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Leather Strap Discipline NUWEST FD-163

31 Oct

F/m time: 28 minutes

A series of 10 Female/male whipping scenes, almost all of them with the redoubtable Ed Lee as the submissive. He must have gotten some kick out of it, in addition to the payroll savings. The men don’t show their faces, of course.

1. Las Vegas ‘Karen’ straps Lee and takes off her clothes in the process. The scene is on a bed in the NUWEST house or a motel room. “You need your ass strapped regularly.”

2. A blonde, maybe ‘Jodi Cline,’ straps a naked male, and very hard.

3. Lee is strung up his studio and is strapped by an older female. You wonder if the girls coveted these roles.

4. In the kitchen of the NW townhouse, Lee stands naked in the corner. ‘Julia Jameson’ enters. Lee puts his hands on a stool and Julia straps hard and fast. Back to the corner, Lee kneels erect, and Julia toasts with a cocktail.

5. Lee is strapped, lying naked on a bed. Katie does the work, and she is naked also. For some reason, she looks a little rough here. We’ve been spoiled. Pageboy hair, pubic fuzz.

6. A hefty ‘Vanna’ does the strapping to Ed Lee, in the same scene as #1 above.

7. Lee is bent over the back of a chair, wearing woman’s panties, being strapped by, is it Karen? She counts out 50 strokes on the panties and 50 on his bare butt.

8. In the condo kitchen again, ‘Debra’ in jodphurs, she refers to Ed Lee in his ‘Leon’ character. He is sent upstairs bare-ass to lie on a bed. This would not be one of our favorite up-stairs scenes, we are just reporting.

9. Lee is naked over the padded wedge-shaped bench. A very hot and cute ‘Katie’ here, in a white knit dress which keeps riding up in the back as she straps Lee. Naughty and always willing Katie takes a seat at his face, legs apart, no panties. “See this pussy? It’s the only one you’re ever going to have.” Full arm swings high over her head with the strap.

10. Lee gets a strapping over a chair in the NW workroom.


Xerotics #3

25 Oct

More simple XEROTICS schoolgirl films; we try to highlight the unusual moments and identify the actors.

Bully Briggs’ (M/f; time:8 minutes) The professor in academic robes again. ‘Briggs’ is a trim blonde, in prefect’s blazer. The scene is a nice library/office. Briggs has been bullying her students. She is going to sit and compose an apology, then she is going to be caned. “When was the last time you had your bottom caned?” As she writes, she masturbates under the table and a faint smile creeps across her face.

The Head bends her over the table. Her blazer, skirt, and panties are all bottle-green. She has the initials ‘J.R.’ tattooed on her left buttock. After some spanking in this position, she must stretch forward and grip the edge of the table to be in position for the cane. The Head takes her panties down. “Sir!”

Only about seven strokes are shown, short snaps which don’t seem harsh, but typical cane wheals ripen as we watch.

‘Cane Master’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) John Osborne featured here, a bit unkempt on this occasion. He is on the phone at his simple desk, a collection of spanking implements arrayed in front of him. Two girls have been summoned, ‘Bridey’ and ‘Sarah.’ They’re going to be spanked in this faux classroom. The poor camera angles show the flimsy props.

Blonde Bridey is taken OTK first. She is wearing a tarty two-piece ensemble, net stockings, thong, no panties. She is largely amused by Osborne’s spanking and dialogue. Tall Sarah is watching. When Bridey’s spanking is complete, Osborne has her stand at the blackboard and pull one breast out of her top. Silly, and distracting to the mood.

Sarah OTK next; after a bit she stands to drop her jeans. Osborne takes down her white boy shorts. A big tramp stamp, and a lot of mixed bruising for what has happened so far. Sarah then bends over a table for a doubled strap. Bridey continues to be amused. Sarah goes to the wall and faces us, frontal fuzz, unusual in this series.

Bridey is spanked again then sent away. Before Sarah is caned, Osborne makes her handle the rattan he has selected. More slow frontal. Over the desk, seven strokes, they ripen on-screen. She is left squeezing the cane between her cheeks. More punishment in 20 minutes.

‘Caned Bottom’ (F/f’ time: 9 minutes) Pigtailed blonde ‘Joanna’ waits in front of the wood frame exercise wall in the faux gym this producer often used. She hides a rolled 5-pound note between her buttocks.

A tall and young blonde domme comes on the scene, one who we have seen only a few times in this series, and the kind of attractive disciplinarian who can get swept up now and again by headmasters in these films. She will search Joanna.

She starts by feeling through her clothing, then pulls her panties down and finds the note. Hands on chair for the cane. “10 last time…here we go again, this time 16, girl.” We counted 18 moderate strokes. Joanna jumps nicely at the pain and the practice swooshes. Some repeats, good marks.

‘Car Crime’ (M/f; time:9 minutes) A stringy blonde is crawling through an open car window. She is wearing one of those sexy little housedresses XEROTICS had in the dressing room, in pink. She is putting on quite an intentional upskirt show, white panties not quite covering the goodies.

XEROTICS’ geezer/ageplay guy catches her and marches her by the ear into his school office. She knows what comes next. Bent over his desk, panties come down, she gets a big strap, and then just a few strokes of the cane. She’s got welts from a previous film.

‘Catherine O’Hara Expulsion or the Slipper’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The distinguished professorial ageplay guy, dressed in cap and gown here, and filmed in the upscale house setting. He is on the phone, maybe a Blackberry. he is discussing the behavior of a naughty Miss O’Hara.

Catherine knocks and enters. She is threatened and scolded. Her parents have sent permission. She will be spanked. She lifts her school, he pulls down her panties, and begins an OTK spanking. She then stands at a grand fireplace for the slipper. Nice bottom.

‘Caught and Caned by Mother’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Mother ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ and daughter, redhead ‘Jasmine, reviewed in her collection, Jasmine Lau.

Chastisement of a Catholic Schoolgirl‘ (F/f; time:10 minutes) A blonde in school boater is confronted by ‘Miss Smith.’ “I’m going to have to give you a good thrashing to wake you up.” “Just a ruler on my hands?” “A spanking on your bottom.” OTK, then she stands to have her panties pulled down, then OTK again, a perfect bottom for any lap. Touch toes for the strap. And finally, she stands on the ribbed bench, the kind you see in a sauna, bare bottom at eye level.

‘Chastisement of  Sara Bergman’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Tall goofy blonde Sara is from Austria and here be shown by one of XEROTICS’ ageplay geezers the wiles and methods of British corporal punishment.

First he shows her an impressive sample of the spanking implements he uses. She claims never to have been spanked, so he will demonstrate. OTK she goes and skirt up. She makes the first objection to this show-and-tell when she hears her knickers have to come down. Simple spanking here, and some slipper over the desk.

Caned and slippered prefects‘ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Two schoolgirls, ‘Katie Leigh’ and ‘Isabella,’ discuss what a caning might be like. When ‘Agean’ enters, Katie reflexively covers her bottom, just for a split second.

It seems the school’s security cameras have caught the girls bullying younger students, taking their “dinner money.” Both will get the slipper, and then the cane.

Both Isabella and Katie are slippered on the bare bottom. XEROTICS mixes in some slow-motion replay here, rare in this series. Only Katie will be caned here, about 8 strokes, then hands-on-head. Agean is more erotic with the cane here than usual.

Cheating Collins‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Brunette ‘Sara Collins’ probably spent her CP film career being compared to look-alike ‘Leia Ann Woods.’ She is wearing one of those disposable housedresses, in pink. ‘Agean’ is her uncle. She has been reported cheating in school.

He’ll get right to it. OTK she goes, and of course the hem of the little dress rides up by itself. White panties. He has to hold her wrists while he spanks. All handspanking here. We’ll see more of Ms. Collins in other films.

Class of 1981‘ (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) Two more schoolgirls sit and contemplate their upcoming corporal punishment. This is a more recent film, and maybe the title helps date this series. We are on the set of the upscale house, in one room or another. The professorial ageplay guy is the disciplinarian, here in hound’s-tooth jacket.

The girls are instructed to roll up and tuck their skirts in the back and pull their own panties down. We see the buttocks tattoo of ‘j.r,’ the bottom belongs to ‘Briggs.’ The girls move up a grand staircase to a paneled oaken landing, the type of baronial setting found in a number of British CP films. The blonde bends over first for the tawse–panties down, she looks aroused.

The professor takes up the strap. “Let’s increase the ‘ow’ factor.” The girl shows traces of a previous shoot. Briggs is next, for tawse and strap. she too must have made another film before lunch. Both girls get an extra few, then a long hold on their bottoms, hands on head.

Culprits Caught” (F/2f; time: 14 minutes) ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ in the school cloakroom setting, a set used in a number of British CP productions. Two students, a blonde and redhead, in full kit of tunic, blouse, tie, knee socks, and maryjanes, are going through the pockets of other girls’ clothing.

Gillian-Lancer catches them, which is good news, because she is one of the more severe disciplinarians in the British catalogue. She soon is swooshing a cane. It will be “hard, across your bottom.”

The redhead will be caned first; she bends over and takes 8 strokes (there are repeats) on blue knickers. This eliminates the problem of red marks from a previous shoot. G-L takes the panties down, she always likes to, and lays on seven more strokes. She like taking knickers down and salacious ritual spanking talk.

The pigtailed blonde is next. Bend-over, white panties, G-L starts her off with a less severe ping pong paddling, which will pink her up and cover marks. Panties down, 20 strokes of the cane-repeats. There are tears, and both girls have been very noisy.

Daily Spanking‘ (MF/2f; time: 5 minutes) ‘Katie Leigh’ is taken OTK on a simple set of a chair and a backdrop. She is spanked by brunette ‘Isabella.’ “This is your daily spanking.” Agean interrupts. “You call that a proper spanking?”

Agean takes Isabella OTK to show her how to do it, and Katie begins playing with herself as she watches. Agean takes Isabella’s pantyhose down, then her thong. Katie is spanked next, apparently what she wants.


21 Oct

F/f; time:8 minutes
‘Petra’ is from Poland. “My name is Petra and I’m here to be spanked.” A male voice which sounds like the ‘Peters’ character from these Scottish/British productions tells her to strip naked. Another familiar woman from the XEROTICS films (is it Kara Jane?) helps her off with her clothes. A dynamic and hot body–everyone seems to be aware of it.

Bend-over for a mild handspanking. Then OTK with Kara Jane. Peters pours water over Petra–if it had been a little cold, she would have jumped. Hands-0n-head at the wall. A cute but harmless film.

Blazing Paddles

21 Oct

M2F/4f; time: 57 minutes
a dreary and confusing American attempt at a CP film. Two flight attendants are going to be disciplined for discrepancies in their accounting of money and goods. A female senior attendant, brunette ‘Sandra,’ will be spanking them.

‘Jen’ and ‘Carly’ are taken OTK in turn, and alternated. “Jen, fetch me the paddle.” The girls are mildly paddled, bending over a table, with a round leather embossed paddle, 10 at a time.

A third girl enters the scene, ‘Lisa,’a blonde. It seems this senior girl did not have the authority to issue such punishments, and as so often happens in these CP films, basic leadership principles are ignored. Lisa will get the same paddle, and the two junior attendants are called back to witness. “Hold her down,” he ask of them. “Bare your bottom.” She gets 20 of the paddle.

A male comes on the scene. The chain of command is challenged again. Now HE will take this windfall opportunity to spank the two senior attendants, together. Lisa goes OTK first, and she drops her skirt quickly, without request. Sandra is spanked next, then Lisa again.

The male supervisor dismisses the girls, but then holds Sandra back. We assume he was not aroused enough, because he is going to spank her again. Lisa listens at the door. Sandra suggests she might report him–maybe nobody is allowed to spank. What the hell, if he is going to be in trouble he might as well go for it. He uses a huge fraternity paddle, a real weapon, 10 more strokes, and much harder. Tears start.

Sandra and Lisa now turn on the two younger girls. Everybody seems to spank everybody else. We lost track. The frat paddle was the high point.

The film continues with one or another person spanking someone else for reasons we lost interest in learning. We snoozed through the film, hoping for one redeeming moment. Just the big paddle, if only someone had swung it.

Part 2, 29 minutes. Not much better, just an excuse to get pretty girls’ clothes off. ‘Jen’ has been caught having sex with a First Officer. She will get spanked for it but he won’t. She agrees to accept a caning. She takes six strokes on a mostly bare bottom, and the action is repeated.

‘Lisa’ enters and horses her for six more strokes. Then a sort of spanking melee of the flight attendants spanking each other.

The Boss – SHANVAN

18 Oct

M/f; year: 2005; time: 20 minutes
A British producer we are not familiar with, but this film is worth a minute if you can find it. A very hot and sexy secretary is being scolded in front of her boss’s desk. She is wearing a knit dress and has one of the those bottoms which would lead a mother to tell a girl not to wear a dress like this.

She’s going to be spanked. “It’s not fair!” Don’t know why not–it must be company policy. She is taken OTK on a metal office chair, skirt up, a red slip–you don’t see too many slips in these films. The slip comes up to display red panties and red garter belt. Maybe she was expecting a spanking today.

Panties down, standard spanking concludes. Heads-on-head at the wall, but the boss wants more. Over the desk for “six of the best” with his cane. Lovely bottom, nice simple 20 minutes.

It’s in the Contract

18 Oct

M/3f; time: 33 minutes
The landlord, ‘Mr. Kent,’ separately calls tenants ‘Sarah’ (Sarah Harvey Lewis) and ‘Tina’ from their apartments to his kitchen. The girls meet in the hall and are surprised they both have been summoned and are so far, at least Sarah is unsuspecting. We’re not.

Kent wants to discuss the girls’ “contracts.” It seems that in the lease there is a proviso that Kent may spank the girls for infractions–and what is on the agenda now is late rent and excessive noise. Frizzy brunette Tina is not phased–she’s been in this kitchen “six or seven times” and is apparently willing to trade her bottom for some perks.

Tina goes OTK first–she is reluctant but knows the drill. After the warmup spanking, she kneels for a paddle, strap, and finally about 20 strokes of the cane.

Sarah goes OTK next, having watched Tina. Kent reserves her white panties for himself. We’ve seen some films where landlords collect panties. She gets the paddle and strap on a chair, and then kneels up on a table for her 20 from the cane. Her panties find their way to her ankles. She is not taking this as well as Tina did.

Both bottoms are displayed in the kitchen. No so bad for the girls–they can save money, and Kent can have his fun.

A Punishing View

11 Oct

M/f; time: 27 minutes
The actor ‘Earl Grey’ is showing a blonde the apartment he is renting. When he steps away, she puts a bottle of brandy in her purse (the apartment is fully furnished!). He returns, detects the loss, wrestles her purse to find it, threatens the police and his friend her employer, she begs, and “we’ll deal with it ourselves.” Game on.

After the shock at the suggestion of spanking subsides, Earl takes her OTK. It seems he has a male roommate who happens to have a sheath of spanking implements, more shock for the blonde. Skirt up, black diaphanous panties, garter belt, standard spanking, maybe a little more attentive rubbing and handling. Earl imagines his roommate would like to have been here.

The girl doesn’t want to pick an implement, so Grey selects an impressive strap. She kneels on a chair. Jacket off, it’s a big tawse–Earl kicked it up a notch. “I’ve never had to do this to a tenant…now I want to try this new invention.”

Here, some humor to navigate the otherwise conventional film. Grey has a spanking trestle in the room, disguised as a coffee table. The girl’s eyes bug out as he places the arched rails which make up the platform for her to lie. We don’t see the assembly, but the concept is comical.

“Take the rest of your clothes off.” She has no problem showing him her muff but for some reason is slow with the bra. Naked over the trestle but for garter belt, she gets a heavy strap.

Grey is going to leave his coffee table in her apartment so he can stop by and spank her now and then. The cane next–16 strokes counted. She is finished and dresses. For some reason he is angry his phone battery died. Was he filming this?


11 Oct

‘Hanne and Her Fingers’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Hannah Martin,’ a CP warrior with a resume, sits on a couch, masturbating. She takes a call from a friend and describes how excited she got at school watching a girl being caned on her bare bottom. “It really turned me on…I got all wet…my pussy got creamy.” Nothing demure about Ms. Martin at this stage of her career.

She pulls her pants down and things get graphic. ‘Peters’ walks in, he is ‘Uncle Bob,’ and Hannah lives with him. She covers up; “You’re a dirty, dirty girl,” and he begins smacking her dodging bottom. He wants to see her pussy (we assume he is a distant uncle).

Hannah kneels on the couch for a heavy strap. “Would you like to play with your vagina now?” Ms. Martin is older in this film, but still has a bottom of note. A long strapping, counting and ‘thank you’s.’ She is allowed to rub. Since she’s a dirty girl, Uncle will take off her bedroom door.


11 Oct

M/f; time: 20 minutes
An unadorned adventure from ‘Lupus Dreams,’ and perhaps the hardest paddling we have ever seen, matching RIGIDEAST’s ‘Wild Party 1,’ but longer. Just an amateur film we’ve collected exceeds this.

A blonde in a light blue party dress is being paddled by her uncle, who wears a dress shirt and bowtie. He wields the dreaded Spencer paddle.

The first 20 strokes are on the bare, creating the typical round bruises. And he is educated and careful, moving around to strike different parts of the bottom.

The girl is ordered to take off her dress, which turns out to be a struggle. She almost rips it over her head. She shivers and stands now in a little white slip, which soon comes off. No bra. Naked. She bends forward, hands on a stool, for 11 more wicked strokes.

After a FADE (understandable, someone needed a moment here), the blonde stands in just full white panties, hands on head, posing for the guy at his desk. He lights a cigar in self satisfaction.

Rest over, the blonde lies across the stool for 21 more strokes, panties down. There are bruises now fully on both buttocks and down both thighs. She kisses the paddle to conclude. We counted over 60 strokes.


11 Oct

2M/2f; time: 44 minutes
A long’ish film for this producer, with at least some twists and turns in the story. ‘Sara Collins,’ one of the CP film professionals who knows how to both give and take, plays ‘Collins,’ a student in the glass-walled set used often by this producer.

She’s done something wrong and is quickly OTK, panties down immediately, and spanked left-handed by the male school principal. When he orders, “Take your skirt off,” Sara shakes her head in refusal, but off it comes. Sara bends over the same chair for the cane–30 strokes are shown, with repeats from various angles. Some counting aloud, and telltale bruises.

A new scene at the school,exterior. Brunette ‘Smythe’ is caught trying to climb the ladder to the water tower on the roof by the headmaster. She’ll be spanked and is taken to the glass room. The roar of ventilation makes dialogue difficult in this film, which is OK–it isn’t Chaucer. After a silly toilet scene, Smythe will get the slipper from the Head. A series of scenes back and forth, Smythe being slippered and Collins getting the belt from another teacher.

For some reason, Smythe spanks Collins, as the head girl. We observe here how skillfully Ms. Collins can display herself on someone’s lap. The Head interrupts this and spanks them both. Frontal from Sara, bald.

A young ‘Peters,’ an actor found throughout these British films, especially XEROTICS, whose name we surely do not have correctly, lectures Smythe, who seems to be a head girl. Even though she is threatened with “my little friend,” a cane, he starts with a most embarrassing spanking OTK. She must spread her legs. Peters has heard she likes spanking.

Hands on the chair for the cane. Same salacious pose, legs 3′ apart, on tiptoes. 15 strokes, bruises. Peters taps her pussy with the cane. “I was told you would enjoy this…there better not be anything down here.” After this caning, she stands on the chair, above him. “Open the cheeks, wide….we won’t be enjoying that anymore, will we?” She will have to remain in this pose for 20 minutes.