14 Sep

M/f; time: 45 minutes
A crudely made, amateur-like film, unremarkable at first. By the conclusion, the canings will in fact approach ‘cruel,’ and we were intrigued by the storyline.

A faceless male is lecturing his wife. He wants her to be sexier, play games with him. He shows her a book where a therapist recommends finding pleasure through pain. If she doesn’t get “kinky,” he’s gone. He shows her a cane he has acquired.

‘Mauri’ is sent to the bathroom, where she will find costumes to put on. She reports to the bedroom in schoolgirl kit and her hair in braids. She dances for him, raising her skirt. No panties. He has her play with herself. The first caning begins–8 hard strokes, immediate stripes, Mauri jumps after each one. The guy traces and counts the stripes aloud.

FADE. Her next outfit is that of a ‘slut.’ She has brought two vibrating dildos, and in this segment she fucks herself for him.

Next, she is wearing a ‘slave’ outfit–nothing much. She is totally naked but for a sort of fencer’s mask. She bends for 8 more of the cane–screeching and jumping around, accruing marks and some skin pops now. “This marriage is improving by the minute,” the guy says.

Mauri’s next portrayal is that of a “sexy office girl.” Wearing a latex dress, what there is of it, she takes 8 more cane strokes bent over an office desk chair. He pulls down her pantyhose. Her misery with these long caning sequences seemed authentic to us. She has begun cursing.

And now, “soldier Mauri.” She wears a two piece camou set, short pants. “Soldier, prepare for discipline!” Over a chair, 8 more strokes.

And last, Mauri is tied to a low bench, Russian-style. Latex knee boots. Bare bottom. 8 more very hard strokes. She jerks violently enough to rip free of her ropes. “I’m now ready for a good fuck,” says the guy. Mauri surely will submit, if just to stop these canings.

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