asian cut black print dress has a lesbian scene with another woman. Very sexy spanking and caning in a drawing room.

Pandora gets naked and has her nipples teased. She takes 12 cane strokes in the prone position, which allows her bottom to soar nicely for the camera. She squeals through the count. Very good film, and she has made many.

‘Unwinding’ (PunishedBrats; 2013; F/f; time: 8 minutes) ‘Pandora Blake’ and ‘Veronica’  are credited. The scene opens with Pandora in a long terrycloth robe beside a tub, good start. She takes the robe off and climbs into the tub with a glass of wine. She is one of those models, when nudity comes, lights up the screen.

“What the hell are you doing?” Apparently, Pandora is taking a bath and drinking wine while she is supposed to be working. A good spanking will help the unwinding, we think.

Pandora is grabbed out of the tubby her female boss, bent over, and given a mild caning on her wet bottom. Cute and no damage here. Now she gets fired anyway, but if she wants to earn a good reference, “You’re going to give me 10, and you’re going to count.” Standard stuff, if you can characterize a wet Blake bottom in that manner.


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