Five Women Spanked Out Behind the Shed NUWEST MM-112

20 Sep

time: 10 minutes
Five 2-minute spanking segments, filmed on a seat actually along the wall of a NUWEST shed. These little episodes were probably tacked onto the day of a film schedule, grabbing whomever was around.

‘Ed Lee Spanks Kirsty’: A declining Ed Lee spanks a tall brunette on her jeans, then she helps to take them down for the OTK to conclude on her black panties.

‘Karen Bell’ spanks ‘Katie’ with a hairbrush. She is a big girl, Karen is, so the smacks are significant. Katie looks like a fallen leaf in comparison and kicks up a storm.

‘Jodi Cline’ spanks ‘Tabatha,’ who is delivered by car to the site. Jodi drags her out of the passenger seat and spanks her on the same perch. The invisible driver has a perfect view. Jeans down, bare bottom. Tabatha’s spanking completed, she gets back in the car and leaves.

‘Ed Lee spanks ‘Nikki’: This is ‘Katie,’ in a black wig. Lee admires her striped panties. Katie’s squeals and body language are unmistakable.

‘Ed Lee spanks Jodi’: A haggard Lee marches Jodi from the house and spanks her on the perch, complaining that he hurt is hand hitting so hard.

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