22 Sep

M/2f; time: 62 minutes
A film we saw in two parts. Two girls, ‘Leona’ and ‘Nicholette,’ are wearing very little and are in the Wizard studio. Nicholette is begging to be admitted into the sorority. “I’ll do whatever it takes.” “Anything?”

Since Nicholette is wearing a cheerleader’s uniform, Leona wants to see some cheers. Then they will do some wrestling on the studio pallet-bed. The girls begin to undress each other, kissing and licking, until they are naked. Some explicit oral sex here, in the 69 position.

Andre Chance, the Wizard, arrives, a situation made for him. He himself gets naked and
Leona begins giving him a blowjob. He fingers the girls and tries to jerk himself off–this is not the best part of his film production. As he jerks off, he begin oiling the two girls, fingering their anuses. More bj, threesome, lots of bottom play. Andre finally seems to come and gives Leona a taste. She makes a face.

The Wizard now sets up his enema apparatus. The girls finger the bags and hoses, trying to look curious. More body oil and some OTK spanking. Andre gets both girls on his lap, lying at angles, legs spread, ready for the enemas. He inserts the nozzles, the blue medium size arrowhead. The girls’ bottoms twitch and clench in freflexive acceptance. After this brief process the girls evacuate into buckets and then run to the bathroom.

Leona will now try to ride a Sybian. Andre has a double-headed dildo ready. She climbs on, and Andre must help her insert the anal and pussy dildos. But they are not stiff enough and it does not work very well. They do the best they can, and Leona tries to look aroused .

And last, the Wizard will drip hot wax on Leona. Naked of course, she gets into the wheelbarrow position for him, and he lights two candles and drips wax on her bottom, back, and between her legs. She flinches delightfully as the wax drips. He plays with her pussy and anus with the unlighted ends of the candles.

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