Punished Feet – NUWEST LFV-103

8 Sep

M/2f; year: 2004; time: 20 minutes
NUWEST was trying anything to diversify in this timeframe. ‘Jodi’ and ‘Amber’ approach a house and then are seen applying toenail polish on the floor. Ed Lee enters. “Hi, Dave.”

The two NW regulars have agreed to do a foot whipping video and are adding some color to their toes. He wants to know why the girls are doing “this foot torture thing today.” Amber wants to expand her pain threshold (which Lee doubts) and Jodi just wants the money. Amber remembers a previous foot fetish film she made–she couldn’t walk comfortably for a few days.

FADE to the deck. The girls are in the diaper position, their feet tied over their heads to a crossbar between two staple-shaped pipe frames. Their wrists are fastened to the frame and their bare feet are turned and exposed. [dogs bark, traffic rumbles]

Lee begins with a three-tongue martinet on their feet, not too hard. He then tickles them with a fork. This looks worse, and they should be begging for more flogging. Lee then blasts their soles with a hair dryer on a low setting. A bit silly, and it doesn’t seem to bother the girls.

His famous dogwhip next, struck expertly from further away. Risky too, we thought, a miss could catch a girl’s face. Tears, red marks, some blood flecks. Lee treats the soles with baby oil and the girls are released. They walk gingerly out the front door in bare feet, not so convincingly.

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