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Neglectful and Naughty

20 Sep

Another one of those offices where a male boss has enough leverage to spank his female employees. Redheaded ‘Julie’ brings a note to a guy at his desk. It appears it is her time for punishment. She goes over his lap quickly, without fanfare.

After a brief warmup spanking, she stands and he assists her in removing her skirt and shoes. OTK again, flesh colored flower-print panties. Panties down, more spanking. To conclude, he puts her at the wall, then more of the hand, strap, and hairbrush.

Another employee, brunette ‘Little Sinn,’ is next. She must have been here before, because she is very nervous. She is taken OTK, jeans down. When the boss takes her panties off while she faces him, she doesn’t flinch at what she is showing him. He puts her at the wall on a low stool, her bottom on display.

After this break, more spanking. Because she flails so much he ties her wrists behind her back. She is taken into the bedroom, the rest of her clothes come off, for more spanking and what else.

Katie Does the Whipping – NUWEST

20 Sep

Another ‘find’ for us, courtesy of a NUWEST aficionado who shares our predilection for the earlier stuff. We’ve fantasized elsewhere that someone must have a boatload of NUWEST’s naughtier, illegal, or production rejects, the porn equivalent of those apocryphal trunks of manuscripts of Hemingway, Cole Porter, or Ellington.

This film comes as close to that as we might imagine. Using NUWEST font and format, this film graphic begins with ‘NEED TITLE,’ so we made our own. ‘Debra,’ and another blonde we did not recognize, are strung up naked, nipple to nipple, to spreader bars attached to the ceiling, hoisted up on tiptoes, tightened muscles, bare feet scuffling on a pad. ‘Katie,’ also buck naked, circles them with a martinet. Very early, almost adolescent Katie, slightly less self-assured, all the more alluring.

The filming is poor, the color washed out, sound quality damaged by studio hum and exterior traffic noise, and the camera angles unrehearsed. What must have been a hand-held camera could not shoot completely around the girls, or between them, so we don’t see as much of what we would have liked to see.

Naked Debra ripples in position–powerful, solid buttocks and thighs and hard boobs–she had no peer. The naked blonde is nearly as eye-catching. Naked Katie has more pubic hair and longer blond hair here than we can recall, but for a very few films. It would surely help to date the film if we have time to check hairstyles. She walks, whips, and slashes the struggling duo. As customary with these multi-girl nude films, you don’t know where to watch, not a problem.

Katie shifts to the Australian dog whip and she knows how to use it, not always the case with the girl-on-girl stuff. No dialogue except a few remarks by Katie. Even this early, Katie was an enthusiastic dominant.

Despite its formulaic and crude structure, we found the film highly erotic, a sort of illicit nudie film from the 1970’s, with the addition of frontal shots and the corporal punishment theme.


20 Sep

F/f; time: 24 minutes
‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ has been brought into her home by a woman police officer, who is picking at her clothes in search of concealed drugs. Amelia protests, claiming privilege and status, but the WP has her blouse open and finds packages of pills.

The WP demands that Amelia strip, if she doesn’t want a trip to the police station. Ironically, Amelia demands to see a “male officer.” How does she think that would help? It would have spiced this storyline if in fact a male officer was summoned to join.

Blouse completely off, Amelia is urged into the frisk position at the wall. The WP finds a baggy of white powder in her skirt. More threats–they would do things to her at the police station, and she doesn’t want a house search. Amelia agrees to strip.

Skirt off, little black panties theatrically down, there’s that little beaver trim. The WP takes naked Amelia OTK. “This is your punishment.” After this start, the WP is going to go to her car to get her implements.

Amelia is left bent naked over easy chair arms while the WP steps out. This prototypically glamorous bottom presentation is the highlight of this otherwise conventional film. The WP returns and straps Amelia, demanding ‘thank you’s’

Back to the frisk posture at the wall, but naked. She will get “two dozen strokes” with a Spencer paddle, more ‘thank you’s.’ A final OTK flurry. We think the Spencer was doing a bit more damage than they intended, so proceedings seemed moderated.


14 Sep

M/f; time: 45 minutes
A crudely made, amateur-like film, unremarkable at first. By the conclusion, the canings will in fact approach ‘cruel,’ and we were intrigued by the storyline.

A faceless male is lecturing his wife. He wants her to be sexier, play games with him. He shows her a book where a therapist recommends finding pleasure through pain. If she doesn’t get “kinky,” he’s gone. He shows her a cane he has acquired.

‘Mauri’ is sent to the bathroom, where she will find costumes to put on. She reports to the bedroom in schoolgirl kit and her hair in braids. She dances for him, raising her skirt. No panties. He has her play with herself. The first caning begins–8 hard strokes, immediate stripes, Mauri jumps after each one. The guy traces and counts the stripes aloud.

FADE. Her next outfit is that of a ‘slut.’ She has brought two vibrating dildos, and in this segment she fucks herself for him.

Next, she is wearing a ‘slave’ outfit–nothing much. She is totally naked but for a sort of fencer’s mask. She bends for 8 more of the cane–screeching and jumping around, accruing marks and some skin pops now. “This marriage is improving by the minute,” the guy says.

Mauri’s next portrayal is that of a “sexy office girl.” Wearing a latex dress, what there is of it, she takes 8 more cane strokes bent over an office desk chair. He pulls down her pantyhose. Her misery with these long caning sequences seemed authentic to us. She has begun cursing.

And now, “soldier Mauri.” She wears a two piece camou set, short pants. “Soldier, prepare for discipline!” Over a chair, 8 more strokes.

And last, Mauri is tied to a low bench, Russian-style. Latex knee boots. Bare bottom. 8 more very hard strokes. She jerks violently enough to rip free of her ropes. “I’m now ready for a good fuck,” says the guy. Mauri surely will submit, if just to stop these canings.

Exquisite Education 8 Day 2 – GIRLSPANKGIRL.COM

13 Sep

F/5f; time: 31 minutes
‘Snow Mercy’ plays a rather gentle domme in this ‘Clare Fonda’ film, purportedly set on the veranda of a villa on the French Riviera. Our first reaction to the brightly lit coastal scene was a recollection of ‘To Catch a Thief,’ and maybe Cary Grant climbing over the wall.

Snow confronts five very cute qirls, who have been behaving poorly and acting much too boldly for their own good. Very attractive bunch, some nice casting here. And, it should be said–Ms. Fonda’s production crew handles the sunny exterior and audio as well as you’ll see for a CP film. The girls are wearing prototype schoolgirl plaid kilts and blouses. ‘Schoolie” stuff is always good for an added erotic charge.

Snow will spank each girl OTK, panties down, then the bared bottoms bend over the wall in the background. Next, the hairbrush for each girl, and the strap just for the one girl who is most troublesome. No frontals or undressing; mild stuff, but very sweet cast.

Bitchy Boss

13 Sep

F/f; time: 33 minutes
‘Barbara Boss,’ who wants herself referred to as ‘Ms. Boss,’ will spank her secretary ‘Darla’ for poor work–filing, tardiness, incorrect customers’ orders, flight reservation errors, even the wrong water in the water bottle. Another example of an office where a girl’s bottom is pretty much fair game.

Lots of silly shouting, an OTK spanking begins with a plastic fly swatter, always an omen that this will not be a serious contender as a CP film. Ms. Boss only employs Darla as a favor to her mother, but it looks to us that this easy access to the girl’s bottom might be another reason. Humiliation is part of the drill.

Darla crawls in the floor while she is spanked, as Ms. Boss tries to straighten out a botched order on the phone. “Take off your skirt.” Shouting, spanking, phone calls. “Take your top and bra off.” Ms. Boss blindfolds Darla with her own bra, then attaches clothespins to her nipples. So much for just a disciplinary session. Do you have clothespins in your office ?

An angry Ms. Boss is going to upgrade the erroneous coach flight reservation Darla made, using Darla’s credit card. She calls Darla’s father and manages to convince him to increase the credit limit.

Darla is spanked while taking dictation, and gets further strapping when Ms.Boss discovers Darla failed to acquire permits for something. As a concluding humiliation, Ms. Boss stamps her bottom with rubber office stamps.

Vanna and Jacque – NUWEST

13 Sep

F/f; time:30 minutes
Not the correct title; we will amend. Vanna is fastening a naked Jacque over NUWEST’s padded tilted box. Her wrists and ankles are secured and a strap across her lower back completes the job. Vanna asks her to wiggle to ensure she is secure–that action alone may be too much for you in this film.

A young and still thin Vanna begins a slow strapping, taking her time. She switches to what she calls a “rubber strap,” a stiff razor strop with a handle. It makes a hollow whomp compared to the thin strap. Lots of caressing and fondling, and some preliminary frigging. Another strap. Jacque looks quite small here, bare naked except for stockings and heels. A strap-on dildo is seen on a table.

Vanna takes off her skirt and steps into the harness of the dildo. It is the big one. She rolls on a lubricated condom, has Jacque suck it a second to improve the lube, then begins fucking her doggy style on the box. Entrance is easy and Jacque rocks under the action.

Vanna will stop and strap some more, then continue fucking, several times. Some good closeups suggest most of this was quite real. Little Jacque can deal with this big guy, and she must have been exhausted. We were.