Neglectful and Naughty

20 Sep

Another one of those offices where a male boss has enough leverage to spank his female employees. Redheaded ‘Julie’ brings a note to a guy at his desk. It appears it is her time for punishment. She goes over his lap quickly, without fanfare.

After a brief warmup spanking, she stands and he assists her in removing her skirt and shoes. OTK again, flesh colored flower-print panties. Panties down, more spanking. To conclude, he puts her at the wall, then more of the hand, strap, and hairbrush.

Another employee, brunette ‘Little Sinn,’ is next. She must have been here before, because she is very nervous. She is taken OTK, jeans down. When the boss takes her panties off while she faces him, she doesn’t flinch at what she is showing him. He puts her at the wall on a low stool, her bottom on display.

After this break, more spanking. Because she flails so much he ties her wrists behind her back. She is taken into the bedroom, the rest of her clothes come off, for more spanking and what else.

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