Five Striped Bottoms – NUWEST NNW-122

5 Oct

2F/5f; time: 32 minutes
An oldie from NUWEST combining Lee’s fascination with voyeurism and naked girls in the presence of fully clothed observers. A woman named ‘Kimberley’ has arranged for a sort of pay-per-view at a reformatory. Girls will be marched in and whipped for her. We are reminded of one of the whipping scenes in the novel ‘Nell in Bridewell,’ where spectators were admitted to watch female whippings and could bribe the guards to bare some skin. NUWEST says this storyline is derived from ‘Song of the Martinet.’

Kimberley sits to the side, dressed in black, including a pillbox hat with a disguising veil. It looks like the model Joanne Jameson to us. ‘Celeste’ plays the prison guard, a tall big-haired staffer from NW in this era. The first inmate, a completely naked brunette with Brooks shields eyebrows, is brought out.

Kimberley inspects her and gestures to have her twirl–very slowly. the girl is strung up with white rope attached at the wall. Celeste massages her buttocks to illustrate their plump firmness. 30 martinet strokes, hard enough.

The second girl is a blonde with a dynamic figure and full thatch of pubic hair, as have all the girls. A touch of underarm fuzz also. Same salacious leering from Kimberley and then the whipping.

A showgirl brunette and big blonde follow, all stark naked. Kimberley has begun playing with herself, and she is not the only one.

After the fourth whipping, Celeste beckons Kimberley to step forward, using the same come-hither gesture Kimberley used to parade the four nude girls. Celeste strings her up, fully clothed, ties her skirt out of the way, then rips off her black panties.

Celeste whips Kimberley first, then invites each of the four naked girls to add their own 10 strokes with the martinet. Celeste was best at it.

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