Xerotics #2

19 Oct

35 more  from this Danish distributor of mostly Scottish-Glasgow/British schoolgirl stuff, featuring an occasional model or Domme in the midst of their CP film careers. We try to highlight the most interesting events.

After School Detention’ (F/f; time:11 minutes) A tidy little blonde in her straw boater reports to a female teacher in a classroom. Standard scolding, then OTK she goes, sexy little white panties, not authorized, are down quickly. Routine spanking, nice little bottom.

After the handspanking, the teacher steps out the room, we thought to get her cane. A long quiet rub from the blonde, then some slippering to conclude.

After School Detention‘ (F/2f; time: 6 minutes) Another film, same theme. Two disheveled blondes report for detention and get the usual scolding. The girls are in full schoolgirl kit, except when they must bend over a desk we see two pairs of sexy panties. The teacher quickly whips both pairs of panties to the ankles. The girls get gentle handspankings in the bend-over posture.

Amanda’s Report‘ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Amanda is a small and chunky brunette, not in the showgirl or model tradition. She wears the familiar gingham-print housedress, here in pink. She reports to ‘Agean’ and gets her scolding. OTK she goes, sullen and mostly silent. When he does pull down her full white knickers, she does mutter something like “shouldn’t be spanking in this day and age,” for all the good it does her.

She is sliding off his lap–her head is almost touching the floor. After this spanking, she stands, touches toes for the strap. Cornered, bare bottom.

Anita’s Dirty Knickers‘ (M/f; time:11 minutes) Pigtailed brunette Anita is in bed; she is narrating. In another room, an ageplay guy is smelling her knickers, more than one pair, and taking his time about it. She likes to masturbate, and he has found the evidence.

The guy makes her kneel and pray. “Give her the strength to face the retribution coming on her bottom.” OTK begins, PJ bottoms down, white panties down. It may be redundant, but here is another very photogenic bottom, aided by pale skin against white sheets.

The cane comes next, not frequent in these  XEROTICS distributions. 10 strokes, repeats. When she lies to contemplate, the smarmy guy leaves the cane in her buttocks crack. More narration, she examines her bottom in the mirror with a frontal.

‘Application of a Slut’ Reviewed in the Jodie collection.

Ashleigh’s Return‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) ‘Ashleigh’ is waiting in a sort of school storeroom, wearing one of those gingham-print housedresses, this one in yellow, little-girl stuff begging for a spanking. ‘Agean’ enters in school robes, scolding.

Standard OTK begins, the little dress almost comes up by itself. White panties. Agean gets them down. Hands-on-chair, a very big tawse, best used off the beaten track in a storeroom like this. Ashleigh steps out of her panties, shoes off, naughty frontals. She bruises easily.

‘Aupairs‘ (F/2f; time: 9 minutes) Two girls stand on a platform, being scolded. They are aupairs, not doing their jobs properly, and there is some stealing going on. It’s either back to the agency or spanking.

The first blond girl goes OTK; the mistress gets the skirt and thong off immediately. The second blonde, called ‘Robin,’ is taller and with a lot of bottom to cover, gets the same. the girls strip naked, they are shaved. Robin bends over a chair for 6 of a strap. The mistress notes the girls are “wet” and is angry. Acknowledging their lesbian relationship, “From the state of your pussy, you had better go and sort her out.”

‘Austrian Discipline’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) A simple little exercise; two girls talk about being broke. An Austrian girl will spank her friend to instill some self-discipline. Simple OTK spanking, flower-print panties come down.

Bad School Report‘ (M/f; time:10 minutes) ‘Cathy,’ a conventional brunette in schoolgirl kit, will be taken OTK by a male. He pulls her blue knickers down, facing him, his own full look. Some of these actors are more careful with their eyes than others. OTK spanking; bend over a table for the hairbrush. She steps out of her skirt and stands bare bottom at the wall.

Cathy at Home‘ (M/f; time:9 minutes) The same ‘Cathy’ as in the above film, with a patriarchal ageplay guy who appears throughout this series. The scene here is a very nicely appointed sitting area–some wealthy person allowed some filming. We hope they watched. Cathy is in full school garb and holds a ‘slipper.’

The dean-like guy arrives, a very plausible-looking disciplinarian. Cathy is messy, tardy, a general disappointment. “A bare bottom spanking is in order.” He pulls down her panties, another guy helping himself to a closeup view of some young stuff. OTK on the couch, Cathy blotches up more colorfully than most. Touch toes for that slipper; there are several dissolves here–maybe this was a harder spanking than intended.

Ball Play‘ (M/2f; time:9 minutes) Two girls stand at a pool table and decide to play, a blonde and brunette ‘Angelina Cortez.’ The familiar ageplay guy and his wife come home and are furious that the girls would play on this antique table. We’ve seen fancier tables in other films. They are perfect for bend-overs. The blonde is their daughter; Angelina is a friend.

“I’m going to take it out on your bottoms.” The girls both bend over the table. “Drop your jeans.” Two thongs. The guy smacks both fully bare bottoms, then smacks Angelina with a strap. He gleefully compares their red bottoms against a red pool ball.

‘Chessie’s Chair’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Michael Stamp with Chessie in a slightly inventive film for XEROTICS. On a blank stage, Chessie strips naked, taking off finally a sports bra and knickers. Big boobs, a showgirl. She will perform with a chair. 

Chessie bends over the chair, full puss. Stamp handspanks her pink, she kneels on the chair, handspanking. Next position, she lies across the chair, Stamp adjusts her to get her bottom just right. A sexy showgirl she is. The next chair position is the classic cowgirl. Knees wide, full puss. Graphic. Chessie wears nothing but ChuckTaylor All-Star sneakers. 

We are reminded of a pictorial in JANUS of a naked girl and a chair. 

‘Disgraceful Action’ (F/2f; time: Two girls are on one of the garret beds, playing lesbian games, taking each other’s clothes off piece by piece. A woman comes up the stairs slowly, hearing the passion. She brings her tawse.

She sits on the bed and continues to undress the girls herself, until both are essentially naked. As the threesome moves around from position to position, she spanks and straps both bottoms. And because she is enjoying the lesbian games herself, she gets the girls’ legs apart. 

‘Dormitory Discipline’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Miss Smith sits at a desk, on the phone. She calls in Elizabeth Simpson. They have a long discussion .without Elizabeth yet appearing in the shot. When we see her, she is in pajamas and her hair is up.

Smith must be a dormitory manager. Simpson is going to be spanked. She bends over the desk, her pajama bottoms come down, and she gets the slipper. The camera pulls back for a longer shot, Elizabeth grabs her ankles for more slipper.

Forging reports’ (M/3f;  time: 19 minutes) Miss Smith reports to Mr. Henderson that she has caught two girls forging and selling teachers’ reports. The girls are brought to him—a blonde in a house dress and brunette Sabrina. 

When the girls hear the punishment, the blonde covers her bottom. The blonde will be spanked first. Henderson takes a cane off a hook. She bends over his desk. He takes her knickers down and delivers six hard strokes, tears, ripening stripes. Sabrina goes next. There are 12 forged cards laid on the desk. Red pleated skirt off, she gets 12. Full white knickers down. For some reason, Henderson goes more lightly here. 

As is frequently the case in British schools, Staff is partially blamed for student behavior. Smith seems to understand and bends over the desk for the cane. Black knickers down, about 8 strokes shown. The film concludes with slow  motion excerpt replays of the girls’ canings. 

GB Spanking’ (f; time: 4 minutes) No spanking here. A brunette dresses and undresses, talking to a male voice off-screen. She apparently has come for a spanking and brought her own implements. Jeans down, bottom show. 

‘Group Thrashings’ (M/4f; time: 12 minutes) Despite the cast, nothing much happens here. Four naked girls pose on the lawn at the patio of the familiar house compound. The girls will put on and take off bra and knickers. Peters comes onto the scene and will spank each of the girls in turn on the patio. 

‘Incorrect invoices’ (F/2f; time: 11 minutes) Miss Shanelle confronts two employees who have screwed up invoices and are using company email for personal  communication. Rather than have their pay docked, the girls will accept corporal punishment. “I’m going to spank your bottoms.” So much for labor law.

The brunette goes OTK first. After a warmup, she stands to drop her black slacks to display nifty black mesh panties. They come down and she is OTK again. She shuffles off with her jeans at her ankles.

The blonde is spanked next. When it is time for her slacks to come down, she announces she is not wearing knickers, which elicits some laughter from everyone. After this spanking, both girls kneel on the couch for a brief strappimg before they are sent back to work.

‘Isis at blackboard’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) A guy has Isis standing at a blackboard. She writes words— ‘naughty,’ ‘spendthrift,’ narcissistic,’hedanistic,’ (sic) ‘supercilious,’(sic)  ‘caught,’ ‘rubbish.’ As she writes, he smacks her bottom. She seems amused, at least so far.

The guy shows her a cane. Knickers down, she bends over a desk and after a handspanking warmup, gets about 15 strokes of the cane. Some repeats. The guy lays on a few wild strokes, and he shows some predilection for her buttocks crease. 

‘Language Lesson’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Another excuse for Valkerie to give out one of her wicked whippings on the barren blue walled set. She wears her usual white blouse and designer jeans. Did she make a series of films at one time on this set in this outfit?

Elizabeth Simpson is the doomed schoolgirl. She is taken OTK first, skirt up, white knickers, the usual attention-gaining hard spanking. The cane next, almost 40 strokes are shown, the result of repeats three or four times from different angles. Valkerie canes very hard, in irregular bursts. Elizabeth grunts through them. Such a caning  could not be possible, were there not repeats.

Late for school  – Schoolgirl’ (M/f; time; 8 minutes) In a bedroom with a four-poster double bed, Peters confronts a blond schoolgirl who is late for school. This model may not be English-speaking. She just nods her head and removes her skirt. She pulls down her lovely tight white knickers.

She bends over the foot of the bed for the cane. She gets about 10 cane strokes. Stripes ripen as we watch. She flinches as Peters torments her with feints. Closeups, convincing tears. Good  caning, however brief. 

‘Out all night’ (F/2f; time: 12 minutes) Two girls gossip on a couch. They have been out all night. Elizabeth Simpson enters. Too late for school now. One girl is related, the other a friend.

Simpson will spank them both. The first blonde, Ashleigh, is taken OTK. Simpson is disgusted by her skimpy g-string. The second blonde drops her jeans for her spanking. Ashleigh again, a hard and steady spanking. 

‘Schoolgirl caned’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Straightforward severe caning on the empty blue room set. Mike Stevenson canes a blond schoolgirl without preliminaries. Bend over, thong down, a red and blistered bottom. No facials. The girl jumps at the strokes. Repeats, and very fast.

‘schoolgirl strip’ (2f; time: 3 minutes) A blonde and a brunette strip quickly, down to regulation knickers. They rotate as they pull their knickers down. This is a meaningless girlie show, maybe by two girls who wouldn’t agree to be spanked.

Slippering Angelina Cortez‘ (F/f; time:8 minutes) The same brunette Angelina stands in a school office, wearing a flashy multi-colored striped blazer. She’s here for a “corrective lesson.” “That’s not fair!” The Scottish female domme announces a “hard spanking and the plimsole.” Skirt up, green knickers down, a standard spanking.

‘Smith and Chloe’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) The set is the storeroom office, we think on the site of the house with the patio, gravel car-park, and old kitchen. Any girl who works in this office gets spanked. Little brunette Chloe needs to be spanked to prevent her from telling other girls about the work she does.

OTK, panties down immediately. Nice red bottom quickly. To the wall on display. She bends over a chair for the strap. Chloe has a modest tramp stamp, a a rose just above her buttocks crack.

‘Miss Smith’s Way’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Chloe and Miss Smith again, as above. Chloe has gotten into trouble in another part of the house. She is staying with Smith, and Smith is unhappy with the quality of her housework. Therefore a spanking.

OTK, a very nice bottom, the model’s selling point. We always wonder if these models have bare bottom shots in their portfolios. Chloe keeps her hair off her face. After this spanking, she cleans the stove, blue print dress tucked up.

Smith has fetched a hairbrush. Bend over the stove for several straps and the hairbrush. Varied strap marks and bruises develop.

Back to School‘ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Robin’ has returned to a classroom, wearing a school uniform, a little sloppy. She is out of practice, a ‘graduate’ returning for some discipline in some kind of therapy session, “to learn how to be a schoolgirl again.” A bit farfetched, but we never object to a spanking, and Robin’s slightly insouciant demeanor suggests some punishment.

The ‘teacher, a familiar brunette in this series, will get to it. (Hourly rates?) Spanking, “on the bare bottom, like the olden days.” She removes Robin’s kilt and pulls down her panties, suggesting that white knickers might have been a better choice.  After a mild OTK spanking, Robin is sent to the wall. “Take off your shirt and bra as well.” Definitely back in school now.

Teacher makes her wear a boater and a regulation tie; otherwise, she is naked. Bend-over for a strapping. Robin is very tall and pendulous. Mild, but kinky and fun. How many therapists have a decorated classroom? Maybe this is a real teacher, just moonlighting.

Beating of Bridey O’Connel‘ (M/f; time:8 minutes) A greying ageplay guy, lucky to have made numerous films in this XEROTICS  series, sits reading a report on Bridey from another teacher in the school. Bridey is a short-haired peroxide blonde.

The teacher takes her OTK, skirt up, maroon panties down, a pale (and clear!) bottom. Slow uneventful handspanking.

Bed by Eight’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) A brunette schoolgirl sits on her bed, on her cell phone. Domme ‘Jean Bradley’ bursts in, takes away the unauthorized phone, and tells her to prepare for bed, even though it is only 8 PM. “It’s not fair.” Why do they all say this? Standard handspanking on the bed, panties down. We love Ms. Bradley’s demeanor.

‘Paula’s First Spanking’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes)   Blond Paula stands in front of a photographic backdrop amid a lot of camera equipment. Paula tries to act nervous. Agean is going to give her her first spanking. He is a bit sadistic. He shows her the spanking implements he can choose from.

Agean takes her OTK. He flips up her khaki skirt and takes down her white thong. To maintain the pretense, she has a clear bottom. A light spanking to start.  Paula stands and pulls off her yellow top and removes her rucked-up skirt to flash a mohawk. And last, she takes her white bra off. Naked. Agean has her twirl for her audition.  Very nice.

He shows her how to position her bottom with hands on a stool. Handspanking and a strap. Cute red bottom. Hope to see more of her.

‘spanked and licked’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Someone else’s title. The British would not be so crass. The scene is the barren blue room. A racy blonde is being spanked OTK. She wears chaps attached by garters to knickers. She detaches the garters and drops the knickers to show a white thong. 

After this brief spanking, she kneels up on the chair and guy gives her oral attention, which is filmed from the front through her legs. Such hard core adult stuff is not common in XEROTICS. 

‘Two naked girls’ (2f; time: 10 minutes) Two very sexy showgirl types, naked on one of the beds on the garret room set. They are giggling and decide to try spanking. Fondling, laughing, switching around. The blonde has kept a small pink thong on so that it can be pulled down for theatrical purposes. Both girls are mostly shaved. 

‘Two schoolgirls – Henderson overhears’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Henderson overhears two schoolgirls gossiping, always grounds for spanking in these annals. He will spank and cane both blondes, mostly routine and uneventful except for the more frequent frontals.

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