Xerotics #3

25 Oct

More simple XEROTICS schoolgirl films; we try to highlight the unusual moments and identify the actors.

‘Fae on probation’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Little brunette is on some kind of probation and has come in late, which is a breach. Elizabeth Simpson: “Let’s get on with it.” Simpson was waiting with a cane and a strap on her desk.

She takes Fae OTK. Despite Fae appearing to be a diminutive girl, she has wide feminine hips and a bottom for celebrity. Knickers down, bend over, hands on a chair for the strap first. Her bottom becomes fully red, held full screen. A very thick cane next, 15 strokes, short and sharp. Simpson seems to lighten up as she goes.

‘Jean Bradley with 2 girls’ (F/2f; time: 8 minutes) Ms. Bradley seems to be tutoring blond Katie on how to spank. The set is a storeroom. Katie takes the girl’s knickers down and takes her OTK. The spanking is tepid, so Bradley has Katie get up and she takes Katie OTK to show her out to do it. Katie’s skirt comes up to show a tiny thong. The goal is a “nice red bottom.”

Katie tries again with the girl, this time much harder and faster. Both girls display their bottoms after this action. Bradley is satisfied. “Next week for lesson #2.” 

‘Lucy-new girl’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Not the title. A male voice interviews Elizabeth Simpson and Lucy from off-screen. Lucy is a “ new girl on the block.” They are discussing her first spanking shoots. Lucy is asked to show her bottom, then the voice asks Elizabeth to spank her again. A brief OTK session, a paddle, and six of the cane. The set is a slightly untidy domestic setup.Lucy invites Simpson to rub her bottom.

‘beginning’ (2MF/2f; time: 26 minutes) Not the title. An unusual and puzzling storyline. The set is the room where the ‘Catholic’ school scenarios were shot. A young Elizabeth Simpson and a blonde seem to be callgirls who are available to be spanked. The excitement hook must be the classroom setting.

The blonde is going to show Simpson how to take some spanking. There is a cheap couch and a side table with a collection of implements.

The blonde, who wears a latex halter, takes a young Simpson OTK. A lot of talk. A perfunctory handspanking to start. Simpson stands and drops her slacks and knickers and bends over for a strap. Some confusing dissolves.

Peters enters the room. He must be a client and has apparently hired both girls. The blonde takes off all her clothes. The blocking is poor, so that we don’t get the usual full screen view of her. She has a showgirl body and is parked at the wall.  Peters has picked up a cane and flourishes it, but he won’t use it much.

After another inscrutable segue, Peters has taken Simpson OTK. After a short spanking, he wants her pants all the way off. She has to sit and unlace big work shoes to do it. Puzzling attire for a call girl. She will now bend over for several straps. The buxom blonde is brought out to bend over beside her. Peters straps and canes both bottoms, on the mild side.

Another fade. Simpson now sits in top and panties on the couch. Another guy, a new customer, enters. He takes her OTK, gets her knickers down, and spanks much harder than Peters did, which sets her struggling. She bends for several straps, and will need no further instruction.

Bully Briggs’ (M/f; time:8 minutes) The professor in academic robes again. ‘Briggs’ is a trim blonde, in prefect’s blazer. The scene is a nice library/office. Briggs has been bullying her students. She is going to sit and compose an apology, then she is going to be caned. “When was the last time you had your bottom caned?” As she writes, she masturbates under the table and a faint smile creeps across her face.

The Head bends her over the table. Her blazer, skirt, and panties are all bottle-green. She has the initials ‘J.R.’ tattooed on her left buttock. After some spanking in this position, she must stretch forward and grip the edge of the table to be in position for the cane. The Head takes her panties down. “Sir!”

Only about seven strokes are shown, short snaps which don’t seem harsh, but typical cane wheals ripen as we watch.

‘Cane Master’ (M/2f; time: 17 minutes) John Osborne featured here, a bit unkempt on this occasion. He is on the phone at his simple desk, a collection of spanking implements arrayed in front of him. Two girls have been summoned, ‘Bridey’ and ‘Sarah.’ They’re going to be spanked in this faux classroom. The poor camera angles show the flimsy props.

Blonde Bridey is taken OTK first. She is wearing a tarty two-piece ensemble, net stockings, thong, no panties. She is largely amused by Osborne’s spanking and dialogue. Tall Sarah is watching. When Bridey’s spanking is complete, Osborne has her stand at the blackboard and pull one breast out of her top. Silly, and distracting to the mood.

Sarah OTK next; after a bit she stands to drop her jeans. Osborne takes down her white boy shorts. A big tramp stamp, and a lot of mixed bruising for what has happened so far. Sarah then bends over a table for a doubled strap. Bridey continues to be amused. Sarah goes to the wall and faces us, frontal fuzz, unusual in this series.

Bridey is spanked again then sent away. Before Sarah is caned, Osborne makes her handle the rattan he has selected. More slow frontal. Over the desk, seven strokes, they ripen on-screen. She is left squeezing the cane between her cheeks. More punishment in 20 minutes.

‘Caned Bottom’ (F/f’ time: 9 minutes) Pigtailed blonde ‘Joanna’ waits in front of the wood frame exercise wall in the faux gym this producer often used. She hides a rolled 5-pound note between her buttocks.

A tall and young blond domme comes on the scene, one who we have seen only a few times in this series, and the kind of attractive disciplinarian who can get swept up now and again by headmasters in these films. She will search Joanna.

She starts by feeling through Joanna’s  clothing, then pulls her panties down and finds the note. Hands on chair for the cane. “10 last time…here we go again, this time 16, girl.” We counted 18 moderate strokes. Joanna jumps nicely at the pain and the practice swooshes. Some repeats, good marks.

‘Car Crime’ (M/f; time:9 minutes) A stringy blonde is crawling through an open car window. She is wearing one of those sexy little housedresses XEROTICS had in the dressing room, in pink. She is putting on quite an intentional upskirt show, white panties not quite covering the goodies.

XEROTICS‘ geezer/ageplay guy catches her and marches her by the ear into his school office. She knows what comes next. Bent over his desk, panties come down, she gets a big strap, and then just a few strokes of the cane. She’s got welts from a previous film.

‘Catherine O’Hara Expulsion or the Slipper’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The distinguished professorial ageplay guy Colin Baxter, dressed in cap and gown here, and filmed in the upscale house setting. He is on the phone, maybe a Blackberry. He  is discussing the behavior of a naughty Miss O’Hara.

Catherine knocks and enters. She is threatened and scolded. Her parents have sent permission. She will be spanked. She lifts her school skirt, he pulls down her panties, and begins an OTK spanking. She then stands at a grand fireplace for the slipper. Nice bottom. And the sets are attractive at this location. 

‘Caught and Caned by Mother’ (F/f; time: 9 minutes) Mother ‘Elizabeth Simpson’ and daughter, redhead ‘Jasmine, reviewed in her collection, Jasmine Lau.

Chastisement of a Catholic Schoolgirl‘ (F/f; time:10 minutes) A blonde in school boater is confronted by ‘Miss Smith.’ “I’m going to have to give you a good thrashing to wake you up.” “Just a ruler on my hands?” “A spanking on your bottom.” OTK, then she stands to have her panties pulled down, then OTK again, a perfect bottom for any lap. Touch toes for the strap. And finally, she stands on the ribbed bench, the kind you see in a sauna, bare bottom at eye level.

‘Chastisement of  Sara Bergman’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Tall goofy blonde Sara is from Austria and here will be spanked by one of XEROTICS‘ ageplay geezers using the wiles and methods of British corporal punishment.

First he shows her an impressive sample of the spanking implements he uses. She claims never to have been spanked, so he will demonstrate. OTK she goes and skirt up. She makes the first objection to this show-and-tell when she hears her knickers have to come down. Simple spanking here, and some slipper over the desk.

Caned and slippered prefects‘ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Two schoolgirls, ‘Katie Leigh’ and ‘Isabella,’ discuss what a caning might be like. When ‘Agean’ enters, Katie reflexively covers her bottom, just for a split second.

It seems the school’s security cameras have caught the girls bullying younger students, taking their “dinner money.” Both will get the slipper, and then the cane.

Both Isabella and Katie are slippered on the bare bottom. XEROTICS mixes in some slow-motion replay here, rare in this series. Only Katie will be caned here, about 8 strokes, then hands-on-head. Agean is more erotic with the cane here than usual.

Cheating Collins‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Reviewed in the Sarah Collins collection.

‘Cheer girl rivals’ (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) Two cheerleaders are spanked in a film of no interest.

Class of 1981‘ (M/2f; time: 14 minutes) Two more schoolgirls sit and contemplate their upcoming corporal punishment. This is a more recent film, and maybe the title helps date this series. We are on the set of the upscale house, in one room or another. The professorial ageplay guy Colin Baxter is the disciplinarian, here in hound’s-tooth jacket.

The girls are instructed to roll up and tuck their skirts in the back and pull their own panties down. We see the buttocks tattoo of ‘j.r,’ the bottom belongs to ‘Briggs.’ The girls move up a grand staircase to a paneled oaken landing, the type of baronial setting found in a number of British CP films. The blonde bends over first for the tawse–panties down, she looks aroused.

The professor takes up the strap. “Let’s increase the ‘ow’ factor.” The girl shows traces of a previous shoot. Briggs is next, for tawse and strap. she too must have made another film before lunch. Both girls get an extra few, then a long hold on their bottoms, hands on head.

clean rooms’ (M/2f; time: 13 minutes) Tom Cooper with Monica and Ashleigh. He sits reading a magazine. The two gorgeous blondes seemed to have come home late and they have not been cleaning house. After a scolding and a segue, the girls are standing hands on head, bare bottoms.

Ashleigh is spanked first. To excuse her already red bottom: “l see you’ve got some marks from the last caning I gave you.” A simple spanking. Monica gets ths same. Bottoms to the wall.

Culprits Caught” (F/2f; time: 14 minutes) ‘Miss Gillian-Lancer’ in the school cloakroom setting, a set used in a number of British CP productions. Two students, a blonde and redhead, in full kit of tunic, blouse, tie, knee socks, and maryjanes, are going through the pockets of other girls’ clothing.

Gillian-Lancer catches them, which is good news, because she is one of the more severe disciplinarians in the British catalogue although she is a talker. She soon is swooshing a cane. It will be “hard, across your bottom.”

The redhead will be caned first; she bends over and takes 8 strokes (there are repeats) on blue knickers. This eliminates the problem of red marks from a previous shoot. G-L takes the panties down, she always likes to, and lays on seven more strokes. She like taking knickers down and salacious ritual spanking talk.

The pigtailed blonde is next. Bend-over, white panties, G-L starts her off with a less severe ping pong paddling, which will pink her up and cover marks. Panties down, 20 strokes of the cane-repeats. There are tears, and both girls have been very noisy.   

Daily Spanking‘ (MF/2f; time: 5 minutes) ‘Katie Leigh’ is taken OTK on a simple set of a chair and a backdrop. She is spanked by brunette ‘Isabella.’ “This is your daily spanking.” Agean interrupts. “You call that a proper spanking?”

Agean takes Isabella OTK to show her how to do it, and Katie begins playing with herself as she watches. Agean takes Isabella’s pantyhose down, then her thong. Katie is spanked next, apparently what she wants.

‘detention strappings’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) Jean Bradley and a thin little brunette. The girl has shown up late for detention. The set is the garret room. Bradley loves to say things like this: “You’re going to get a strap across your bottom.” The girl bends over an antique table. The strapping proceeds on the bare. “No point in sniveling.” Touch toes for more. To the wall for display. Vaginal jewelry.

‘Ivy’s Lesson’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Jean Bradley with brunette schoolgirl Ivy in the garret room. She is in full kit and being scolded for lack of respect. Being scolded by Bradley leads to the same place. OTK, skirt up, regulation knickers.

After the warmup, Lucy stands and drops her own knickers, the nice subordinating touch. She hands Bradley a hairbrush. OTK again, blazer off, spanking concluded. Bradley fastens up her skirt so her bottom is bare at the wall.

Kirsty Gould- insane bitch’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) An unusual film—Miss Parker and Kirsty, two dommes. Who will spank whom?  Parker wears a black dress and Kirsty a red sweater. The scene is the garret room.

After a long discussion, Kirsty pulls Parker’s knickers down. She is shaved. Kirsty gives her a close examination and finally takes her OTK. A harmless spanking. Peters interrupts the action, and Parker scurries off, her knickers hobbling her ankles. Looks like Kirsty is going to be spanked—must be another film.

‘Locker Thief’ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Abigail, in full schoolgirl kit, stands in front of school lockers. Mr. Henderson stands in front of her. Stuff has been stolen. She must open her locker for search. Stolen items are found.

The spanking will occur right there on this tight set. She isn’t taken to an office or storeroom anywhere. Skirt up, knickers down, Henderson  comes up with a slipper from somewhere. Abigail’s bottom is already red. After a slippering and some rubbing, Henderson turns to the cane. 12 strokes are shown, very hard, repeats, stripes immediately, excellent unhappy facials.

‘Michael Stamp in classroom’ (M/2f; time: 12 minutes) Need a title here. Two schoolgirls report to Stamp in a barren but plausible classroom. We believe it is Chessie and another girl we can’t identify. Chessie bends over the desk for a handspanking and an oddly short caning.

The second girl, a cute brunette, will get the works. OTK, white tights down; the camera misses the knickers  coming down. 20 strokes of fhe cane including repeats, a rest pause, then 8 more strokes. White lines. Bottoms to the wall.

‘My Favorite Instrument’ (F/f; time: 13 minutes) Miss Smith shows Elizabeth Simpson four spanking implements—a strap, Spencer paddle, a slipper, and a cane. Simpson will get a taste of each one. She drops her slacks and knickers and bends over a chair. She is already red.

Some strapping first; the Spencer paddle is long and narrow and covers both cheeks, the slipper is routine. But the cane must be the winner. Nine strokes to start,with repeats included. Simpson is amused, and Peters’ directorial voice is part of the film. Four more strokes after a break.

‘Naked Cold Spanking’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Jean Bradley and Angelina Cortez. Angelina stands naked and poses for the camera, as it    pans up and down. She bends over for a slow handspanking from Bradley. Bottom full screen most of the time. Kneel on a chair for a strap. A nudie show for Ms. Cortez.

‘Sarah Stern with Susan’ (F/f; time: 11 minutes) Need a title. A spanking is underway here. Brunette Susan is bent over a vaulting trestle, school kilt up and knickers down. The set is the well appointed classroom used by several producers. It seems Susan let a friend take the blame and be spanked.

Stern uses a flogger and a strap. She must be really angry, because she makes Susan stand and strip naked—kilt, top, and bra off. Very nice. Susan remains standing for a strapping, her bottom and modest tramp stamp full screen. She again lies across the trestle for a caning, a position you don’t see often for the cane. 12 strokes shown. She is left on display.

‘Spank Bus’ (M/3f; time: 5 minutes) A good storyline, all too brief. Three girls report to Dean Harvey for what appear to be audition spankings. For our tastes, not enough pressure is put on the girls to see if they can perform.

The girls introduce themselves on camera. “I am here for a spanking on-line.” Auburn haired Jemma goes OTK first, knickers down,  mild handspanking. Alexis, a thin brunette, is next. And last is blonde Claire. The girls bared their bottoms themselves for mild sessions. 

‘Spanked on the bare’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) Rowena and Mike Stevenson in the barren blue studio. Stevenson has done some excellent spanking here. Rowena has arrived for a voluntary spanking experience of some kind. She wears a tattered dress and a thong, making her bottom mostly bare from the start.

”We’re going to start slowly and build up. Breathe. Don’t hold your breath.” This is a rare reference to how the less experienced spanking model must deal with a spanking. Thong down, OTK. Stevenson starts off fairly hard. Rowena remains silent. Lovely bottom. Stevenson takes a good look at her rosy cheeks when he is finished.

‘Spanking for Auntie’ (MF/f; time: 14 minutes) Three actors we are not familiar with. This may not be an XEROTICS distribution. A man and a woman confront another woman, the Auntie, with emails they saw when they invaded her computer. She is having an affair. This is the leverage they need to spank her, and she won’t object much. 

The set is simply a couch. The guy takes her OTK to start, and his companion Dolly helps. Skirt up, a red g-string is barely visible. Dolly steps away and returns with an armload of spanking implements. The guy continues with a large leather strap. Auntie next bends over and leans on the couch for Dolly to take over with another strap. The g-string comes down.

The guy uses a huge tawse then helps her off with her dress over her head. After he finishes the strapping, he photographs her bottom. He would seem to have all the leverage he needs for Auntie now. 

‘Sore Bottom Sasha’ (M/f; time:8 minutes) The Harvey names again, Dean and Sasha. Dean is on the phone, angry and waiting. Sasha arrives, they argue, and the spanking will begin. He unfastens and pulls down her tights. There are no knickers.

He begins a straightforward OTK bare bottom handspanking. The set is a simple pink theatrical backdrop, the mechanics of which are seen in a careless shot. Dean shows her a strap he will use. He rucks up her top and unfastens her bra. Things are not going well for her. He holds her still by her hair.

As the spanking proceeds, there are a lot of facials in lieu of bottom shots. We don’t mind—we don’t see much of Ms. Harvey. After a segue, Sasha is now naked and leans on the wall in the frisk position, again mostly facials. Zoom on bruises.

‘Spurred into Action’ (F/f: time: 10 minutes) Zoe and Miss Svenson. A long argument and finally Zoe takes her jeans and knickers down and stands for a spanking. Clear bottom. Slipper, hairbrush, and moderate caning. Nothing notable. We wonder why these two appear together so frequently.

‘Straight Sixteen’ (F/f; time: 8 minutes) Miss Smith and Elizabeth Simpson address the camera. Smith has a huge cane and Simpson is going to take a whipping. She drops her pants and knickers and takes only a moderate caning, despite the title. There are some stripes though. We counted almost 45 strokes, involving repeats from 3 angles.

Suppertime Resolutions’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Blond Hanne has come to Peters to apologize. She isn’t wearing much and neither is he. Peters will solidify her new resolve with a spanking. Hanne shows Peters her bare bottom, which is mostly clear. She has pulled down her pink satin shorts so that her classic bottom sticks out. 

OTK, handspanking first. He has her stand and strip naked—a little dress, the satin shorts, and a bra. Hanne should always strip. She bends over for a doubled strap and jumps at each stroke, as if it really hurts. She needs a moment. Some bruises  

‘trip well earned’ (M/2f; time: 9 minutes) An odd film, probably American, with amateur feel, in that the camera angles are terrible. Stevie Rose, an auburn haired girl, heavily tattooed, and a female domme we don’t recognize. Ms. Rose is a blonde here, and this is the only XEROTICS distribution we have seen from her so far.

The auburn girl is spanked first, OTK, mild and silly. Stevie next, her pj   bottoms and polka dot panties come down. The girls are being spanked by their ‘mother’ for a trip not taken to Hawaii. We didn’t figure it out.

‘watching girl get spanked’ (M/f; time: 14 minutes) An older guy sits on a couch with a completely naked brunette. He calls in blonde Kirsty. He is going to spank her while the naked brunette watches and plays with herself, legs open. It is mild stuff, although Kirsty struggles, first OTK then bending over the couch for a slipper. More closeups of the brunette than Kirsty. 

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