Executive Privilege – NUWEST NWV-094

6 Oct

M/2f; time:30 minutes
The catalogue number insures poor film quality and clunky acting, but as we have said before, early deficiencies were offset by Ed Lee’s selection of the most clever spanking fantasies. Here, he sits at his faux desk in an office setting, trying to deal with incompetence on his staff.

He calls in ‘Miss Reece,’ the tall and sexy blond ‘Joanne Jameson’ with what we called ‘Elton John glasses.’ He will dictate a letter to her, to the secretarial school from which she was hired. She hears his complaints about her and the policy Lee’s company has for corporal punishment of employees. Her shocked face of comprehension is a moment you wait for in a NUWEST film.

Lee begins a short OTK session, tucks up the hem of her dress, and pulls down her pantyhose and panties. Full and leisurely frontal view of nicely unkempt pubic hair. Ms. Reece seems accoustomed to lowering her panties for her boss. It is a short spanking, before she is able to run off. This being NUWEST, you know the outer doors are locked, so to speak.

In the outer office, pretty brunette ‘Miss Freemont’ was summoned and is waiting. She is the accounting manager where the errors occurred. The tension is palpable. When Lee calls her in, she will take a spanking or be fired. While Lee is on the phone, she undresses, taking her time. We are watching her, not listening to Lee prattle. Bend over the desk, a strap from a desk drawer. Screeching, jumping around.

And Denise returns. She gets the ruler over Lee’s lap. One of her heels flies off as she kicks in distress.

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