Spanking Club – PAIN4FEM

7 Sep

MF/2f; year: 2004;time: 1 hr 7 minutes
The long form from PAIN4FEM. Mild spanking, mostly a celebration of the naked bodies of four of the extraordinary cast found at P4F. And care taken for elegant settings and ritual.

Brunette ‘Jane’ is seen dragging her bag along a country road to a palatial castle. She screws up her courage and knocks. She is admitted by a young woman dressed BDSM-style and soon greeted by ‘Lady G’ (actress ‘Kelly’).

Jane had made an appointment to join here. “You are here to learn how to accept pain.” This castle is a BDSM club serving wealthy clients. Before Jane can join the staff, she must learn the procedures for being a submissive. ‘Learning the ropes’ could apply.

FADE. Jane is naked, being attended and prepared by three other girls. Hair, makeup; cuffs are attached. Jane has a creative pubic shave. She was ready when she got here.

Her first training session – she is put into the diaper position, the girls hold her legs open, and Lady G. flogs her pussy, a variation P4F covets.

The next session, an exterior shot. A blonde is strung up naked. Jane is being taught how to use the whip. Girls never whip hard without encouragement. Lady G. shows her how to lean in on it, then Jane feels some herself.

Two more sessions for Jane, whipping over a trestle and the cane. Both exteriors–P4F exploited its good fortune in getting this ‘castle’ for a shoot.

And now, a ‘client’ arrives, in the person of P4F/SpankingServer’s master, ‘Peter Schober.’ He inspects four girls presented to him and looks at Jane’s recent welts. He must know she is an apprentice. He selects a blonde, who is then brought to him in another room. The girl has been made to put on a schoolgirl kilt. She gets the longest and hardest strapping and caning of the film.

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