Leather Strap Discipline NUWEST FD-163

31 Oct

F/m time: 28 minutes

A series of 10 Female/male whipping scenes, almost all of them with the redoubtable Ed Lee as the submissive. He must have gotten some kick out of it, in addition to the payroll savings. The men don’t show their faces, of course.

1. Las Vegas ‘Karen’ straps Lee and takes off her clothes in the process. The scene is on a bed in the NUWEST house or a motel room. “You need your ass strapped regularly.”

2. A blonde, maybe ‘Jodi Cline,’ straps a naked male, and very hard.

3. Lee is strung up his studio and is strapped by an older female. You wonder if the girls coveted these roles.

4. In the kitchen of the NW townhouse, Lee stands naked in the corner. ‘Julia Jameson’ enters. Lee puts his hands on a stool and Julia straps hard and fast. Back to the corner, Lee kneels erect, and Julia toasts with a cocktail.

5. Lee is strapped, lying naked on a bed. Katie does the work, and she is naked also. For some reason, she looks a little rough here. We’ve been spoiled. Pageboy hair, pubic fuzz.

6. A hefty ‘Vanna’ does the strapping to Ed Lee, in the same scene as #1 above.

7. Lee is bent over the back of a chair, wearing woman’s panties, being strapped by, is it Karen? She counts out 50 strokes on the panties and 50 on his bare butt.

8. In the condo kitchen again, ‘Debra’ in jodphurs, she refers to Ed Lee in his ‘Leon’ character. He is sent upstairs bare-ass to lie on a bed. This would not be one of our favorite up-stairs scenes, we are just reporting.

9. Lee is naked over the padded wedge-shaped bench. A very hot and cute ‘Katie’ here, in a white knit dress which keeps riding up in the back as she straps Lee. Naughty and always willing Katie takes a seat at his face, legs apart, no panties. “See this pussy? It’s the only one you’re ever going to have.” Full arm swings high over her head with the strap.

10. Lee gets a strapping over a chair in the NW workroom.

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