Vanna and Jacque – NUWEST

13 Sep

F/f; time:30 minutes
Not the correct title; we will amend. Vanna is fastening a naked Jacque over NUWEST’s padded tilted box. Her wrists and ankles are secured and a strap across her lower back completes the job. Vanna asks her to wiggle to ensure she is secure–that action alone may be too much for you in this film.

A young and still thin Vanna begins a slow strapping, taking her time. She switches to what she calls a “rubber strap,” a stiff razor strop with a handle. It makes a hollow whomp compared to the thin strap. Lots of caressing and fondling, and some preliminary frigging. Another strap. Jacque looks quite small here, bare naked except for stockings and heels. A strap-on dildo is seen on a table.

Vanna takes off her skirt and steps into the harness of the dildo. It is the big one. She rolls on a lubricated condom, has Jacque suck it a second to improve the lube, then begins fucking her doggy style on the box. Entrance is easy and Jacque rocks under the action.

Vanna will stop and strap some more, then continue fucking, several times. Some good closeups suggest most of this was quite real. Little Jacque can deal with this big guy, and she must have been exhausted. We were.

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