A Reasonable Examination – LUPUS/RIGIDEAST

6 Oct

F/f; time: 17 minutes
A short ‘Lupus Dreams’ production, the entire scene in a medical clinic. A girl is going to have a gynecological exam. These scenarios have been tried by numerous producers, and of course amateurs with hand-held cameras. It should come as no surprise that LUPUS does as well or better than almost all of them.

The scene is a simple examination room, with crude,antiquated,authentic equipment, but with sufficient intimidation to set any girl’s stomach churning. A pretty pigtailed brunette reports to a female clinician, quickly strips naked, and climbs into a high gyno chair. This process is an important part of the film, lovely young lady.

Feet into stirrups, a closeup gyno exam, including a douche from a squeeze bulb. Probe with a metal speculum, then the ‘doctor’ exercises a sort of plastic butt plug in her vagina. Rectal temperature next, the young lady is not liking this any more.

The naked girl must have said a few things, because the doctor takes her off the chair, takes her OTK, and gives her a rousing LUPUS-like hairbrush spanking, brief, but it looks to have hurt like hell. Squirming, kicking.

The girl leans over a stool, receives a suppository, and is allowed to dress, back into schoolgirl garb, detailed down to book bag. We thought she might start to jump around with that suppository.

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