7 Sep

M/f; time: 16 minutes
If you share our penchant for ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford,’ you may agree this is one of her most entertaining films. She is completely naked the entire film, and to state the obvious, there is no place to hide.

She is a tenant in ‘John Osborne’s’ house, sharing his living space. For this particular lodger, that would seem an excellent arrangement. She is taking four or five baths a day. Osborne bursts in on her, naked in the tub. “Get out!” she yells. She is paying her rent. After some argument, Osborne accedes and will allow these baths if he can spank her. She agrees, figuring “You just want my bottom.”

Out of the tub, all sorts of frontals, a wet, shiny bottom and body. She knows full well that spanking a wet bottom is all the more fun. OTK on the edge of the tub, hair pinned up, bottom full screen for extended time. A lot of naughty fetish talk between them–Amelia knows Osborne is getting his rocks off. Slow, mostly mild spanking, all about Amelia’s lengthy body.

She stands, hands on wall, shots from below. Her squawks for naught, and she is not being hurt. Osborne will spank her once a week, and she uses this sudden leverage to acquire more cabinet space in the kitchen. Gosh, we’d cook for her if she would eat in her undies.

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