Cane Hurts – OOHTEEKAY

9 Sep

M2F/2f; time: 55 minutes
A long film, where ‘Miss Gillian Lancer’ and another female disciplinarian spank two girls in a variety of settings. Brunette ‘Lisa’ and blonde ‘Lea,’ wearing schoolgirl kit and various colors of regulation panties, are worked out by the two women.

G-L is an aunt or teacher. In the first spanking scene, the girls are taken on a couch together, not really enough room to do a proper job, and the couch is too soft, so the bottoms are too high and difficult to hit.

‘Back at Home’: The girls’ skirts are stapled up, and spanked with a hard wood paddle, “all the rage in American schools.” A lot of moving around and talk. The girls straddle the arm of an easy chair for the paddle. [there are production glitches and sound irregularities]. The girls change into gym clothes for the cane at the chair. Mild stuff so far.

‘Summer Term’: The setting is the classroom so frequently used often by OHTEEKAY/CONNOISSEUR/REDSTRIPE, suggesting to us, amateur non-historians, that this film is made by the genre of CP fetish Scottish folks associated with NORTHERNSPANKING and other studios. Gillian Lancer torments Lisa here,  gets her knickers down, and gives her the hardest caning on the film. She actually checks with the director before she begins, a flaw rare for this experienced domme.

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