Bitchy Boss

13 Sep

F/f; time: 33 minutes
‘Barbara Boss,’ who wants herself referred to as ‘Ms. Boss,’ will spank her secretary ‘Darla’ for poor work–filing, tardiness, incorrect customers’ orders, flight reservation errors, even the wrong water in the water bottle. Another example of an office where a girl’s bottom is pretty much fair game.

Lots of silly shouting, an OTK spanking begins with a plastic fly swatter, always an omen that this will not be a serious contender as a CP film. Ms. Boss only employs Darla as a favor to her mother, but it looks to us that this easy access to the girl’s bottom might be another reason. Humiliation is part of the drill.

Darla crawls in the floor while she is spanked, as Ms. Boss tries to straighten out a botched order on the phone. “Take off your skirt.” Shouting, spanking, phone calls. “Take your top and bra off.” Ms. Boss blindfolds Darla with her own bra, then attaches clothespins to her nipples. So much for just a disciplinary session. Do you have clothespins in your office ?

An angry Ms. Boss is going to upgrade the erroneous coach flight reservation Darla made, using Darla’s credit card. She calls Darla’s father and manages to convince him to increase the credit limit.

Darla is spanked while taking dictation, and gets further strapping when Ms.Boss discovers Darla failed to acquire permits for something. As a concluding humiliation, Ms. Boss stamps her bottom with rubber office stamps.

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