7 Oct

DALLAS made a series of short films with his CP models, where they lampooned a famous ‘starlet,’ who gets what she deserves. We are of a mind to do some fantasy pieces on our own starlet nominations.

#6 ‘Attic Torture’ (year: 2014; time: 9 minutes) The character here is called ‘Lindsay LoGann.’ Dallas is older here in 2014, more professorial. The girl has a huge stomach tattoo.

A pretty redhead is quite naked; she climbs a drop-down ladder to a hatch to access an attic. This is certainly a dramatic variation of the bare bottom up the stairs, so cleverly presented by ROUE, BLUSHES, CALSTAR, FIRMHAND, LUPUS, and others. And this girl has already been spanked, hard.

Attic and cellar punishments are always fun. The naked girl stands on a catwalk across the beams and hangs onto a bar attached to roof beams, spreading her legs for balance. She expects to be spanked, but is surprised by Dallas’ multi-cane.

‘Crystal-Figure Skater/Isabella Sky – Covergirl Model’ (M/f; M/f; time: 38 minutes) Crystal, a slightly older brunette, reports to Dallas in a silver lamee top and hot shorts. She has her figure skates over her shoulder. She shivers through a long reminiscence of previous spankings with Dallas, another erotic anticipation for what is to come.

She starts at the mantel, Dallas pulls down her shorts. In a necessary screen cut, because she has put on her figure skates and lost her shorts and thong, Dallas takes her OTK for a long handspanking, and aloe gel. At the conclusion she poses her red bottom on the bearskin rug in some girlie shots.

‘Isabella Sky’ arrives as the second ‘celebrity.’ She is a very young tawny/brunette with the nervous laughter down pat. It seems her boyfriend has hired Dallas to spank her for rifling through his mail. She laughs in shy embarrassment at this situation.

Her particular waiting posture–kneeling, leaning forward on a divan, skirt up, just a G-string. “Not comfortable.” This first film ends with the beginnings of OTK spanking and aloe.


‘Sandy Sweet’ (M/f; time: 27 minutes) This little fantasy features ‘Sandy,’ a diminutive dark blonde, who plays ‘Tinker Bell’ on Broadway. Implausibly, she missed opening night. She is only 4’11” and 95 pounds, so her flying rigging had to be adjusted for her understudy. The show producer sent her to Dallas for punishment.

Sandy starts off kneeling erect. “Take everything off.” She shows us a bit on fuzz and a nifty and trim little showbiz body. Dallas begins her OTK series. She has to hand back implements for him to use. There are breaks, segues, in the spanking. It appears she broke at least once.
The Broadway producer has arranged for her to stay with Dallas for a few days.

A bigger paddle, more distress and continuity break. Aloe has appeared on her bottom. OTK for a strap, slightly exaggerated response. Over pillows on a chair for the “last 10.” Dallas explains that when she is back at the show, flying in her rigging, he wanted her to feel the harness across her sore bottom. 30 minutes of nude waiting.

When she is allowed to leave, she says she is too painful to dress and leaves with a bundle of clothes. Where can show go? There are two minutes of out-takes where Dallas is icing her bottom, and the dialogue seems essentially adlib.

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