Jonathan’s Humiliation – NUWEST

7 Oct

8F/m; time: 38 minutes

A playful and lengthy film, featuring the domina ‘Dana Specht’ and fully seven more of the NUWEST girls. The girls sit in a semi-circle. Dana introduces ‘Jonathan’ to them, a young man who has been sent to her for discipline. It seems that he has a penchant for walking around naked in front of his girlfriend and her friends. He’ll get another chance here, if that is what he likes.

Jonathan is rather amused by the whole thing and he has good reason. Dana announces he has two minutes to strip naked and “get it up” in front of the assembled seven girls, or the spankings will commence. The girls sit in their shifts and bloomers, tittering. Dana consults her stopwatch.

Jonathan, a good-looking male model, who always remains tanned with a totally white muscular butt, is surely a morsel for the girls. He begins to wank, but nothing happens. Will no one give him a hand? Dana directs that the spankings begin.

Lovely ‘Katie,’ ribbons in her hair, is first to take him OTK. She cannot disguise her pleasure at his white butt undulating on her lap. Jonathan will be given a chance to continue his masturbating after each spanking, but no action. A brunette spanks him next, then ‘Celia,’ 2 more blondes, a brunette, and last is ‘Vanna.’ Dana has him display his bottom to the girls–they want him to move closer, closer. Snickers.

Dana herself tops off the film by giving him a crisp spanking of her own. We hope someone attended to him later in the dressing room.

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