10 Oct

M/f; time: 12 minutes
A simple little standard spanking exercise from ‘Amelia Jane Rutherford’ and her husband ‘Hywel Phillips’ on their rapidly expanding website. Hywel plays ‘Stephen,’ a school official, and Amelia is a teacher. She claims that not only did she ‘lose’ some course exam solutions, but the students have them now and are selling them.

Stephen claims the course is ruined, and they will have to work round-the-clock to repair the damage. A closeup of Amelia’s anxious hands. “You don’t take matters seriously enough…if you were younger, I’d give you a sound spanking.” “I’m not too old.”

Stephen takes Amelia OTK. We see the trace of a smile on her face. Stephen pulls her skirt down her legs. No panties. “I notice you’re a bit underdressed today.” A routine spanking, if that is possible, Amelia’s bottom the usual wonderful sight rising and undulating on his lap.

“Are you going to remember this?” “It’s so hot!” She is into it. Her plan to wear no panties just accelerated things. Stephen has a small thin metal strip handy, we think he called it a “Re bar.” It produces a squeal.

The spanking concluded, Amelia dresses, content to let the professor see it all. They kiss. She leaves. A graphic reports that the missing papers are in fact in a briefcase she left behind, so np damage has been done. But she got what she came for.

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