Double Friday – NUWEST NWV-116

6 Oct

F/mf; time: 24 minutes
Early NUWEST, and fun if you enjoy, like we do, their clunky rudimental attempts to portray nearly every spanking fetish you can imagine. ‘Anne Bowman,’ one of Ed Lee’s early favorites, plays a dominatrix who uses Friday nights to discipline household staff for accrued violations during the week. We’d love to have seen a storyboard brainstorming conference between Lee, Bowman, and staff before a shoot.

Anne wears a silk gown on Friday nights. First on the block is ‘Denise,’ in a French maid’s outfit. She messed up some housework. This could result in steady Friday-night spankings. Denise is taken OTK, skirt up, panties down, for a patented high-swing session from Anne. Just 3 minutes.

In the next scene, a blond male stands naked in front of the punishment box. It seems Anne is executrix of his inheritance, and he is in trouble at college. He is in trouble here too. Denise is responsible to prepare him, and she has a better view of him than we do. He doesn’t want to bend over the box.

Anne appears, takes off her robe, and is wearing the full burlesque dominatrix outfit–corset, garter belt, stockings, heels. Her breasts are exposed–unusual for her. Over the box, the guy gets 60 strokes of the cane.

After a FADE, the same guy is bent over a chair, getting 30 of a large fraternity paddle on ladies’ panties. Repeats, angles. Anne uses these Friday nights for lots of things. Another FADE, Anne wears riding habit and crops the naked guy.

And last, we had hoped Denise hadn’t gone home for the day. She strips naked, taking her time about it, then ‘horses’ the naked guy over her back. Anne whips him with a doubled belt in a short scene. It either hurt too much or the fil was expended.

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