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XEROTICS #3 Belinda, Dawn, Heidi, O’Connor, Rowina, Susanna, Wynter Sky

25 Oct

More simple XEROTICS schoolgirl films; we try to highlight the unusual moments and identify the actor.


Slutty Spanking’ (F/f;) Rebecca and Belinda will spank each other. Brunette Belinda strips to bra and panties first, and is taken OTK panties  down for a routine spanking. Hands on the couch for a small paddle. The girls switch. Mostly silly.



Crappy Clerks’ (F/2f; time: 11 minutes) Miss Parker will discipline two of her employees, Dawn, and another blonde. They have messed up invoices and used the computer for personal reasons. During the scolding and the beginning of the spanking, there is poor blocking, not much planning. They will be sacked or spanked, which means “across my knee and spank your bottoms.” Dawn is spanked first, she drops her pants to display black net knickers. When the second girl’s turn comes, she has no knickers. Both then get a heavy strap on the couch.

Lesbo play, pray for my soul, 3 in trouble, flat mates 2, 4 girls spanking, flat mates, lesbos caught, late again spanking,  corrected Catholics. 

‘Flat Mates’ (F/2f; time: 7 minutes) The lesbian buddies, Dawn, Susan, and Laura. Susan will spank both Dawn and Laura on a couch of the sitting room set. Both kneel up for a handspanking and some fingernail stroking. Heart paddle next. Thongs come off. Friendly fondling. Susan switches to a cane, Dawn first, good closeups. Laura escapes here. 

Flat Mates – 2   naked girls’ (3f; time: 6 minutes) Another of the lesbian film group reviewed here. The three glamorous girls again, now  stark naked, are spanking and playing lesbian games with each other,  the ‘69’ position for spanking and fingering,in a confined camera shot on the familiar overlit couch. All three have tattoos. There are some marks on bottoms from the previous episode. Bare bottom up the stairs, all three of them, for more 

Late Again’ (M/2f; time: 6 minutes) Dawn and Susan again. The girls are late home and a guy is waiting to spank them. Anyone would wait up for an opportunity like this. Dawn is taken OTK first, white knickers down. A bit of suspicious fondling. Susan  next, the same sexy spanking. Bottoms on display. 

‘Lesbians Caught’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) Susan and Dawn with a guy. The girls are having a little lesbian gambit in the garret bed, when they are caught. Susan wears a pink top and shorts. She is OTK first and Dawn next. Thongs stay on. The cane comes next—Susan gets a mild dose, but some marks develop. She stands on tiptoe, which does marvels for the shot. Dawn next, a very brief dose. 


Lesbo Play’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A lot of lesbian play for Dawn and Susan. The girls are naked in one of the double beds in the garret set. Routine sex play between the two. We get a good look at their bodies. 

‘Pray For Your Sins’ (XEROTICS; F/3f; time: 25 minutes) A/k/a ‘Corrected Catholics’ A medium length film, only a part featuring Ms. Flynn’s busy bottom. We have reviewed the longer films where she is the featured tush as separate pieces, the SHADOWLANE, LUPUS, and STRICTLYENGLISH productions.

Here is another film which combines religious guilt with corporal punishment. Three girls in schoolgirl kit, individually confess their sexual desires to  Miss Parker as Sister Mary, a fully habited nun with a Lily Tomlin visage, who has surely heard this before and knows exactly what needs to be done.

The first brunette confesses. Sister Mary helps her to bend over and lower her white knickers, then gives her a conventional mild handspanking and caning, including a long contemplation of her frontal nudity. The girl recites the Rosary as the spanking proceeds. She is left in prayer.

Niki enters next, in her short reddish hair period. Same confession of erotic thoughts. She hands Sister Mary her skirt and knickers. The nun bends her over and throws her sweater over her head so she can’t see what the nun is doing. That bruise over her left buttock, fading, is still there; one of these days we will find the film where she got it. We doubt she fell ice skating at the Wollman Rink. Because she can’t see the cane coming, she flinches when she hears the practice swoosh, a gesture Ms. Flynn excelled at. Standard spanking and caning. She is also left to pray.

A small blonde, Dawn, will be treated differently. She is spanked while on all-fours. “Kiss the Lord’s strap.” This posture shows a full view of her pussy and tramp stamp. When she is left alone after the punishment, she says the Lord’s Prayer, and her self-examination of her bottom becomes masturbation. We hoped Sister Mary would walk back in on this.

‘Stomach Pains‘ (F/2f; time: 11 minutes) At home, ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ plays a mother or aunt and confronts two uniformed schoolgirls late preparing for school. One is ‘Niki Flynn.’ The second girl, blond Dawn, has been in the bathroom with cramps. She wants to stay home. There is a cure for the cramps in CP films, but XEROTICS will not go there.

The  blonde gets a standing bare bottom spanking, but must run off to the john again. Niki drags her out again, hoping to avoid a group punishment. GL makes the blonde wipe herself in front of them, then both girls are strapped, pants down. Mild stuff by Niki Flynn standards.

Three Brat Yanks’ (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Lucy spanks Dawn and another girl on a couch in an absolutely…

‘3 Girls in Trouble’ (M/4f; time: 20 minutes) Despite the title, 4 schoolgirls stand outside a door to the ’mansion’ set. They have been sent for discipline and they will report to Peters, one at a time. Maybe the fourth girl got frostbite.
’Jones’ is first to stand in front of Peters. ”I have been sent here to be disciplined.” She doesn’t challenge, and Peters gets right to it. Jones bends over the desk, skirt up, white knickers down. Handspanking, a strap, and 10 rather gentle cane strokes.X Niki Flynn is called in next. She too knows her fate and raises her skirt and drops her own knickers. A clear bottom! Handspanking and 10 cane strokes, a little harder. They know Niki can take it. She leaves with knickers in hand.X Mae’ is next, not the name she uses in XEROTICS films, which mostly is Dawn. A curly haired brunette with glasses. She gets the same spanking from Peters but avoids the cane.


’Trying spanking’ (2f; time: 10 minutes) Dawn and another naked girlwill spank and play with each other for this 10 minutes. One girl has retained a g-string, but the other has the courage to show it all. An entertaining diversion for those of us with  a spot for nudie films.

FIND, move: lesbos play, 3 in trouble lost, flat mates 2, 4 girls spanked, flat mates, lesbos caught, late again sp,  


‘Heidi’ (M/f; time: 20 minutes) A chunky auburn-haired drama student and the age play guy who has played many headmaster roles in the XEROTICS series. She has reported to his studio for some, uh, pointers. ‘Heidi’s’ hair is in two pigtails. Mr. Williams: “Drama is all about discipline. I’m going to give you a good thrashing.” Heidi seems to be OK with this.

She begins to undress. There is a lot of Heidi, a bit unusual in the CP business. He has her bend over and goes to work, handspanking and a strap. There is a lot of work to be done. She takes off her panties, her last garment. Williams straps her in a standing position.
The cane next, traditional. About 25 strokes, probably repeats, a lot of bruising.

‘Modern Drama’ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) Mr. Henderson and a rather plump redhead, appears to be a drama teacher and she a student. The set is a sort of photography studio, in fact, the XEROTICS set for many films. He is going to give her some pointers about British theatre, which of course means some spanking. She needs to develop self discipline.

He has Heidi strip to just thong and bend over and touch her toes. The giri is positively Ruebenesque. After a handspanking and strapping, she takes off the thong. Hands on head for a double strap and then another bend-over, now for the cane. Henderson is very good at caning, and consistently severe. He smacks very hard here. At the 17th stroke, Heidi jumps up. “You fucking bastard!” That earns her 3 more wicked shots, repeated. These folks have been watching Czech films.

‘No Smoking’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Henderson has caught Heidi smoking and she is not too upset about it. She seems willing to trade a spanking for smoking. Heidi is a big girl. Henderson takes her OTK. In an unusual and colorful posture, Heidi keeps her legs straight to reduce the weight on Henderson’s lap, which has the effect of arching her estimable bottom higher.  Henderson  pulls her slacks and knickers right down .

Heidi stands and bends for the cane. Just 6 strokes. Henderson gets in some fondling.


‘Rubbish Detention’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes);John Osborne, Elizabeth Simpson, and redhead O’Connor.  In the familiar classroom. The schoolgirls are waiting for Osborne, who arrives in his academic robes. He spanks Simpson first. She bends over the teacher’s desk for a handspanking—Elizabeth pulls her own knickers down. O’Connor gets the same, but Osborne does the knickers. The redhead puts the dunce cap on and goes to the corner 

A Teacher  Out of Control’ (MF/2f; time: 29 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson plays what must be a student teacher here. She is picking up in an exercise room after some sloppy students. Peters arrives and scolds her for doing the students’ responsibilities.

They call in O’Connor, a classic Irish colleen, long flowing red hair, a pale complexion, and burning blue eyes. Peters greets her with ‘Top of the mornin.’” She wears a school blazer, kilt, and knee socks. Peters will have Elizabeth spank her. OTK, white knickers down, a small tight bottom not of the CP model type. She has a tattoo on her right buttock we don’t recall from other films.
When O’Connor stands to move on to the next phase, she keeps her kilt down in front. Peters assists her in bending over a straight chair. Her beautiful Irish bottom is waiting, newly pink. Peters gives her a short session with a slipper, then takes some pleasure in showing her his cane.

O’Connor bends over and touches toes. Elizabeth gets to do the caning. About 30 strokes are shown, from several angles. Repeats at least three times. Bruises, skin bubbling, some puss. Peters makes her face him and pull up her blouse and blazer for his show. She is sent off, and we get the briefest flash.

Young teachers never escape. Peters will take this opportunity to get the pants off his intern. Elizabeth drops her knickers herself. Black boots, a dark suit, gathers, nylons. After a moderate handspanking, she gets a short caning herself.

‘Two girls book bag ‘ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Maybe an older distribution from XEROTICS, using the familiar classroom with desks, blackboard, platform, podium, and dunce stool. Three experienced actors here, ‘John Osborne,’ ‘Elizabeth Simpson,’ and ‘O’Connor.

Osborne enters the room in academic gown. The girls are in trouble. Simpson is the first to bend over the desk. She is young enough here to still pull off the schoolie thing. Full white panties, which she pulls down herself. After a conventional spanking, Osborne puts her in the corner with a dunce cap on, making sure her skirt is tucked up.

Redhead O’Connor goes over the desk next-she looks very small here. Osborne does the panty duty here. Is that a tattoo? She gets the dunce cap afterward. Two bottoms at the  wall. These girls were lucky in this film.


‘Rowina Caning’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Little brunette Rowina and Mike Stevenson. The set is the empty blue room. Looks like the schoolgirl is going to get a caning. She rubs her bottom as she hears the news. Hands on a chair, the first strokes are on her bottle green knickers, then on the bare. Fast brief caning. Wheals develop on screen. Rowina hardly reacts.

‘Spanked on the bare’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Rowena and Mike Stevenson in the barren blue studio. Stevenson has done some excellent spanking here. Rowena has arrived for a voluntary spanking experience of some kind. She wears a tattered dress and a thong, making her bottom mostly bare from the start.

”We’re going to start slowly and build up. Breathe. Don’t hold your breath.” This is a rare reference to how the less experienced spanking model must deal with a spanking. Thong down, OTK. Stevenson starts off fairly hard. Rowena remains silent. Lovely bottom. Stevenson takes a good look at her rosy cheeks when he is finished.


‘Leaving’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Peters confronts a very tall and thin blonde, Susanna. This lady would seem a very unlikely model for a CP film, Amelia Jane Rutherford breaking the mold. Susanna wears somewhat unconventional schoolgirl kit. Susanna has been accused of leaving the premises.

After  Susanna pulls up her skirt and stands at the fireplace, Peters takes her OTK. There is a very large amount to spank, because Susanna is so tall. After a rather colorful handspanking, there is still so much work to do, Susanna bends over a chair for the cane. About 15 strokes, this bottom is going to need a lot of. 

’SG’s Caned‘ (M/2f; time: 6 minutes) Susanna and Becky gambol up to a door of the stone country house set. They knock and rub their bottoms while they wait. We will see why. Agean, in schoolmaster’s robes, admits them. They are here to be spanked. “All punishments on the bare.” 

Susanna is first to bend over a school desk. She is very tall and solid. A lot of bottom to work with. Agean pulls her knickers down and goes right at it. At one point she seems to murmur “That’s too much, sir,” and Agean does seem to moderate. Her bottom is very heavily marked, more than from this caning. 

Becky has been made to stand on a stool at the wall and now climbs down for her time over the desk, bare bottom. About 15 strokes, repeats, the same extraordinary marking. “Stop sniveling, both of you.” Bottoms displayed on stools. An unusual punishment for XEROTICS. Where is the previous session?

‘Two Girls Spanked’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Two very attractive blondes, Becky and Susanna again, one dressed like a schoolgirl, sit in on an empty sound stage. For some reason, they are seeking spankings from Peters. A tall girl in a tank dress has already been spanked, and Peters puts her at the wall. The blonde in schoolie kit is taken OTK.

The  cute schoolgirl, her hair nicely out of control, stands and is instructed to put her hands on the chair. “Legs apart…don’t worry about us seeing your bits.” She laughs: “I don’t care about that.” Peters: “That’s why you’re here.” She gets the strap and is amused about it. The tall blonde is brought from the wall for an OTK spanking. Peters spread her legs over his lap as he likes to do. This girl shows cane or strap marks. She is also amused.

When  the two girls’ spankings are over: “Do you want the job.” “Yes, sir.” “Then get dressed for your next video.


Bed Time Punishment’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Mr. Harry breaks up a pillow fight between Lola and Wynter Sky. Lola is OTK immediately, Wynter next. Clothes come off. Nothing much here.

‘Bikini Spankoff’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Lola and Wynter Sky. The girls sit on a teak bench in their bikini’s, an exterior shot mostly troublesome for XEROTICS producers. Wynter spanks Lola OTK, inconsequential.

‘Dose of Her Own Medicine’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Mr. Harry with Lola and Wynter Sky. On a blank set. The girls wear nurse’s smocks, very much in training. Harry is going to punish them, palm slaps first.




21 Oct

F/f; time:8 minutes
‘Petra’ is from Poland. “My name is Petra and I’m here to be spanked.” A male voice which sounds like the ‘Peters’ character from these Scottish/British productions tells her to strip naked. Another familiar woman from the XEROTICS films (is it Kara Jane?) helps her off with her clothes. A dynamic and hot body–everyone seems to be aware of it.

Bend-over for a mild handspanking. Then OTK with Kara Jane. Peters pours water over Petra–if it had been a little cold, she would have jumped. Hands-0n-head at the wall. A cute but harmless film.

Blazing Paddles

21 Oct

M2F/4f; time: 57 minutes
a dreary and confusing American attempt at a CP film. Two flight attendants are going to be disciplined for discrepancies in their accounting of money and goods. A female senior attendant, brunette ‘Sandra,’ will be spanking them.

‘Jen’ and ‘Carly’ are taken OTK in turn, and alternated. “Jen, fetch me the paddle.” The girls are mildly paddled, bending over a table, with a round leather embossed paddle, 10 at a time.

A third girl enters the scene, ‘Lisa,’a blonde. It seems this senior girl did not have the authority to issue such punishments, and as so often happens in these CP films, basic leadership principles are ignored. Lisa will get the same paddle, and the two junior attendants are called back to witness. “Hold her down,” he ask of them. “Bare your bottom.” She gets 20 of the paddle.

A male comes on the scene. The chain of command is challenged again. Now HE will take this windfall opportunity to spank the two senior attendants, together. Lisa goes OTK first, and she drops her skirt quickly, without request. Sandra is spanked next, then Lisa again.

The male supervisor dismisses the girls, but then holds Sandra back. We assume he was not aroused enough, because he is going to spank her again. Lisa listens at the door. Sandra suggests she might report him–maybe nobody is allowed to spank. What the hell, if he is going to be in trouble he might as well go for it. He uses a huge fraternity paddle, a real weapon, 10 more strokes, and much harder. Tears start.

Sandra and Lisa now turn on the two younger girls. Everybody seems to spank everybody else. We lost track. The frat paddle was the high point.

The film continues with one or another person spanking someone else for reasons we lost interest in learning. We snoozed through the film, hoping for one redeeming moment. Just the big paddle, if only someone had swung it.

Part 2, 29 minutes. Not much better, just an excuse to get pretty girls’ clothes off. ‘Jen’ has been caught having sex with a First Officer. She will get spanked for it but he won’t. She agrees to accept a caning. She takes six strokes on a mostly bare bottom, and the action is repeated.

‘Lisa’ enters and horses her for six more strokes. Then a sort of spanking melee of the flight attendants spanking each other.

Xerotics – Anita, Helena, Paula, Lena Williams

19 Oct


All Day Spanking’ (f; time: 4 minutes) Start with this film of the Mt. Rushmore bottom, one of the most amazing of them all, in a world where bottoms are central. Anita is alone on the garret room set and will pull her knickers up and down in front of a wall mirror, providing frontals and various shots of her glorious tush. No spanking, just the loveliest reference to her films below. 

‘Anita GB’ (F/f; time: 2 minutes) A continuation. Anita is naked from the waist down. She maneuvers into the diaper position, knowing just how to do it. A domme gives her a thorough spanking in this position.

Anita’s Dirty Knickers‘ (M/f; time:11 minutes) Pigtailed brunette Anita is in bed; she is narrating. In another room, an ageplay guy, Colin Baxter (who seems to have the first option on this model), is  smelling her knickers, more than one pair, and taking his time about it. She likes to masturbate, and he has found the evidence.

The guy makes her kneel and pray. “Give her the strength to face the retribution coming on her bottom.” OTK begins, PJ bottoms down, white panties down. It may be redundant, but here is another very photogenic bottom, aided by pale skin against white sheets.

The cane comes next, frequent in these  XEROTICS  distributions. 10 strokes, repeats. When she lies to contemplate, the smarmy guy leaves the cane in her buttocks crack. More narration, she examines her bottom in the mirror with a frontal.

‘Backpackers’ Bottoms’ (M/2f; time: 10 minutes) Anita and Andrea have checked into Colin Baxter’s hostel but they haven’t got any money. A wonderful opportunity for him, and probably frequent. “We’ll come to some other arrangement. I’m going to spank you both.” The girls laugh. “For real?” They’re lucky.

The set is the garret room. He needs to extract 50 pds worth of spanking, and it is difficult imagine he is not thrilled about this. Andrea gets ready to be spanked;  Baxter is surprised at her naughty G-string. Anita OTK first, Colin takes her black knickers down, the world-class bottom. Andrea next OTK. Anita drops her knickers as she awaits the next round. The girls are alternately spanked. Colin gets his fondles.

Blazer of Trust’  (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Anita and Colin Baxter. She is a prefect who has gotten  into trouble with some cigarette smoking  and Internet surfing and will be spanked for it. She is fully decked out in school uniform. Her school blazer reminds us of a theater usher. Anita wears pigtails and has porcelain doll makeup. The set is a fully  equipped office. Colin’s chair is adjusted too low for him.

The usual punishment for smoking is palm slaps for a start. Baxter uses a tawse. Rather mild. OTK next, regulation full knickers. Colin pulls them down. The size and arrangement of the chair result in Anita’s amazing bottom being up in Colin’s face, amusing and colorful, but not conducive to an effective spanking.

He has Anita bend over the desk sideboard, but the  space is too confined and prevents him getting proper swings. Heads on head to conclude.  The Bottom.

‘Grounded and Thrashed’ (M/f; time: 15 minutes) Peters always has his tough house rules. Anita stands in front of a fireplace with a large wall mirror above it. She wears just a gymslip and knickers. She is getting a scolding for being on the Internet late at night.

Hands on the mantle. Peters yanks the knickers. “Embarrassing?” Standing handspanking. The mirror is intended to provide facials, but the blocking is poor. Anita has one of the classic bottoms in this industry. Could pick her out in any crowd. Bend over for the strap, shaved frontal. Slow motion for more strap. Better facials fixed.

‘Knickerless Schoolgirl’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Anita with Miss Svenson, the matron. Anita reports to her and she is a disheveled mess, although she looks like a gourmet dessert to us. She also looks the gaunt waif here.

”No iron in your house?” OTK, skirt up, what a shock, no knickers. Svenson delivers a firm hard handspanking on the breathtaking bottom. The matron is not the hardest spanker on the roster, but we bet the models respect her.  Anita has been “knocking around with the boys at St. George’s Comprehensive School.” No way to muss up that bottom. Anita must return tomorrow spiffed up. She tries on knickers.

‘Need for Discipline’ (M/f; time: 19 minutes) Peters and the very sophisticated brunette schoolgirl Anita. She admits to Peters that she helped another girl by passing answers to her in an exam. After 8 minutes of discussion, she needs redemption, and it will come in the form of Peters’ specialty. She stands, he pulls down her knickers, and she goes OTK. Conventional handspanking. She is already vaguely pink. Maybe she has been sitting on a rattan chair?Anita stands and bends over for a slipper. Her knickers are theatrically positioned at her ankles. She moves to the couch and kneels over an arm. She has bent forward so that her head is well to the floor. Nicely filmed and acted.

‘No Fighting’ (F/2f; time: 13 minutes) Elizabeth Simpson with Sally Carter  and Anita. Girls have been fighting and they will be spanked for it. Both sit on the couch in schoolgirl kit. Elizabeth has them both bend over and pull down their knickers down. Two bottoms to compare. Anita has the classic feminine bottom for CP films, whereas Sally is smaller and a tight little package.

Simpson straps them both. When they sit again and laugh, Simpson will strap them again. Routine stuff. 

‘Punishment ?’ (F/2f; time: 15 minutes) Anita  and Zoe sit discussing spanking. They will try it. Brunette Anita goes over redhead Zoe’s lap for a playful start, jeans and knickers down. Tap-tap, silly so far.

Miss Svenson catches them. They know she likes to spank, although she won’t admit it. “You do it too often,” they point out.  This crew has made other films. See ‘Stairwell Punishments.’ Of course she will show the girls the ropes.

Anita will be spanked first. She is mostly naked already. She pulls her jersey off and now wears only a bra. A glorious trim figure. And she is proud to present a shaved frontal. OTK, handspanking and slipper.

Svenson  will spank Zoe next. She takes off her denim shorts and drops her thong for a handspanking and slipper. As for Anita, instead of the usual bottom to the wall, she stands with pants down, full frontal, watching. Jenny   has some vaginal jewelry.

Zoe bends over for the cane. Very hard, a surprise after some tepid spanking. Immediate marks. Jenny gives Zoe’s bottom a close inspection.

‘School Trip Disgrace’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) The pair Anita and Colin Baxter together again. He is a school administrator  and has received reports of her terrible behavior on a school field trip. He summons her for a long scolding. She wears her usual full schoolgirl kit, including blazer.

”Sir, is there anything I can do to fix this?” Well, there is, but Baxter suggests some old fashioned remedies. The OTK starts, blazer off first. As usual, Anita’s bottom rides high on his lap. She is built for it and his chairs are always too low. Regulation knickers down.

Baxter has Anita handle the strap he is going to use. Heavy and doubled. Hands on desk. We have said elsewhere—Anita possesses one of the most exciting bottoms in the genre.

‘Secret Smoker’ (F/f; time:18 minutes) We think it is Anita,  with Elizabeth Simpson. A familiar couch setting, and Ms. Simpson wears the same outfit as in ‘Weekly Punishment Day,’ unusual for these productions. The models to be spanked must be waiting in a green room somewhere. Anita has been caught smoking and will be spanked.

Simpson arranges pillows, Anita takes off her school blazer, but first she will go OTK. Grey skirt up, white knickers bunched. She is tall enough that in the OTK posture she still must kneel on the floor. Overhead views and facials.

Simpson wants her to bend over, hands on the sofa, and has to show her how to assume the posture. Can this have been scripted? Her knickers are at her knees. Simpson gets the blouse tucked out of the way. A slippering. Closeups.

‘Sent For The Rod’ (M/f; time: 9 Minutes) Schoolgirl Anita is looking at a cane as Peters scolds her. Peters lifts her skirt and takes down her knickers, another red bottom.. Hands on a chair for a mild spanking, then a surprisingly mild caning from a huge cane. Long rub, the great bottom steals the show again.

‘Teenage Rebellion Punished’ (F/f; time:11 minutes) Anita and Jean Bradley. Anita lolls reading a magazine in a messy room. Bradley interrupts. Such laziness is punishable. OTK begins, kilt up, an already red bottom. Jean does not approve of Anita’s skimpy thong. Lovely shot of this magnificent bottom.

‘Unwanted Friend’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) A matron with two girls. She spanks brunette Anita first, working her panties down nicely. A redhead is spanked next, bottom bare to start off. Slipper and cane. The girls hug.

‘Wayward Kinky Girls’ (M/f; time: 11minutes) Anita, who we wrote in on our ballot for ‘bottom of the year,’  in full schoolgirl kit including boater, drops her skirt and slowly pulls down her white knickers, to display a nice little pubic trim and a slightly pink bottom. She is showing herself to Colin Baxter, and with some pleasure. Knickers  down again, slowly, the. OTK with Baxter, an erotic spanking, bottom arched high. To the wall again, bare bottom. Baxter finishes the job, bend over for a slipper. She is kinky.

‘Weekly Punishment Day‘ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ spanks her students on Wednesdays. We like this theme, especially when girls must fidget on benches waiting. The doors open, cries are heard. LUPUS, CALSTAR, and others.

Elizabeth has auburn haired schoolgirl  Anita, OTK; regulation panties down, a small bottom by CP standards. Mild stuff.


Hairbrush and Schoolgirl’s Bare Bottom’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) Miss Woods spanks Helena.  After a long scolding on one of the mansion room sets, Helena unfastens her skirt and drops her knickers for Miss Woods. Standard OTK, a rare clear bottom with a few old bruises. Handspanking and hairbrush.

‘Helena’s Detention’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Helena with Mr. Harvey on a sitting room set where they made a few films. He is a headmaster scolding her for continual tardiness. She is busting out of her schoolgirl uniform. OTK she goes, tight white full knickers. They come down. This is a bottom worth casting! After a segue, hands on the chair for the strap. She is left on display, hands on head. 

‘Helena’s Exclusion’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Helena and Mr. Harvey again, on the same sitting room set. She is still the buxom schoolgirl. He has received a phone call about her and awaits in anger. She arrives, is scolded, and the spanking soon begins. He pulls her knickers down and gets the frontal view. A long OTK spanking. She sits with him and tries to pull her knickers up, but he wants them down. She steps out of her skirt and knickers and bends over the couch for some slipper. Slow motion, and a long hold on one of the great bubble bottoms at XEROTICS.

‘Helena Thrashed With a Hairbrush’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Helena has been caught swearing, so Miss Woods sends her upstairs to wait for a hairbrush spanking. On the twin bed set, Helena gets a straightforward handspanking and the hairbrush, bare of course Miss Woods is not reticent. 

‘Matron Knows Best’ (MF/f; time: 15 minutes) A title used in other films. Colin Baxter, in cap and gown, and Miss Svenson will see to Helena, who has done something and reports to them. “You will bend over and drop your drawers.” “Here?” Helena has one of those big perfect bottoms which keeps her agent busy. 

But Svenson sees that her bottom is dirty and takes her to the bathroom and sponges it down. Back to the big room, Baxter awaits. OTK with the slipper for Svenson first. Baxter watches. Are his hands in his pockets? Helena bends over a chair for the cane from him. 15 strokes, short hard snaps, maybe repeats. Svenson wants a close look as we conclude. 

Teenage Discipline Volume #6‘ (M/f; time: 18 minutes) The title suggests a series, new to us at this writing. The old ‘headmaster’ actor sits with ‘Jessica,’ one of his student’s mothers. She cannot handle daughter ‘Helena‘ and thinks a firm male touch is needed. The Head spouts some clichés–“Actions speak louder than words.” He convinces himself to suspend his better judgment and to give Helena a “good old fashioned spanking.”

Brunette Helena is summoned. She sits sullen and arrogant as the Head and Jessica decide the course of action. OTK she goes, Helena is disagreeable enough to heighten the tension here. Long standard OTK; Jessica stands to drop her thong. She tries to cover herself with her top, but it doesn’t quite work. A hard strapping follows, elevating the quality of this film. Hugs to conclude.


‘Severe caning‘ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Another well-made short; conventional-looking brunette Helena in schoolgirl attire is being scolded by Colin Baxter. She was at an unauthorized party, where there was drinking, damage to the house, and maybe drugs. She has been warned before. This time, “a short sharp lesson is required.”

“I am going to fetch the cane and thrash your bare bottom.” Helena  knows the position. She lies across two low tables with pillows on them. Colin pulls her knickers down to the top of her thighs. He proceeds to lay on 35 sharp snaps with the cane. Much of the caning is filmed as facial shots, so the count may be questioned. The girl’s blouse and sweater extend down over the top of her buttocks, so that only a more narrow band of bare skin is available.

There seem to be real tears and a wet face. “The last few really count,” she hears.

Visit to Miss Woods’ office’  (F/f; time: 14 minutes) Helena  calls on a ‘Miss Woods,’ who sits in a fully stocked library. After a long discussion and scolding, the girl is taken OTK and the spanking begins on her full white panties.

Miss Woods finishes the handspanking and goes to get a cane. After a dIssolve, Helena is bent over for about 7 cane strokes. More dissolves. The cane must have hurt. There is another break while the girl takes off her blazer and her skirt, and lets her panties drop to the floor. Bend over again, another 10 strokes or so. Another break, another bend-over.


‘Bed spanking’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) John Osborne will spank blond Paula over the end of a bed. Yellow knickers down, she has to be urged to open her knees. handspanking and strap, full puss. 

‘Paula’s First Spanking’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes)   Blond Paula stands in front of a photographic backdrop amid a lot of camera equipment. Paula tries to act nervous. Agean is going to give her her first spanking. He is a bit sadistic. He shows her the spanking implements he can choose from.

Agean takes her OTK. He flips up her khaki skirt and takes down her white thong. To maintain the pretense, she has a clear bottom. A light spanking to start.  Paula stands and pulls off her yellow top and removes her rucked-up skirt to flash a mohawk. And last, she takes her white bra off. Naked. Agean has her twirl for her audition.  Very nice.

He shows her how to position her bottom with hands on a stool. Handspanking and a strap. Cute red bottom. Hope to see more of her.

‘Paula Punished’ (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Agean has Paula at the exercise wall. “You here again?” She bends over a straight chair. Red pleated skirt and red regulation knickers. Agean takes a slipper off the wall and gives her a standard warmup. Knickers down, a very light caning. Must have been by arrangement. Where did the stripes come from?

‘Paula Spanked’ (M/f; time: 11 Minutes) Straightforward stuff from Agean, in front of the exercise wall, one of the frequent vales of tears for XEROTICS. She is a schoolgirl, he wears his robes. She’s been fighting. She bends over the back of a straight chair. Regulation red knickers come down. After a slippering, her bottom is left in the breeze while he gets the cane. 12 snappy strokes, surely painful. Back to class.

Agean takes her OTK. He flips up her khaki skirt and takes down her white thong. To maintain the pretense, she has a clear bottom. A light spanking to start.  Paula stands and pulls off her yellow top and removes her rucked-up skirt to flash a mohawk. And last, she takes her white bra off. Naked. Agean has her twirl for her audition.  Very nice.

He shows her how to position her bottom with hands on a stool. Handspanking and a strap. Cute red bottom. Hope to see more of her.

‘Paulas Re-education’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) Agean and Elizabeth Simpson on what to do with Paula. We know, but it takes a minute of democracy to get there. Little blond Paula is called in. She is able to use up almost 5 minutes before the spanking can no longer be avoided.

Before Agean takes her over his lap, she must pull down her own knickers and expose herself frontally, which doesn’t seem to phase her. The spanking begins. Her little bottom seems to be clear. A long handspanking, Simpson takes a careful look at her red buttocks, and she grabs ankles for the next part. Simpson takes up the cane for about 10 strokes. Paula yells after each one and has to held still by Agean.

‘Thrashed and then pleasure’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Paula is on the phone, receiving a report on a student. A knock on the door, little brunette Victoria enters, perfect in school jumper and blouse. Paula soon has her OTK, jumper up, knickers down, hard handspanking from the start. Good facials.

Spanking this cute schoolgirl has excited Paula. She collects Victoria’s knickers, sends her away, then goes to her bedroom and masturbates, enjoying the girl’s panties

Whatever’ (F/f; time: 12 minutes) Paula with Elizabeth Simpson. We get a larger view of the storeroom/office and see parts of sets of other films. Roberta is an employee in trouble. Simpson requires Roberta to strip naked. Some boss. OTK, full screen bottom. Back to work at a desk, naked.


Thrashing of Lena Williams’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Miss Smith with brunette Lena. The set is the concrete wall room. Miss Smith must have a bunk nearby. Lena goes OTK, white knickers down, standard spanking, some intimate closeups.

Lena is let up and goes to the toilet, where she begins to masturbate, but is caught immediately by Miss Smith. She must bend over for 9 mild strokes of the cane. Several intimate pussy shots, almost the reason for this episode.

Literature Exam’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Miss Smith with Lena Williams. Ms. Williams is a well fed brunette. She sits at a school desk, struggling with an exam and idly playing with herself. The set is the familiar garage/workroom. Miss Smith sees her lack of progress and will give her a spanking.

Lena must bend over her desk, kilt up, for a handspanking. Smith pulls the knickers down. Lena stretches them wide at her ankles. Lena steps out of her knickers and sits back down. Smith wants bare skin on the wood. Her knickers are in a pile on her desk. She scribbles recklessly.

Smith returns with a strap. Another bend-over, a bit silly, some rubbing. Lena must kneel erect on a chair and think.


The Boss – SHANVAN

18 Oct

M/f; year: 2005; time: 20 minutes
A British producer we are not familiar with, but this film is worth a minute if you can find it. A very hot and sexy secretary is being scolded in front of her boss’s desk. She is wearing a knit dress and has one of the those bottoms which would lead a mother to tell a girl not to wear a dress like this.

She’s going to be spanked. “It’s not fair!” Don’t know why not–it must be company policy. She is taken OTK on a metal office chair, skirt up, a red slip–you don’t see too many slips in these films. The slip comes up to display red panties and red garter belt. Maybe she was expecting a spanking today.

Panties down, standard spanking concludes. Heads-on-head at the wall, but the boss wants more. Over the desk for “six of the best” with his cane. Lovely bottom, nice simple 20 minutes.

It’s in the Contract

18 Oct

M/3f; time: 33 minutes
The landlord, ‘Mr. Kent,’ separately calls tenants ‘Sarah’ (Sarah Harvey Lewis) and ‘Tina’ from their apartments to his kitchen. The girls meet in the hall and are surprised they both have been summoned and are so far, at least Sarah is unsuspecting. We’re not.

Kent wants to discuss the girls’ “contracts.” It seems that in the lease there is a proviso that Kent may spank the girls for infractions–and what is on the agenda now is late rent and excessive noise. Frizzy brunette Tina is not phased–she’s been in this kitchen “six or seven times” and is apparently willing to trade her bottom for some perks.

Tina goes OTK first–she is reluctant but knows the drill. After the warmup spanking, she kneels for a paddle, strap, and finally about 20 strokes of the cane.

Sarah goes OTK next, having watched Tina. Kent reserves her white panties for himself. We’ve seen some films where landlords collect panties. She gets the paddle and strap on a chair, and then kneels up on a table for her 20 from the cane. Her panties find their way to her ankles. She is not taking this as well as Tina did.

Both bottoms are displayed in the kitchen. No so bad for the girls–they can save money, and Kent can have his fun.

A Punishing View

11 Oct

M/f; time: 27 minutes
The actor ‘Earl Grey’ is showing a blonde the apartment he is renting. When he steps away, she puts a bottle of brandy in her purse (the apartment is fully furnished!). He returns, detects the loss, wrestles her purse to find it, threatens the police and his friend her employer, she begs, and “we’ll deal with it ourselves.” Game on.

After the shock at the suggestion of spanking subsides, Earl takes her OTK. It seems he has a male roommate who happens to have a sheath of spanking implements, more shock for the blonde. Skirt up, black diaphanous panties, garter belt, standard spanking, maybe a little more attentive rubbing and handling. Earl imagines his roommate would like to have been here.

The girl doesn’t want to pick an implement, so Grey selects an impressive strap. She kneels on a chair. Jacket off, it’s a big tawse–Earl kicked it up a notch. “I’ve never had to do this to a tenant…now I want to try this new invention.”

Here, some humor to navigate the otherwise conventional film. Grey has a spanking trestle in the room, disguised as a coffee table. The girl’s eyes bug out as he places the arched rails which make up the platform for her to lie. We don’t see the assembly, but the concept is comical.

“Take the rest of your clothes off.” She has no problem showing him her muff but for some reason is slow with the bra. Naked over the trestle but for garter belt, she gets a heavy strap.

Grey is going to leave his coffee table in her apartment so he can stop by and spank her now and then. The cane next–16 strokes counted. She is finished and dresses. For some reason he is angry his phone battery died. Was he filming this?


11 Oct

‘Hanne and Her Fingers’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Hannah Martin,’ a CP warrior with a resume, sits on a couch, masturbating. She takes a call from a friend and describes how excited she got at school watching a girl being caned on her bare bottom. “It really turned me on…I got all wet…my pussy got creamy.” Nothing demure about Ms. Martin at this stage of her career.

She pulls her pants down and things get graphic. ‘Peters’ walks in, he is ‘Uncle Bob,’ and Hannah lives with him. She covers up; “You’re a dirty, dirty girl,” and he begins smacking her dodging bottom. He wants to see her pussy (we assume he is a distant uncle).

Hannah kneels on the couch for a heavy strap. “Would you like to play with your vagina now?” Ms. Martin is older in this film, but still has a bottom of note. A long strapping, counting and ‘thank you’s.’ She is allowed to rub. Since she’s a dirty girl, Uncle will take off her bedroom door.


11 Oct

M/f; time: 20 minutes
An unadorned adventure from ‘LUPUSDREAMS, and perhaps the hardest paddling we have ever seen, matching RIGIDEAST’s  ‘Wild Party 1,’ but longer. Just an amateur film we’ve collected and revised here exceeds this.

A blonde in a light blue party dress is being paddled by her uncle, who wears a dress shirt and bowtie. He wields the dreaded Spencer paddle, a big one.

The first 20 strokes are on the bare, creating the typical round bruises. And he is educated and careful, moving around to strike different parts of the bottom.

The girl is ordered to take off her dress, which turns out to be a struggle. She almost rips it over her head. She shivers and stands now in a little white slip, which soon comes off. No bra. Naked. She bends forward, hands on a stool, for 11 more wicked strokes.

After a FADE (understandable, someone needed a moment here), the blonde stands in just full white panties, hands on head, posing for the guy at his desk. He lights a cigar in self satisfaction.

Rest over, the blonde lies across the stool for 21 more strokes, panties down. There are bruises now fully on both buttocks and down both thighs. She kisses the paddle to conclude. We counted over 60 strokes.


11 Oct

2M/2f; time: 44 minutes
A long’ish film for this producer, with at least some twists and turns in the story. ‘Sara Collins,’ one of the CP film professionals who knows how to both give and take, plays ‘Collins,’ a student in the glass-walled set used often by this producer.

She’s done something wrong and is quickly OTK, panties down immediately, and spanked left-handed by the male school principal. When he orders, “Take your skirt off,” Sara shakes her head in refusal, but off it comes. Sara bends over the same chair for the cane–30 strokes are shown, with repeats from various angles. Some counting aloud, and telltale bruises.

A new scene at the school,exterior. Brunette ‘Smythe’ is caught trying to climb the ladder to the water tower on the roof by the headmaster. She’ll be spanked and is taken to the glass room. The roar of ventilation makes dialogue difficult in this film, which is OK–it isn’t Chaucer. After a silly toilet scene, Smythe will get the slipper from the Head. A series of scenes back and forth, Smythe being slippered and Collins getting the belt from another teacher.

For some reason, Smythe spanks Collins, as the head girl. We observe here how skillfully Ms. Collins can display herself on someone’s lap. The Head interrupts this and spanks them both. Frontal from Sara, bald.

A young ‘Peters,’ an actor found throughout these British films, especially XEROTICS, whose name we surely do not have correctly, lectures Smythe, who seems to be a head girl. Even though she is threatened with “my little friend,” a cane, he starts with a most embarrassing spanking OTK. She must spread her legs. Peters has heard she likes spanking.

Hands on the chair for the cane. Same salacious pose, legs 3′ apart, on tiptoes. 15 strokes, bruises. Peters taps her pussy with the cane. “I was told you would enjoy this…there better not be anything down here.” After this caning, she stands on the chair, above him. “Open the cheeks, wide….we won’t be enjoying that anymore, will we?” She will have to remain in this pose for 20 minutes.