20 Sep

F/f; time: 24 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ has been brought into her home by a woman police officer, who is picking at her clothes in search of concealed drugs. Amelia protests, claiming privilege and status, but the WP has her blouse open and finds packages of pills.

The WP demands that Amelia strip, if she doesn’t want a trip to the police station. Ironically, Amelia demands to see a “male officer.” How does she think that would help? It would have spiced this storyline if in fact a male officer was summoned to join.

Blouse completely off, Amelia is urged into the frisk position at the wall. The WP finds a baggy of white powder in her skirt. More threats–they would do things to her at the police station, and she doesn’t want a house search. Amelia agrees to strip.

Skirt off, little black panties theatrically down, there’s that little beaver trim. The WP takes naked Amelia OTK. “This is your punishment.” After this start, the WP is going to go to her car to get her implements.

Amelia is left bent naked over easy chair arms while the WP steps out. This prototypically glamorous bottom presentation is the highlight of this otherwise conventional film. The WP returns and straps Amelia, demanding ‘thank you’s’

Back to the frisk posture at the wall, but naked. She will get “two dozen strokes” with a Spencer paddle, more ‘thank you’s.’ A final OTK flurry. We think the Spencer was doing a bit more damage than they intended, so proceedings seemed moderated.

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