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Joanne Jameson Whipping Tape #1 – NUWEST

30 Nov

F/2mf; time: 25 minutes
Straightforward stuff, early at NUWEST, and not of major interest unless you are a fan of ‘Joanne Jameson’ and her career. She is on the mostly empty sound stage here. A male is strung up to the ceiling. With scissors, she cuts off his ‘panties’ and a shirt. “I am going to give you such a good ass whipping tonight.” Sexy talk.

She begins with hard snapping with the dogwhip. The naked guy yelps from the first. She gags him with what looks like a pair of white panties and a securing ACE bandage. [airplane noises] The lighting was poor on this tape, different for each camera. As she paces and whips, we are hoping she will be dropping clothes, as she often did in these F/m films.

“Beautiful little red lines,” she observes. “This is the best part…to aim at your white cheeks and whip your skin off.” She DOES begin to undress, down to pink bra and panties. She keeps whipping. The guy gets some minor erection. Just her voice was enough for us.

FADE to new scene; the same set, a naked blond girl we didn’t recognize is now strung up in place of the guy and ‘David’ is fastened naked to the far wall. Joanne wears a black latex outfit here. Overhead views. Joanne whips the two with a martinet. She switches to the dogwhip. Attached to the wall, David is not able to demonstrate his unique trait here.

Getting to Know Katie – NUWEST FD-165

29 Nov

2F/m; time: 27 minutes
‘Katie’ and ‘Vanna’ are in the studio with ‘Tim.’ who is naked, on his back on a tilted bench, his head to the floor, his legs strung up to the ceiling, his jewels ready at hand. Nothing good about this position for him.

Vanna, wearing a dominatrix outfit, is going to whip his butt and thighs. Katie will cheer on the proceedings. She uses a large tawse and whips in sets of 10, 40 to start. Katie sits at his face and makes him lick her feet.

Katie takes off her dress to display the prototype matching black undie set. “Is that what you wanted, Tim, getting to know Katie?” It seems he has to pay for this proximity to her.

Stroke sets are increased to 15–there will be 30 strokes. Katie sits on Tim’s face, panties on. [the closeup camera has a hum, which is probably why this film is not in wide circulation.]

Vanna shifts to the cane and Katie takes off her panties and sits on his face again. “Shut your mouth!” 30 cane strokes, some repeats.

“Time for a good dildo.” Implacable Katie steps into the strap-on, slips on a lubed condom, and gives Tim a fucking. The bench squeaks, he squeaks. “Shut up!”

Sonny Gets The Strap-on NUWEST

28 Nov

F/m; time: 22 minutes
‘Julia Jameson’ on the prowl, her wicked little laugh evident. She prances in black undies and has ‘Sonny’ naked. She makes him put on panties and then begins an OTK spanking. “Don’t worry, you’ll be taking these off for what else I have for you…all the other construction workers would be amused by what you do at night.” Hey, we’re amused too, but mostly by the acting.

The scene is NUWEST’s sparse bedroom set on the empty sound stage. Julia turns on loudspeaker music, puts on a large strap-on dildo, and begins to fuck Sonny on the bed. He moves to lie flat for harder ramming. The bed shakes like Jello, a water bed? The headboard bangs against the wall to Julia’s surges.

Julia takes Sonny OTK again, he has some erection. “I see you rubbing that little thing on me. Better stop it.” Always entertained by Julia’s little nasal laugh.

Back over the bed. “Don’t run away from me like that.” She gives him another workout. This is play time. Our only comment, we would have liked it a bit more if Julia had lost her panties at some point.

Jodie Cline: Whipped, Caned Strapped, Milked NU-WEST FD-302

28 Nov

F/m; time: 19 minutes

‘Simon’ is tied, naked and spread-eagled, on the darkened patio at the Ed Lee campus. A buxom and Vegas-styled Jodie Cline lashes him. When she takes off her skirt, she wears just nude pantyhose. She plays with Simon’s cock.

She shifts to the cane–about 30 strokes. She likes his erection. “You like that, don’t you?” More whipping. “Oh, yeah.” Bigger erection. Stripes and welts. “Keep your legs together and your ass out.” Ed Lee’s voice can be heard prompting the action from behind the camera.

‘Simon’s Second Visit-Razor Strapping with a Reward’: Now Simon is naked over the NW box, ‘bare-ass,’ as it were, and Jodie topless in panties and boots. Simon’s marks are noticeable from last time. Jodie is trying to be the dominatrix and is somehow less than convincing. Is she too enticing herself? More Lee verbal prompts.

After a FADE, Simon is seated and Jodie oils his cock with baby oil. You can see why Jodie has been amused by him. She works him until he ejaculates, a money shot caught in good light against a black background.

Asking For It – Belinda Lawson and Earl Grey 2 FIRMHAND

22 Nov

Series with Earl Grey and Belinda Lawson


(CC)(M/f; year: 2015; time:12 minutes) Belinda is a young lawyer, being taught disciplinary focus by Earl Grey. Today she has reported to him wearing the prescribed school uniform–blouse, kilt, knee socks, Maryjane’s. Because she has “forgotten” her tie, the excuse for the spanking is established.

Grey marches her to the solarium; “Touch your toes.” He likes her full white panties. He begins spanking, first bunching her knickers, then pulling them down. “Mr. Grey!” Ms. Lawson of course possesses one of those bottoms which will keep her employed for a long as she can stay in shape.

“Go and get the chair.” She sneaks her panties up but Grey pulls them down when she bends for more spanking. Into the corner, hands on head.

(CD)(M/f; year: 2016; time: 10 minutes) Picks up immediately from the previous episode. Lots of facials and ritual spanking talk. Both the young lawyer and the professor can’t hide their pleasures here.

“Take your skirt and your panties off.” Belinda bends over a chair for a heavy tawse. “Oh, Mr. Grey. How much more?” At the end of this spanking, Belinda narrates that the tawse was about the worst. The camera follows her bare bottom up curving stairs, one of the better depictions of this.

(CE)(M/f; time: 9 minutes) Belinda arrives to visit Earl Grey unannounced, in a rare exterior shot. She narrates: she was so influenced (aroused) by a recent session with the tawse that she is going to ask to be caned.

They must have muffed lines a bit, because when she enters and greets Grey, she asks: “I saw you have a new strap hanging there, could you use it on me, hard?” Whatever Grey was doing, he will oblige. “Lie down on the bench…excellent.”

In the solarium off the patio, he begins strapping her on her tight black slacks. Belinda asks, in her mooing voice, “Shouldn’t we do this on my bare bottom, sir?” Once again, Grey is only too glad. He pulls down her tights and panties and continues the strapping. Facials, bottom closeups, all perfect from this model. Excellent angles, some sexy quivering.

Belinda coos again. “How many more, sir?”  “We’re not quite there yet…six more.” “You’d better make them count, sir.” At the conclusion, Belinda narrates for us that the strapping was “well worth it.”

(CF) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Belinda rushes in very late for an appointment with Grey. Anything which angers him just adds to the tension. Belinda protests that she must be committed to both these disciplinary sessions AND her job. So she suggests, in her bedroom voice, “Well, why don’t you just tell me to strip for a spanking, then?”

Grey is OK with that. “Strip off.” Dress off and bra. She pauses, a gesture so important in these ritual CP films. “I suppose you want my panties over as well.” “Obviously.” Ms. Lawson strips often, and it is always a highlight.

Grey takes her OTK naked for a hot and fast handspanking. Friowning face.  One might object mildly to the repetitive story lines or cloying dialogue, but there can be not criticism of the frequent, undisputed, and authentic  hard spankings on this soaring bottom. “Is that all you can do, is that the best you can spank me?”

Grey has her get up and get two paddles. Belinda mocks that he will spank her with a “pingpong paddle,” which begins to come apart and just a few smacks. The second paddle, a larger wooden oval, changes the expression on her face.

Sexy little protests. “How many more, sir?”  She will count out the final set–Grey will determine how many. It becomes 10. Belinda must stand at the door, naked, hands on head, for a half-hour.

(CG) (M/f; time: 12 minutes) Belinda is late again, she rushes in wearing a pink top and shorts. Grey will get right to the spanking. Since Belinda tells him she is now finding these spankings ‘tiresome,’ Grey will do a “combination.”

For the first, Belinda bends over a chair and Grey spanks her with a ruler-sized stick with holes in it. Shorts down, red lace panties. The second combo part–she has to drop the panties for a leather paddle.

“Mr. Grey, I thought you said this would be a ‘combination’ spanking.” The third part is with a double flap strap. The usual very red, swollen bottom with the marbling patterns.

(CH)(M/f; time:12 minutes; year:2016) Belinda narrates in the kitchen as she waits for the “pent-ultimate” meeting with Earl Grey, one more test of her disciplinary focus. A yardstick and a tawse await.

Grey arrives, Belinda bends over the counter, and he goes to work with the yardstick. Loud cracks. She pulls down her elastic-waist skirt and the panties partially come with it. Belinda readjusts them–for her account, they don’t need to comedown before it’s time. We can see that she has been very well spanked.

Now the panties come down–Belinda’s bottom is a history of recent spankings. Grey shifts to the tawse–excellent facial shots and low shots up her locked legs. Back to the yardstick, she is to count “nice and clear.” There will be one more session — the graduation.

(CJ)(M/f; time: 10 minutes) Belinda stands totally naked and narrates: “It’s my graduation, and apparently Mr. Grey does all graduations…naked. I know it’s going to be the cane.” She is nervous, she has never been caned before. But she is not shy, and glorious in the nude. Not every spanking model earns a slow pan front and back.

Grey arrives; bend-over, touch toes. Ms. Lawson, well-endowed top and bottom, excels in this posture–boobs hang. “Eighteen strokes. Miss Lawson, count each one.” Part way through, at 12, she jumps up to rub, unauthorized. If that happens again–extras. It does, she earns two more.

The caning is repeated from a “reaction CAM” and there are slo-mo’s.

‘Military Discipline-Asking For It’

(DA) (M/f; year: 2016; time: 12 minutes) The first in this new series, copywritten in 2016, if not made in this year, when we review this. ‘Belinda Lawson’ and Earl Grey return. Belinda, wearing a sexy blue naval uniform, narrates: she has decided that she has enjoyed Colonel Grey’s “off the record training program” and wants another. She is pretty sure Grey likes the sessions also. You can see why they are off the record.

Grey arrives in the ‘classroom.’ She has asked for a meeting. She explains she thought her previous sessions were “very beneficial,” and wants more, over the period of a week. But he’s busy these days. “Well, spanking my bottom can’t take too long.” Grey figures he can spare 10 minutes. He wears an olive green shirt and camou pants.

“You know the drill.” OTK, panties down. “We won’t be needing these.” Crisp handspanking. “You like the sound of my bare bottom being spanked, colonel?” When he achieves the redness he wants, he sends her to the blackboard to make the first entry on a list which defines this series. “1. Hand Spanking.” Bare bottom closeups. “And that was just the first one,” says Belinda.

(‘DB’) (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Belinda’s session continues. On the blackboard she writes “Firmer handspanking,” and waits for Grey. She narrates: she thinks Grey not trying hard enough. When he arrives and sees she wants more intensity, he is provoked, as Belinda intended.

“Grab the timer, turn it over!” he demands. She pretends to be puzzled but is very quickly OTK again, white knickers down, a fast and hard handspanking. The camera zooms–on her face, on her bottom, and on the sands of time in the hourglass. Grey switches to a slipper. Bruises, jiggling, excellent stuff.

At the conclusion, in slow motion, Belinda is sent to the backboard to amend the entry and add ” + slipper.” 2 minutes of slow motion repeats.

(‘DC’)(M/f; time: 13 minutes) Belinda and Earl chat out of character for the moment. Belinda shows her red bottom and assures us this is “not scripted, not cheated.” The list of spanking sessions is on the blackboard.

FADE to this segment’s action: Belinda is in full naval uniform. Shje bends over the vaulting horse. Grey tawses her uniform skirt. Uniform jacket/blouse off, skirt off–Belinda has quite the figure. White panties down for the rest of the strapping.

Belinda notes session #3, the strapping, on the list on the blackboard. A lot of slow-motion added here.

(‘DD’) (M/f; time: 13 minutes) The next entry on the blackboard. This will be a “paddling.” Belinda is wearing just a white blouse and tie here, and stockings to the thighs, no panties. Grey will use a large, floppy, leather paddle. She bends over and grabs the blackboard.

At 4 minutes, she is directed to take off her tie, blouse, and bra. The camera holds as she unsnaps her bra in the front, then frames and holds on her amazing boobs for a  sufficient moment. The FIRMHAND editors surely cheered when this scene was finalized.

She reassumes the bend-over, all the more entertaining now that she is topless. Very hot stuff. At the conclusion, she narrates: “That was really, really hard….maybe I underestimated Colonel Grey.” Three minutes of slow motion repeats.

(‘DE’) (M/f; year: 2016; time: 16 minutes) Belinda stands naked narrating for us. On a blackboard she is keeping track of spankings from ‘Colonel Earl Grey,’ this session is #4. She comments that her bottom is holding up quite well, getting “mottled, I think you say.” She raises her cute little plaid kilt and drops her white panties to show us. A hairy arm reaches over to tweak her cheeks and she giggles.

Cut to the “strange” classroom being used in this series. She sits at a desk with a tawse for this session. She is going to taunt Grey to get him angry. He arrives, does the anger routine, she bends over the desk, white panties down, he uses his own strap, repeated from another camera. She records this strapping on the blackboard.

(‘DF’) (M/f) Belinda in the faux classroom again, for the ministrations from Colonel Grey, this time the flogger. She has found this instrument of his and is happy to goad him into demonstrating it.

Bend-over, he flogs on her tights. She drops her tights and thong, and it is clear this series is having an effect on her estimable bottom. She next lie flat on a table for more flogging and is then left to think.

(‘DG’)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) This time, Belinda is angry at Grey, as if that will get her anywhere. He has frightened her show horse while she was riding.
Grey seizes Belinda’s own riding crop and makes her bend over one of those authentic leather riding horses used to store and display tack.

He crops her on her jeans, then shifts to another crop, making her hold the first in her mouth. At the conclusion to this, she is sent to the blackboard to add to the chalked list “Riding Crop.”

(‘DH’) (M/f; time:11 minutes) Belinda is bent over the vaulting bench, holding the ‘metre stick.’ Grey arrives. “You’re being deliberately provocative.”  He will spank her on her leather shorts. She bends over the bench.

After about 12 strokes, “Do you like the sound of that metre stick against my leather clad bottom?” “I shall ignore that remark.” At this point she stands and drops her shorts.

Grey wants her in the diaper position, something she mutters she has never done before. Zoom on the target. Belinda has a big bottom and solid thighs, so this position presents an expansive extended target. 12 more strokes, these are repeated in sets of six from a different angle. Belinda is left, feet in the air, with the stick balanced across the soles of her shoes. If the stick falls, there will be consequences.

At the conclusion Belinda writes on the blackboard “Metre ruler x 24.’

(‘DJ’) time: 11 minutes) Belinda sits in just black lace panties and loose necktie around her bare neck, a temptress waiting for Earl Grey. And she is holding a cane. In almost all of her spanking episodes at FIRMHAND, her desire to be spanked, again and again, is barely disguised.

Grey arrives, in his military camou outfit. He is startled to see her in just panties. “Interesting outfit!” She now holds the cane between her teeth, doggy style, teasing him. “You are really a provocative little Miss…bend over and touch your toes.”

Belinda will count the cane strokes, which is filmed from the side and rear. After the first 12 strokes, Grey bunches her panties and helps himself to some fondling. Then on to 18 strokes. “Last one.” “Make it count, sir.”

Grey takes her necktie as souvenir–she is sitting there in those gauzy panties, he could have done better, she would have given them up in a second, but this is part of the tease.

Belinda narrates the conclusion, her boobs on display. Grey has fulfilled step #9 on the blackboard, the caning.

Ladies Who Love to Dildo NUWEST

7 Nov

F/m; year: 1995; time: 27 minutes
A four part video, an older one and entertaining, as NUWEST branched out to expand their fetishes.

(1) ‘Sally’ narrates that she is a dominatrix from San Diego, available for hire–just look her up. She is wearing a black bustier and has already pulled on the dildo/panty device. And she carries a whip. Somebody is going to get the what-for.

‘Hi Leon. Ready for some fun?” It is Ed Lee of course, lying face down naked on a bed on the spare set. First, Sally gives him a strapping, then Sally prepares the way and finger-fucks him with a small lubed dildo fit over her middle finger. “When you want more, say ‘Yes ma’am.'” Sally lubes her strap-on dildo.

The sound varies from camera to camera, a flaw which would have been found unacceptable by many producers. We enjoy it all. We say again, there is stored somewhere a trove of rejects. When you read about ‘Debra’s’ lawsuit and settlement of Lee’s affairs after his death, the archives were not mentioned. We assume what we read is true. Debra has read our blog.

Sally alternately fucks and flogs Leon. He’s a gamer. There is a glimpse of Joanne Jameson, behind the camera, quite amused by the Boss’ predicament.

(2) A thin and lovely ‘Katie’ primps what must be a blond wig, as if she needed one. Lee again. “I’m going to whip your behind. When you’re red enough, I’m going to spread your legs and fuck you with my dildo.”
Tough talk from Katie is always more fun than intimidating.

She takes her dress off, no bra, just panties and garter belt/stockings–on with the dildo pants. “All night long, your ass is mine.” She alternately lashes and fucks him, very hard. We suspend disbelief. She’s a joy.

(3) Joanne walks from behind the camera equipment in a short silk robe. Lee is naked at the bed. “You’re going to have the cane…when you say you’ve had enough, you’re going to have the dildo.” This would be a porno version of Hobson’s Choice. After just 2 cane strokes–and Joanne has always been one of the hardest caners at NUWEST, Lee calls a stop.

“Allison,” calls Joanne. The statuesque blonde Allison walks out, topless, just the dildo/panty and heels. She lubes Lee with the finger dildo. Joanne has returned to the camera station. We get a rare glimpse of a simple stationary camera on its tripod, and a monitor for Joanne to see the image. Lee kneels up for the dildo. “I want you to enjoy this….show me you like it.” Lee starts to respond to the jabbing.

Joanne returns with the cane and lays on 5 sizzlers. More fucking from Allison, more caning. A last session from Allison, Joanne crawls onto the bed Lee can lick her feet. Why didn’t she slide down a little more?

Caned For Masturbation SPANKEDSCHOOLGIRL

7 Nov

F/f; time: 10 minutes
The glass-walled studio used frequently; delectable blonde ‘Sara Jane Dempsey’ has been caught masturbating and is sent to another blond woman for punishment. Standard spanking sequence, OTK, panties down, the smackings are loud in this room.

Kara stands to take off her skirt, and the woman takes this opportunity to help her off with the rest of her clothes. Very nice scene. Kara bends over for a dozen from the cane.

Lilli Xene Meets Joanne and Karen NWV-212

7 Nov

2F/f; year: 1993; time: 28 minutes
Another appearance by stripper/porn star Lilli Xene, here with ‘Joanne Jameson’ and ‘Karen.’ Lilli is one of those girls–tiny in height, but all boobs and bottom. Almost a pneumatic cartoon. The Staff girls are going to have fun with this celebrity

Very old graphics here. Joanne greets us. “Hi, I’m Joanne Jameson. Now you’re in for 28 minutes of spanking action!” Lilli is escorted onto the set, wearing a full length white slip, a garment she probably hasn’t seen in years except from the NU-WEST  large foundations dressing room.

The first part of the spanking will be OTK by each of the girls, using a chair with a low back and no arms, facilitating full swings. It is not uncommon for very awkward chairs to turn up for OTK spankings. This first segment on the white slip.

Joanne brings out the T-bar, a device we have discussed before, a little platform the size of a bathroom scale with a galvanized T-bar about 12″ high rising from it. Lee has said the girls don’t like it because the position is too painful, but it is no different than touch-toes or grab ankles. Lilli has trouble on how to position herself, but then bends and hangs on, knees locked, and is strapped on her slip by the two ladies. Maybe the stationary posture tightens the skin even more.

Next round: off with the slip. Lilli is wearing a one-piece bra/girdle, another item you couldn’t find without effort. You’d need a Sears catlogue. Lilli is spanked by both girls then steps onto the T-bar platform for more of the strap. Statuesque Karen is thin and tall here in blouse and jodphurs, and Joanne is young and thin.

Lilli unzips the bra/girdle and is naked. She faces us to do this. In most CP films, this ultimate moment occurs with the model’s back to us, because that’s our preference. Lilli just spills out of the garment–for her in particular, this was the way to do it. When she goes OTK with Joanne, her bottom is just as spectacular.

And this naked visit to the T-bar is most erotic. The camera angles, closeup rear, and frontal oblique, have been perfect. Little naked Lilli puts her nose to a spot on the wall, very diminutive in her nakedness versus Joanne and Karen.

Angelina at XEROTICS

4 Nov


‘Angelina and Lena Newcomers’ (F/2f; time: 10 minutes) Another film with Miss Smith and two girls, sitting in interview style on the canvas directors’ chairs. The girls are auditioning, and Smith explains the procedure.

Lena is spanked first, a tall lean light brunette. OTK, knickers down, not much of a test. Brunette Angelina is spanked next. The camera missed her knickers coming down, and the director didn’t go back to do it. After the spankings, the girls sit and talk about it, without pants, and masturbate.

‘Crying Schoolgirl’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Angelina is sent to Agean with a teacher’s note. She is always late and Agean fixes these things. The set in a simple bare studio with backdrops. She lies over a school desk for a rather silly handspanking. An “Oh, fuck” earns her the cane. She is surprisingly red for this amount of spanking. A long day.

‘Female Domination Training #1‘ (2F/f; time: 11 minutes) ‘Miss Smith’ sits with ‘Jane’ on the ‘Pornstar’ and ‘Director’ canvas directors’ chairs we have seen in a few films. ‘Angelina’ (“my special pet”) is kneeling on a chair beside them bare-bottom. Jane is fascinated and excited by the idea of spanking girls’ bare bottoms and wants some pointers.

Smith explicates: You spank “just hard enough to hurt..not brutal..the bottom is resistant…it will be red and sore but quite OK the next day.” Test victim Angelina is taken OTK, denim mini skirt up, no panties at this point in her day. Jane tries spanking her, very tepid, and Smith switches her to a chair without arms. “Spank one cheek at a time, with a little pause…it hurts more.”

Smith fetches her tawse, Angelina kneels up on the chair. She puts a rubber phallus between Angelina’s legs. “Don’t sit on it.” It’s a way to keep her upright. Smith whips hard, Jane is pathetic.

When they conclude with Angelina and leave, Angelina is alone with the phallus and goes to work with it. Unusual for this series.

‘Interviews 1’ (M/3f; time: 15 minutes) Some rare behind-the-scenes production from the British producer who supplied these films to XEROTICS. ‘Peters,’ from off-camera, is interviewing domme ‘Rebecca  Renna,’ Colombian ‘Angelina,’ and a blonde.

The girls sit together on a couch. Rebecca was spanked in some shoots today, but she likes and does the domme part and more enjoyed spanking Angelina and the blonde. Little olive-skinned Angelina points out that British men like their fetishes more than Colombians, which amuses Peters. The male dom ‘Colin’ is invited on the set; he’s been spanking girls on-screen for 20 years, and this was our first exposure to him by name.

Today was the first spanking for the blonde, so she says. She liked the experience of being spanked by Rebecca. Angelina liked both Rebecca and Colin. The girls show their bottoms. Colin and Rebecca have a go at spanking Angelina again on the couch. “It’s a dirty job but somebody’s got to do it,” intones Colin. He makes Angelina jump. The crew applauds at the conclusion.

‘Over the Knee’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Angelina had as party and landlord Agean is going to spank her for using his house like that. Simple residential set. Agean takes her jeans down to expose pink knickers, which she takes down herself. She is OK with all this. Clear bottom. To the wall after her OTK spanking

‘Bring me the strap’ (M/f; time: 10 minutes) Agean is very unhappy with Angelina and has sent her to get the strap. He unfastens her pants himself and pulls them down. Pink bikini panties. Routine spanking. Panties down and all the way off. The girl stands to remove her halter top. She is now naked. Back OTK for that waiting strap. Nice little struggle adds to the fun.

‘Domestic Discipline in the Home’ (M/f: time: 7 minutes) Brunette Angelina Cortez has been out late and Peters is waiting for her. She plays his wife and he helped her immigrate. “I paid a lot of money to bring you over here.” He has some leverage.

After a long discussion, Angelina steps out of her skirt. Her bottom is already red, so Peters has been teaching her  British ways. Standard spanking and some fondling. She kneels on the floor to beg.

‘Angelina and Agean’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Not the title. Angelina reports to Agean, who wears academic robes. She bends over a desk, kilt up, regulation maroon knickers. She hangs onto the desk and looks frightened as to where this is headed. Knickers down, very red, the cane  next. To the wall for display, and a long frontal.

‘Ball Play‘ (M/2f; time:9 minutes) Two girls stand at a pool table and decide to play, a blonde and brunette ‘Angelina Cortez.’ The familiar ageplay guy and his wife come home and are furious that the girls would play on this antique table. We’ve seen fancier tables in other films. They are perfect for bend-overs. The blonde is their daughter; Angelina is a friend.

“I’m going to take it out on your bottoms.” The girls both bend over the table. “Drop your jeans.” Two thongs. The guy smacks both fully bare bottoms, then smacks Angelina with a strap. He gleefully compares their red bottoms against a red pool ball.

Angelina Lazy’ (MF; time: 7 minutes) Ms. Cortez with Agean again. He catches her lounging with a magazine when she should be housekeeping. At least it isn5 pornography. She wears just a halter and jeans. OTK on a metal chair. She stands and Agean helps her down with her tight jeans. A clear bottom! OTK again, nice kicking. Bottom on display at the wall.

‘Have I Got A Job’ (F/f; time: 16 minutes) Jean Bradley is interviewing brunette Angelina to be a call girl. Angelina likes spanking, harder and harder. “Well, you can make a bit of money with spanking.” Of course there has to be an “initiation test.” Standard OTK spanking and rubbing, maybe a little more than Angelina anticipated.

‘Late for Gym’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes)  Tall brunette Angelina brings a note to Agean. She must report to him for being late for gym. She bends over his desk for handspanking on her regulation knickers, which are soon down. The cane next—about 10 moderate strokes, silly squawks, and tears. She is left to display her welts.

‘Miss Bradley Knows Best’ (F/f; time: 10 minutes) The familiar Scottish dominatrix ‘Jean Bradley,’ on long-term contract, confronts young brunette Angelina, who is wearing a short flannel nightie. She was out late last night and has gone beyond forgiveness. “I’m going to give you a good thrashing…a spanking across my knee, and then the cane.”

OTK, nightgown up, black panties–a spanking and continued scolding. Panties down, the scene is a conventional OTK experience.

Dissolve; “Get those jammies off. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a girl naked. I’ve seen breasts before.” (The girl had complained that she is not wearing a bra.) Bend-over naked, good boobs hang. “Bottom out.” Just four strokes of the cane. Whimpering. Not much of a look of this power-packed body except her spankable bottom.

‘Polish Slut’ (F/f; time:6 minutes) A familiar female domme from the Glasgow studios, Miss Smith,  is berating a brunette. Angelina,  for her dress, her short skirt. The set is the concrete block room with the long metal stairs. OTK. short denim skirt  up, white satin panties. mostly talk.

“Strip here for me and the Colonel.” “Are you joking?” A simple OTK spanking follows. No colonel.

‘Prefect’s Discipline’ (M/3f; time: 20 minutes) Blond pigtailed Prefect ‘Johnson’ awaits Agean on the gym setting. She reports having trouble with two senior girls about their dress. ‘Caroline’ and ‘Angelina‘ are summoned, two sloppy senior girls, pretty brunettes in pigtails.

Agean is also disgusted by their appearnace and proceeds to spank them both. Agean admires Angelina’s regulation panties, “but in this case, they’re coming down.” She gets the slipper. Caroline gets the same spanking–this model has been spanked recently.

As Johnson watches, her cell phone chirps. That’s a school offense. Agean now uses the slipper on her. She too has some bruises, but older.

Agean switches to the cane. Caroline first, panties down, hands on chair for 8 strokes. She cries out as loudly as you will hear on CP films. Johnson gets the tawse and Angelina the strap; Agean proudly lines up the three red bottoms.

‘Schoolgirl Cheats’ (F/2f; time: 14 minutes) Miss Smith with Angelina and Lena. The girls have been caught cheating. Angelina is the first to bend over a low podium. Her knickers are down and pulled tight across her ankles. The set is the block wall room. Lena’s turn next over the podium. She steps out of her knickers and offers the frontal. Angelina spanked again, she spreads her cheeks for Smith. The girls are paddled and strapped in various poses.

‘scruffy Attitude‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) The distinguished male Colin Baxter,  who often plays the headmaster, plays a sort of guardian role here. He has confronted a schoolgirl, Angelina, an Hispanic-looking brunette, for her scruffy appearance. In addition to that, he has received “some reports.” All in all, this conversation must make the skin on her bottom crawl.X “A short sharp shock is in order.” Because he is not a blood relative, he has certain privileges. He takes her OTK and gets the panties down himself for a routine but cute spanking.

Severely Caned Bottom’ (M/f; time: 9 minutes) Brief but a good one. ‘Angelina,’ a well-proportioned brunette, wears a white satin shorty nightie. She is in a bedroom, clearly waiting for punishment. The camera catches a cane hanging on a hook on the closed door.

The ageplay guy who often plays a headmaster enters. He takes down the cane and swishes it, as Angelina cowers and shivers. After a brief scolding, the guy takes her OTK and takes her panties down immediately. Slow, and very erotic.

After some spanking, Angelina has to pee and runs off to the toilet, struggling to get the door open to get out of the room, a detail probably not scripted but adding to the tension .

When she returns, the guy pulls her panties down again, with some ceremony. She lies on her stomach on the bed, pillow under her hips. Six strokes from a thick cane, very good. The guy leaves her with the cane in the crack of her buttocks.

‘Slippered on Stool’ (F/f; time: 6 minutes) Angelina waits, panties already down, for a spanking. Another girl enters, not much difference in age. The girl has to kneel on a stool and then bend forward until she can touch the floor. A precarious position not very practical if a roasting is in order. A slippering begins. But very erotic.X ‘Peters’ enters–in his shaggy and unkempt stage. He scolds both girls, and we probably have here another occurrence of unauthorized punishment, but he just completes the slippering in this film.

‘Slippering Angelina Cortez‘ (F/f; time:8 minutes) The same brunette Angelina stands in a school office, wearing a flashy multi-colored striped blazer. She’s here for a “corrective lesson.” “That’s not fair!” The Scottish female domme announces a “hard spanking and the plimsole.” Skirt up, green knickers down, a standard spanking.x’‘ (M/f; time: 12 minutes) XEROTICS‘ headmaster-like ageplay guy with an exotic brunette with a vague suggestion of a young Cher. He is her former schoolmaster and she has come to him to help her get focused in life. He of course suggests what he did back then, “a thrashing.”

He proposes a “spanking to start with.” He shows her a tawse. “I think it will help, and I think it will hurt too.” She agrees and goes OTK, panties down. He is not aggressive enough. “Can I get it a little harder?”

The girl kneels on a settee, skirt up, turning her bottom to facilitate the spanking. He is amused by her willingness. “The dog sees the rabbit.” He paddles and tawses, and she reaches under to masturbate as he does his thing.